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  1. P.S. I had the impression I forgot about something.... xD
  2. It would be useful to write down the attribute's values at level one for each class, and include those data in the Attribute page (or in the Class pages). More than once I had to create a character to check them, and, unfortunately, I can't do this myself cuz I've not installed Sacred. They are a necessity considering that are the basic data needed to use the attribute progression formula.
  3. Spell Damage formula added, I can't add the weapon damage (that poor part of it I've found) because I lost the data Anyway, I'll add the constant parameters in the list in the Spell Damage Formula's Parameters page and than I'll finally start to work on the Daemon's metagame articles Don't expect updates very soon!! xD
  4. boooohhhh /cry /cry!! Ze Wiki H8s me! I still have the same problem. Oh well, I need to leave soon, I'll try again when I'll be back in 5-6 hours. You know how they say.... time repair things... (theorem of the lazy person)
  5. I got the error message when logged in, and I could see the edit tag. Anyway, I logged off and than logged in. I still can see all the tags (edit & co.) and I still have the error message. I don't know if this is normal or not, but I noticed that my username and the voice "my talk" in the upper right corner are red, while all the other (my preferences,...., log out) are blue. The error says that I need to be part of one of the following usergroups to be able to access the wiki: Administrator, Sacred Wiki Editor, Fellowship, Sacred Game Forum Staffer, Moderator, Captains. May
  6. Yup, I have no problem logging in. Even more, I don't need to manually log in because it logs me in automatically.
  7. I was logged in and had that problem. I tried some moment ago to log off and than relog in. I still got the Error message
  8. Currently I haven't sacred installed, so I can't check. I was editing the "Terms translated" page, including the Italian translation, when I noticed that in the italian manual the seraphim has a skill that could be translated "Combat kick" (different from the Jump CA), but it was forgotten on the page (or the italian manual added a skill to the seraphim). Can someone with the english version check if the seraphim has 16 or 17 CA/spells? Cuz in the latter case we need to add the "whatever kick" to the list on this page
  9. Considering the newly created "Formulae and Calculator" page, it would be nice to have the chance to write formulae with latex. Luckyly our formulae are really easy, so we can write them without LaTeX and have an acceptable result. So there's no problem at all. But, if sometime in future there should be the possibility to activate the latex code, than keep in mind that you would make no more 1 but 2 (and I say TWO! xD ) people happy
  10. Attributes done, I'll work a bit on the "formulae and calculator" page as soon as I can.
  11. Hell Sphere has its own place at the armory of a demon. Maybe not as a main Spell but it could be greatly useful in quite a lot situation AND it could be your ride to glory with a low level Demon who has lotsa runes want level fast but do not wants to screw a major CA with too high level. hehe sorry again Blazing Disc (BD) Regen time: Medium Target: Single Type of attack: Dynamical Creation (Direct Damage) Average Damage: 12k (physical) + 14k (fire) Duration: 60 seconds (max) Hell Sphere (HS) Regen time: Medium Target: Single Type of attack: Statical Creation (Dir
  12. Of course you are right, but to do that part of metagame that has to do with building, you only need to know the ideal output damage. I mean, if Hell Sphere damage is always lower than Blazing Disc damage is what concern you, and if the total damage of such spells is high enough to let you have your way trough enemies without too much trouble when you reach Niob (I.e.). You don't need to know the real damage you are going to deal to every kind of monster in every kind of situation. The real damage is important once you want to develop strategies to fight against mobs/players in a 1v1/2v2/
  13. First of all, when I speak of "formula" I am referring to a total of 2 formula. 1 for spells and 1 for weapons. The formula for spells has 2 sets of constants, one depending from class and one depending from the specific spell. (Yes, Sacred's developers tried to make my "work" as easier as possible lucky me!^^ ). All that we could write in the class pages are the same formula and the sets of constants, which aren't exactly interesting (the same formula all the time and a table full of horrible numbers... it is barely interesting even for me). But there should be something that gives info
  14. I read a lot of questions like "how much damage does this spell at high levels?", formula are the answers to this kind of problems. Infact, to properly choose which spells/CA to use it's useful (read "NEEDED") to know how much damage they will do at higher levels (but regen time, duration, Area of Effect and kind of damage are also very important). CAs progression are quite simple and linear, but spell's progression and the way CA affect the weapon damage are not (tough they are still linear ). I think it would be useful to add a "Formula" section where we can write Sacred's core form
  15. Hi I'll start to work on the Attributes, considering that it was my first work to corret and extend NightWolfe's analysis of them (SIF). I'll rely on part of her work (I'll ask permission ofc) that I hadn't the time to check.
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