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  1. Blank item modifier

    Yep, that's what I was looking for. Still playing, just haven't posted in a while.
  2. Combat Discipline - Regen Time

    Yeah that explains dust devil but not goldenglade. No matter what I do, invest skill points, items, etc it's regen time does not go down. Maybe because it's a defensive ca?
  3. Blank item modifier

    How can I tell what gets unlocked? Because even if I do have the skill, it still only says something like "modifier: ranged weapons". There is still no number after it whether it is unlocked or not.
  4. Blank item modifier

    Unlock what bonus? There is no number next to it. You mean to say I am not getting any of the 3 or 4 different stats on the item unless I have the modifier skill?
  5. Most gear pieces etc have a "modifier:skillname" property on them. This is before or after the usual bonuses you might see. I've got some shoes that say modifier: ranged weapons, followed by chance to evade 5%, physical damage +6.5%, etc. The ranged weapons modifier has no number after it. Another pair of shoes might have Shield Lore, etc. So far it's always been just one of these blank modifiers on each piece. How does this work? Does it boost the numbered modifiers on the item by a multiple of the "modifier" skill?
  6. I noticed that Goldenglade Touch's regen time is not reduced by Combat Discipline. Didn't see anything about this on the wiki, but I'm guessing it only benefits combat arts that are attacks or do damage. That or it's a bug. Edit: it gets weirder: Dust Devil is at 46s regen. Putting it into a combo makes it 45.9s. That's not 10%. What's going on here? Is it a display bug?
  7. Can you mount a horse with quest npcs following you? That's the only thing I can come up with. Completely new to the game, just got my first horse. I dont have Riding skill but I didn't think you needed it. Edit: Nevermind, it was a glitch. Reloaded and it was fine
  8. I'm using this early Dryad build to try out Sacred 2: There are so many different stats, esp. on jewelry, in this game. Sure, I know what they supposedly do, but I don't know what to prioritize and equip. I have like 10 rings and pendants with so many different things: spell intensity, chance to evade, reduced chance for enemy to evade, base stats like Stamina, just on and on and onnnn. The deep mathematics guides bewilder me a bit, so any help would be appreciated.
  9. That's just...awful. Woody, since you are so knowledgable, tell me: I killed my first boss today, and the best item that dropped was also the one I didn't have room for in my pack. I summoned my imp, who was off-screen. I walked to him, put a bunch of stuff in, and went back to the item. It wasn't there. I lost the single best drop of the game so far. Is this a bug, or are items supposed to vanish as soon as you move out of sight?
  10. Is there a key/mouse combo to quickly move items to or from the stash, rather than dragging them individually? I tried out shift, alt, crtl and right/left click combos but maybe I missed something. so far I've only succeeded in dropping of destroying items :|
  11. I've run into a couple NPCs that accompany you for killing quests and do attack, like Wilbur in Sacred 1. So not really escort NPCs. I assume the behavior is the same as for summons, so I'm worried I will have the same issue. I did play with all those control keys but they still leave my screen all the time, even if I set "close to me" behavior.
  12. Only just starting, but so far the followers are useless. They stray far behind, out of screen range and seem to attack randomly. I have played with the Range key and the individual/group attack modes but neither seems to change anything. Is there a way to get them to actually stay close to you so you don't lose them?
  13. Thanks Woody. It wasn't documented in the key reference in the manual or the game binds. There is always a bit of digging with the Sacred games.
  14. Taking a break from Sacred Gold to check out 2. Is there a hotkey to "attack in place", ie stop moving so you can attack from range with bow, magic, etc? There isn't one shown in the keybindings. IIRC in Sacred Gold it was CTRL. Or is there a mechanic that makes this unnecessary?
  15. I think people are hallucinating the "higher resolutions". They will be very obvious, your character would be much smaller and the area you can see on-screen much larger. I have 20 years of tweaking experience with graphics and I have tried everything on Sacred Gold. The game was hard-coded for 1024x768 and it cannot be changed. I would love to be wrong, but I don't think I am. EDIT: Watched the video. Sure enough, he's running in 1024. Kinda funny, I've seen a few of these tutorials but they never think to compare "before and after". Probably because Dxvoodoo can force filtering and it looks a bit nicer, if you don't mind some minor texture blurring, and they just think it's a higher resolution