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  1. I made a video with fast "Ancaria" campaign walkthrough (less than a hour for all campaign). I think it may be useful for someone as guide (admins may put it on wiki if they want). Also for someone it may be just interesting to watch. I switch language of the game (English, German and Russian) on dialogues and some important items. This future provided by NL mod. HD-resolution is also provided by NL mod. NL not include balance changes. NL provides some cheat options, but I disable all of them.
  2. Need more info: ReBorn version Hero level Difficulty Is there "Wounds increase damage dealt" bonus?
  3. If I'm remember correctly it is a " .444" textures that are not read correctly by the game after unpacking.. There are 2 ways to fix it: Rewrite path to .444 textures in "Textures.TMP" file (in PAK folder). New path should be without " .444", for examle ".555". Fix an incompatibility of .444 textures in the exe-file. Actually pretty easy to do.
  4. I heard about "icy mod", but never saw it. Is it possible to download Darkbloods mod? QoL tools is autocollect in multiplayer and anti-afk?
  5. Not all OverLookers works on ReBorn. Only me and @Starling. What the "old Darkbloods mod"? ____ We have no any tools specially for Sacred. Just disassebling and hex editor. If needed for your DarkBloods mod then I can told you where you can find some CA's parameters. I don't want post it in public because it may be easily used for cheating.
  6. You told about this? It is amount of bonuses from items, not level of "Weapon Lore" Skill. ____ For Combat Arts max level is 510. 255 from runes and 255 from item bonuses. For getting 510 level you need 255 + 255. If you get more than 255 from bonuses then bonus that gives surplus will be fully not icluded. For exmaple if I have 250 and 10 from bonuses then it will be only 250, because summ will be more than 255 and 10 bonus will not be included. ____ For Skills max level is probably 471. 216 from skillpoints (because you can't level up it higher than hero's level) and 255 from items. You may have more that 255 from bonuses, but only 255 would be work. Displayig in hero's panel is incorrect and shows max 255. But you may see difference in bonuses from Skills. ____ 255 cap is because only 1 byte given for calculation. 1 byte = 256 values starting from 0, so total amount of values is 256 and max value is 255. ____ Thanks for the quote
  7. There are new russian mod appeared. It also include HD and have no any rebalance: https://vk.com/sacred_nl All info in russian.
  8. No. It's all music instruments. Small drum in this case is dragons in original Sacred. Bigger drum is modded dragons. Piano is like other creature type. When someone told us about problems we check it out. If we can't disprove it and problem really exist then we do something. It may takes time but it's reliable way. More often we just playing our mod and change things that we think should be changed. I'm ok with your feedback . I speak with you and even made video for you . But what I really don't like is that someone told stupid nonargumented things or nonsense arguments. Pretty fun that one of these people just watched unknown stream and now talk badly about ReBorn. And another one is russian whom noone knows in ru-community and whom think that original Sacred have excelent balance, but for some reason he interested in mod like ReBorn and decide talk badly about ReBorn (maybe he just offend that can't play with HD or maybe he just banned in ru-community and tries revenge).
  9. For everyone! No one force you to play ReBorn. You pay nothing for ReBorn. You can immediately stop playing ReBorn if you don't like it. If you just want some nostalgic walkthrough Ancaria and Underworld campaign and after that abandon Sacred again then you can do it with original Sacred. You don't need ReBorn for it. If you can't beat ReBorn it does not mean that others can't. Balance mods always was for more expirienced players and you may be not one of them. All expirienced players that I know likes ReBorn a lot and can't play Sacred anymore without it. And I know them all in Sacred-ru-community because overal Sacred-community is small. We will never be listen to random beginners whom no one has seen before, who do not understand Sacred mechanics at all, but who are writing an unreasonable negative in spite of this.
  10. Player: "Wow, I am easily kill all these goblins, bandits, undeads etc on silver difficulty for beginners (same as in original game). But wait, is it one of the nine BIG ANGRY DRAGONS!? Is it one of those legendary monsters that bigger than house and higher than castle walls which are only 9 of them in Ancaria? Maybe it will be a difficult fight and I need to better prepare? I don't think so, because I had no problem with all those goblins, bandits, undeads and orcs. Oh, I got raped! Maybe my items not good enough? Maybe I need go to market of Braverock or Porto-Vallum? What is not enough? Damage? Chance to hit? Survivability? Nah, I think it's just unbalanced and imposible to kill. I mean it's extra-rare big angry boss. It should be difficult. And it gives a lot of experience. It's not unkillable and I proved it many times. On video I kill dragon for less than 4 minutes. I think it's ok for boss. I even can't imagine how killing for example orks could train player strategies to the fight against dragons It's different enemies with different behavior! Only fighting against dragons could train player's strategies against dragons. It's like playing the piano does not teaches to play the drums. ____________ I remember one player in ru-community with his interesting strategy for ReBorn. He took Wood Elf magician build and leveled up only "Call of Ancestors" (CoA) spell. He spamed it via 4x CoA combo. And with that kombo he only farmed Dkay in multiplayer up to 216 hero level. But after that he noticed that it not works against some oher bosses and even against some mobs on Niobium. He even didn't have items because he didn't update it since silver difficulty (he didn't know that items have level too and have different difficulty quality). His strategies was ok against Dkay but became useless against everything else. And he started crying that ReBorn mod is senceless and unbalanced. So, what was the problem? Mobs was not prepare him to bosses? Bosses was not prepare him to mobs? ____________ I can reduce dragon's health for about 20-25%. But I think even 50% reducing changes nothing for some players who can't use right damage type and use tactis, but can write non argumented negative like ALK does.
