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  1. Shosen993

    Dimitrius's CM Patch Addendum

    Thank you! I'll try it now. About blacksmithing: Characteristics for "Blacksmith Runes" now generated every time when rune dropped into socket - so it very "uncomfortable", isn't it? It doing blacksmithing very random. And useless, I think... Very controversial decision... And one more thing: Often there are typos in Russian localization, e.g. "все боевые умени" - "я" at the end is missing Upd: All works now. Is there really possibility to deleting skills in Character Editor?
  2. Shosen993

    Dimitrius's CM Patch Addendum

    I am confused with extra skills on 45, 55, etc levels. On level 65 I got 11th skill... Is it behavior as expected? I am not install files from "Extra"... hero10.sacred2save hero10.sacred2stats
  3. Shosen993

    Dimitrius's CM Patch Addendum

    Understood. I am just redownloaded hotfix files and now it works. Seems I incorrect copy files with last update. Thanks for you help)
  4. Shosen993

    Dimitrius's CM Patch Addendum

    Of course.
  5. Shosen993

    Dimitrius's CM Patch Addendum

    Good day! First of all, great thanks for this patch! By the way, I have problem: labels on portals not hidden. I installed version with the last hotfix by 28.05. Installed by GME. It problem appears if this is single installed mod also... I played in version by 25.05 and all worked fine...