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    I live in the USA and spent 49yrs of my life in the NE Ohio area. The other 16yrs I lived elsewhere. I am a retired, disabled, former enlisted member of the USAF that fixed fast jets and spent the summers of 1972 and 1973 in Southeast Asia helping end the Vietnam Conflict. I traveled the World for free and choose to give up a promising career to raise a family. I live in North Carolina, USA now. I have a huge amount of experience in Science, Math, Fluid Power, Problem Solving and Inter-personal Communications. I was the goto guy that wore many hats pursuing the need for adequate compensation. I became a video gamer because my children were about it via console system(s) and they had enough fun to motivate me to participate, sometimes. I have built a number of PCs - a must for a gamer with my credentials - and I prefer a PC over a console as my son is a console gamer and we share a home, so I could game with him BUT we are presently engaged in different genres'. I enjoy pursuing answers to questions that are challenging. however I must understand enough of the criteria, to allow me to be confident that my opinions are worthy. A prof I enjoyed bantering with explained to myself and many others who 'hired him' that a point is reached in everyone's life where recalling a memory would become more difficult as life past, because one has to forget in order to allow new memory a placeholder. I agree with that and I would add that recalling what was forgotten without much effort, is where the big monies are found.
  2. When a title informs you that the uninstall process involves: the game's developer shall receive a notice about said uninstall AND the amount of uninstalls at some point will cause a need to contact the devs for permission to reinstall it....is a clue to how much of the game's code is purposely constructed to preclude modding or changing it. Sacred 2 is the only title that I have ever seen these features incorporated and I am a 'senior citizen' who has been an avid gamer since Dungeons and Dragons was a theme for a week-end get together. Diablo I and Arena pulled me away from console gaming to PC, way back then.
  3. nilrem

    Sacred Gold Capped at 40fps?

    A well stated and supported, righteous fact, sir! Sacred 2 is an interesting game which I bought at a discount sale some years ago. I had the same issues getting it to run then as I am having with the steam supported title I bought very recently. I could not use the title I had previously bought because this laptop does not have a CD/DVD drive and attempting to copy the game to a jump drive or an SD card would be like trying to hack a game title that I used to pursue, and most times it was all for not, hence I bought the steam offering. It has some very interesting physics that I did not immediately notice playing the vanilla version from the DVD. However, a patch that was nearly the same size as the vanilla caused the game to display enhanced graphics that were very compelling. I have a bunch of life experience in technology and the KISS Rule + Don't Fix It If It Is NOT broken & The Unknown Unknown all apply here. Everything in life worth having requires patience and a sensible acceptance. Just because a mod enhanced a game experience does not make the mod's concept applicable else where. As OP said, start @ 5:37.