  11. @Flix I made video for you (availabe by link). I'm going defend my ReBorn mod and I can do it not only with words It's not a something special against you. I made similar videos for few other people before (sometimes even with characters of those people). It's not a axe, but it's 2-handed weapon (just buy first 2-handed melee weapon), so not a big difference. My character don't have sword lore or axe lore at all. It's not a Recoil + Vehemence, but Attack + Hard-Hit will be weaker or the same for such playstyle. Anyway, playstyle the same.
  12. Each dragon have one weak and one middle resistance. It's not problem of ReBorn mod if someone can't look at resistance icons in the end of enemy's healthbar . So problem is not in dealing damage to dragons. The problem could be in survability, but if use tactics instead of facetanking then it's possible to not taking damage at all even in melee (I even have video guide about tactics against dragons). So, it's possible to kill a dragon if player be a little smart with damage type and it's possible to don't take damage at all if player use simple tactics. I don't understand how it could be impossible. Problem with Seraphim that described is that it put everything in one spell and because of it kill weak enemies in Ancaria on bronze/silver, but got crushed against bosses. Also can you give a link stream? I can't find any streams on ReBorn with Seraphim. If you don't like Seraphim-mage playslyle then pick other character. Rotating Blades always worked with the same way, but in original Sacred just dealed extra low damage and because of it never used as main source of damage. In ReBorn it just became valuable and Seraphim-mage partially similar to RF-builds in PoE. I know that Ishuto completed all game on ReBorn. Also for last week one popular russian streamer Xandr played on ReBorn. He never played in Sacred seriously so he could not be called an expirienced player. ReBorn is hard for him but even so he is in Underworld now. Also I was personaly level up Daemon form 1 to 216 with no bugusing, overspawn or any item preparations and compele Underworld campaign on Niobium with it. The biggest joke that one guy tried to repeat same but got ripped because he focused only on Blazing Disc . So it's a good example of what I'm talking about. At first, if someone told that original Sacred balance is excelent then this man don't understand Sacred balance at all. In original Sacred bosses could be oneshotted or killed in few seconds with not ruined build. Players even don't care about damage types Noone even trying to seriously build characters in original Sacred. I mean even endgame players just put various unique rings in item sockets without thinking. Yes, "EXCELENT" balance (sacrcasm) Evenmore, in Sacred exist some fundamental bugs and problems in mechanics like broken cooldown on Multi-Hit in ranged combat that makes ranged combat OP, or double damage on sets with especial damage types, or no any special settings for summons and allies, or no progression for enemy's spell damage, or Fadalmar (run to win), or Ettol, or Dark Elf killing owerspawn in white items with 3% lifeleech. So there is even no normal balance, not even close to "excelent". At second, I actually is the best player in Sacred for whole it's history (sounds arrogantly but it's true). I have all characters 216 level (multiple times), I found meta for Veteran mod (before me people could kill bosses on Veteran mod only with Wood Elf and Dark Elf). I was explain a lot of mechanics and bugs, made some crazy tests. And players in my clan also one the best (Starling was first who show that fast killing niobium dragon on Veteran Mod is possible with Battle Mage). Also we desassembling game code. So, we understand Sacred balance and mechanics better than everyone. The problem is ReBorn not for casual playing. I played from 0 with Gladiator and not so long ago with Dwarf. With Gladiator it's was ok for me. With Dwarf it's was easy and I killed dargons for about 3-4 min on silver ( I could make some video if you want). Knockback from Recoil works not depending form ability level, or hero level, or enemy level. Only knockback distance does. Problem may be in missing hits, so need to check attack value. Looks like I need to make one more "from 0 to 216" stream series for melee character... So it will end any discussions. Bosses not a nightmare. Anyway, they may be hard and sometimes requires preparations. But it's not a problem at all. Challenges is what old players need and mods are for players who bored of original balance (especially if it super-casual like in Sacred). If there wasn’t Veteran that increases difficulty, then I would not play Sacred, there would be no OverLookers clan, which means that no one would manage the ru-community. New challanges gives new life for Sacred. And in ReBorn it's balanced if compare with Veteran mod. And I even not talking about how difficult to made balance in Sacred with it's wry mechanics... Do you even know that in Sacred you can't directly change enemy's amount of health?
  13. I think it's late, but yes, you can use all your saves and exported heroes for ReBorn. But for saves exist nuance: Saved creatures remember their stats that they had at the time of saving. So they would not be modified or will be modified partially. Some creatures (including some dragons) spawn in the moment when game starts.
  14. With default textures no something like a gray area. Also such decision would not work for default resolution. Yes, we thinking about changing progression of bat's amount. As always, need time. For bats only cooldown and stats could be changed easily. For everything else need to find and explore game code.
  15. Try to add "Sacred Reborn Gameserver.exe" to DEP exceptions. You can easily find in Google how to do it.
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