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    I am a fan of Sacred saga (except the third) ever since, and I relaly want to join a commuity to help keep these passion alive, within all the other fans
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  1. X02Wyvern

    "Slaves..." bug and game won't start

    Thank you so much for your hint As a matter of fact as soon as I reloaded the game the quest marker worked correctly and the final missing chain was lying on the ground. For the second issue so far hasn't showed up again. I'll keep you up to date and in case I'll reinstall the game and see if something will change or not.
  2. Good morning everyone, I'm reporting two bug affecting the game, running Steam version, latest patch and CM (1.6). "Slaves..." quest is bugged; I'm suppose to bring to the quest giver 10 escaped slaves chains and there's a location marked on the map where I'm able to find them. The thing is, only 9 slaves show up instead of 10. Moreover the "slaves..." quest marker moves elsewhere once I start another quest, and if I click on the "slaves..." quest marker on the map to activate it, the marker disappears. Another issue I'm experiencing is that Sacred 2 occasionally won't start. In order to make it working I have to verify and repair the game which eventually will find a bunch of missing files that will be downloaded. Once done that the game will start but without the CM patch, forcing me to install the CM patch again. If you need any more details, I'll be glad to provide them.
  3. X02Wyvern


    I will surely do No it's not that clan altough I met a lot of its member. I was in The Nemesis Clan (https://thenemesisclan.forumfree.it/) which is still kept alive by some moderators but serves no purposes, other than keeping those records as much intact as possible
  4. X02Wyvern


    Good morning everyone, I am pleased of making my own introduction in this community and I'm glad to make your aquaintance. I am a Sacred fan and a Sacred gamer ever since its release. I played most of my total Sacred Saga playtime in Sacred I and its expansion. During my whole online career I was member of a very important Italian clan and my experience online ended with Sacred server shut down more or less. I never had a chance of playing Sacred 2 although I really wanted it because I had a very low end computer at that time, so my Sacred 2 experience never started in the first place but only after a couple of years and even then I played rarely. Now I started playing Sacred I again and Sacred 2 as I was supposed to do at its release time and there's no better way of doing it by joining also a strong community to go with, in which I can share my own experience. I really hope that you will grant me access in your community. Best Regards