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  1. It's a cosmetic type of mod, so it is not a big deal if it's not possible I know nothing about modding, so I wanted to know if something like this could easily be done. Thanks!
  2. I feel silly asking such a simple question; but how do I stack items in my inventory? I've tried pretty much Shift/Ctrl/Alt/etc.. + Left/Right Click, but nothing's working.
  3. Is it possible to mod in vanity slots for Sacred 2? There's too many cool looking armors I'd like to keep the appearance on my character.
  4. Hi guys, I got the game to work again! I deleted the game, it's registry entry, and any folders with the name "Ascaron" my C Drive. Afterwards, I launched the game in vanilla and it worked! The CM is also installed now. Should I still enable command line arguments, compatibility mode, and administrator mode now that the game runs fine? I feel like I should just play and enjoy the game again at this point haha Thank you so much, guys! P.S. Do we have a Discord?
  5. Hey Hooyah, I've tried everything and I'm still unable to play the game. I even went as far as to install my Steam copy to retrieve the redist installers, since the GOG version doesn't include those. I'm not sure what's going on, before the game would need to be launched 2-3 times in order to build up a cache for shaders, but now it launches on the first try. Unfortunately, it tries to load something from autoexec.txt, and crashes from there. Not sure how to fix this problem; must be something with the autoexec.txt file, and the things it's trying to load that's causing a problem?
  6. I've been trying to get back into the game, and I can't get past the initial loading screen! It loads for a bit, then it says something about autoexec.txt, and the game minimizes to taskbar. I can't do anything at that point, and the game crashes eventually. I have the GOG version, and I've tried launching the game with/without the Community Patch. Help!
  7. Glacial Thorns is such a good boss killer. It seems The Ice King is out matched, even by his own element.
  8. Divine => Divinity Weird name for a game, but they just go by "Divinity" now
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