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  1. Any solid Area of Effect builds out there:)

    Thank you for the creator's name! It's incredible how much work went into the final product. Plus it's easy to install and I've had 0 bugs after 3-4 hours with it...which is more than I can say about other mods I've played for other games!
  2. First, this is outstanding. The mod is wonderful; a work of art and passion. Thank you very much to the creators! Are there any Area of Effect builds out there for this mod? I'm an Sacred 2 noob and have no clue how to build a character in this mod! The Druid was one of my favorite characters in D2 but I also greatly enjoy the Paladin and Barb. Any tips would be most welcome! And again, this mod is simply outstanding!
  3. Hello everyone! Picked up this game out of curiosity and am having a blast so far! It's been a great stress reliever when I get time away from doctorate school haha. Just beat Silver for the first time with my Seraphim (snagged a great guide from here!) and have a strong desire to start a playthrough with a TG...but I'm having a hard time finding a TG guide that doesn't require a Niob toon... I'm hoping to make the TG my Blacksmith/Bargainer while still doing some fun Area of Effect damage! Can anyone help me out or point me in the right direction! It would be greatly appreciated!