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    Sets transmog / reskin system in-game

    Thank you for the replies! Sacred was my ultimate experience besides of Diablo 2 in my adolescence. Played Sacred 1, then Underworld, then Sacred 2 Fallen Angel with friends in LAN. There were no other game which could top this experience for me. I made great friendships thanks to these "private parties" where there was a lot of alcohol, weed, good food and Sacred all the weekend during the year. Right now, I'm tasting this CM Patch. I think it's far beyond great. Just I wanted to know if there were a posibility of transmog my set. Whatever... My friends will be happy when I tell them the news.
  2. Hi! Is there any intention in the future to implement some kind of transmog / reskin / aspect alteration system in Sacred 2, as they are in Diablo 3, World of Warcraft or Guild Wars 2? I find really pathetic wear a nonsense rainbow of colours and isolated parts of sets just for the love of better statistics for my character. My character has no identity this way. Dryad is just horrible character looking like this. She can kick asses, but definitely is not looking sexy or... well... like a Dryad? There is an alternative to do that? At least? Greetings.