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  1. Sword and board. Just want a tough, grindy, dependable fighter. Tactics Lore Sword Lore Death Warrior Focus Concentration Armor Lore Shield Lore...so far. Planning on MC and Constitution for sure. Thank you for the link.
  2. I'd love to give my SW Enhanced Perception, but am having a difficult time biting the bullet. The need to choose another utility skill to unlock EP makes it a tough call. If I put EP on a different class, say Seraphim, is it likely over time that I'll get a lot of SW drops (not sure how RNG works for this game) on the secondary character? I'm playing with the latest community patch on Blood and Ice, PC. Thanks for any wisdom or advice, guys.
  3. I salute the mod creator and all involved with this project. Started playing today and it's amazing. What is the level cap if I start in normal and just play it through? I notice there are no higher stages as in regular Sacred 2. Is this what Inferno difficulty is for--play through and then export to that to reach 200+? My apologies if I have overlooked the obvious answer. In any event, thank you.
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