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  1. Elder Scrolls Online

    I really dont like subscription based either, this is the first game of the kind I`m ever trying. I`m too much of an elder scrolls fan not to. While I don't agree with the model and the price, I have to say it is pretty refreshing to not have cashshop items, xp boos promotions and everything else under the stars pushed on you. So a positive is that... that everyone is equal and playing the same game on the same conditions. Without subscriptions mmo's are too costly to upkeep without sales in an in-game cash shop, meaing they have to create things people will want to buy, which often can be advantages or 'cool' things you can not get in other ways. All in all im a little confused about my experience, I like it but I don't!
  2. Elder Scrolls Online

    It's out and it's game time! Any others playing this?
  3. Sacred 3 Character Classes

    Erling, wow, welcome back! Gonna take some vac from school for a bit to play Sacred 3? gogo Haha, No vacation but I'll have to try to pick it up and give it a spin at least!
  4. Sacred 3 Character Classes

    No battle mage or dark elf this time either it seems
  5. Never had a set drop for me but have seen set items at levels as low as 23 in AH. There are a few "60-only" sets, but also sets that drops at different levels. Several pieces worn of the same set gives set bonuses. As far as all resists go, I can not survive without it after act 1 hell
  6. Haaha nice analysis! I agree they are evil masterminds and making HC even the more miserable! I've only gotten two classes past them in HC but every class seems to have some immunity/escape/disaster skill. Either stun them, blind them, jump away, teleport away, become invisible and run etc is what I've done. being cornered is scary! so I just always tend to try to run past them and out.
  7. Time To Play! Diablo 3 Servers

    logging in to start act 4 on my HC WD. I am terrified!
  8. Diablo 3 HC Memorial Thread

    level 19 monk end of act 2.
  9. Yes...but is it fun? gogo you got met, eu server down for a bit, starting my first hc toon in US now, had to get level 10 on a sc first again -.-
  10. After playing a bit in both HC and SC I have a few concerns about this. I want to play HC very badly and I miss the HC community from sacred more than I'd ever expect, but in D3 as it is now I find it hard to believe it will work very well. I really hope I am wrong but there are things about Diablo itself that makes it seem very difficult: - Gameplay seems to be purely missions, there are no large areas to run around explore, level and upgrade - missions get harder and harder, to the extreme - cooldown on health potions - auto attributes and all skills are changeable, revertible and UN-UPGRADEABLE, which means you cant have any specialization, no way to pump up defense or damage by upgrading skills and attributes. The only way I got my toons high up in HC in sacred was by planning out the entire build and pump up a defense and attack, farming xp and gear in high end places etc. The only way to change attributes is by gems, which you can upgrade up to 14(!) tiers! but then again, to die with a highly upgraded gem would be like losing all the gems you ever got. you need 3 gems for every 1 gem of the higher tier, so all in all for a max gem: 3^14= 4782969 You need to find 4782969 of the lowest tier of that specific type of gem to get one max. oh and a gems attribute changes depending on what piece of armor you put it on, which means you cant really pump up things by socketing either. oh well, im probably just being overly pessimistic because I die plenty in nightmare.. the ways to get strong will probably reveal themselves soon, lol.
  11. I finished a toon trough normal in SC today going straight to HC now died 8 or 10 times trough the game so a little scared.
  12. Questions for Demon Hunter Equipment

    Hey, I just finished my first playtrough on normal with my DH, im in level 30's and dont worry, you will get plenty crossbows early on too, When a blue or gold dropped for anyone in the game they usually would give it to me, and they drop quite often, without barely any MF too. I upgraded my forging so I could make my own (available at level 16 I think) which I could remake till I got the stats I wanted. Used them till end of act 3 and I was mid 20's. Ended up using a bow with a quiver thing in the end though had more sockets and higher dmg. hehe. PS: if you are EU servers, I can craft you a few of the 1h level 16 ones for you to use later, along with some other DH gear, just add me as a friend, tag is in the tag thread.
  13. Hey, Stubbie just got me aware of something very useful, and I thought I might forward the word here for anyone who is as dull as me! You can change it in the gameplay menu
  14. Sacred 3?

    Those games are an aweful lot closer to release than S3 (by several years probably, though I've no idea what Bethesda are working on now post-Skyrim)... I'd think they'd be working on Fallout 4, using many of the things they developed for Skyrim in it... Or at least I hope?