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  1. Guide on how to re-skin a Set

    turns out the feet disappear anytime, I change anything about a file even if I just paint a small black dot in the alpha channel of the d.dss or if I edit the whole coloring of the d.dss file is it probably the way I save it? when im done editing something with gimp, I just choose the given way to export it as a .bmp-file, open the bmp with the DTXbmp, save it as the new d.dss and overwrite the original d.dss file with it when I edited the alpha channel of the d.dss file with gimp, I could just instantly overwrite it and save it then I start the game and my seraphim doesnt have feet
  2. Guide on how to re-skin a Set

    I actually did it to open and edit a file (it could have been easier, because im using a mod of an other user, who edited niokastes set himself) I only edited the d.dss file and checked it ingame but her feet just disappeared xD, probably because it doesnt fit to the other 2 files anymore now my question is: how do I manage the 3 files to always stay connected? I tried around with "create alpha" but nothing like in the "alpha-file" appeared and also the "n.dss" file I dont know how to create one from my edited "d.dss" would be glad if you can help me
  3. Guide on how to re-skin a Set

    yea I know im late...^^ but this is rlly great work o: I wish I can learn that I would like to get back the old, blue and red shining armor parts from s1, for the seraphim if so much can be done with only editing the texture, I think almost the whole set can be done for Sacred 2