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  1. HD is an option of ReBorn mod. If You don't want to use ReBorn then you can't use HD. ReBorn have multiple languages, not only English. We already thinked about making some kind of patch with only bugfixes and HD (without rebalance), but there are some problems with it: It will requre a lot of time for work and will slow down ReBorn developing. So even if we start such work (we not shure about it) it not be done quickly. Some bugs can't be fixed without rebalancing, such as game freezing because of amount of Orla's charges. After releasing such patch we will must be add new fixes for patch and for ReBorn in the same time. It's doube work and mistakes can be done easily.
  2. Wow, I did not know about the existence of such icons! Thanks for the great work!
  3. Just some beautiful extra-wide screenshot. Link for download png if someone needed.
  4. Actually I had to make such explanations in the changelist by versions, but it is difficult to explain briefly, plus sometimes I can be lazy
  5. Old concept was: Damage-berserk bonus + attack for hitting enemies. It was all about damage for all types of builds and some chance to hit. Defencive bonus. It was all about survability. Magical bonus. It was all about damage for mages. I can say that in general we just buff original conception. But theese concept have some problems: Some people wrote that defense + health makes hero too protected for enemies of Ancaria. For enemies it was too hard to sucseffuly hit a hero while hero already have bonuses to health and resistances. I can say these words have part of truth, it gave bonuses for all aspects of survabilily. Defensive bonus had priority. It gave health, defense, resistances and in the same time regeneration of special moves (from physical regeneration bonus). For non-mages it was too good and became actualy the only choose, because in the same time player got survability and some dps via lover cooldowns. Magical bonus not needed for fighters. Damage-berserk bonus not so effective compared to defensive bonus and needed only if hero have some problems with chance to hit. For mages 1st and 3rd bonuses actually performed the same role. 1st bonus = damage + damage when loosed health. 2nd bonus = spell damage + spell cooldown (affects on dps, so also about damage). I mean it was actually damage+damage vs damage+damage. We did not like such situation. So we decide to make some changes in conception: Damage-berserk bonus. It's all about pure damage for any build. Only damage, nothing else. Attack-deffence bonus. It's all about chance to hit enemies and chance to dodge attacks (like Agility skill or Heroic Courage buff). Nothing else. Health and combat art regen bonus. It's all about amount of health and cooldown of any combat arts (nothing else). Physical regeneration gives health for everyone, for fighters phys regen also give cooldown reduction of special moves, and for mages mental regen gives cooldown reduction of spells (mental regen from items etc don't increases spell damage, only basic and spended in metal regen attribute points affects on spell damage). We can't full predict how new conception will be work in sum. But I can say that now each bonus have more separated role. 3rd bonus is also affects on damage because of reducing cooldowns, but 3rd bonus not allows to create crazy berserk build (pure glasscannon) like 1st bonus does (some example and one more example what berserk is).
  6. I already gave him like when saw his video. If he want it so much, why not? But I think that he will not reach 100 likes. I just compare this to my most viewed video:
  7. I don't know him, but I saw this video before. It's just stretched by DgVoodoo, he even write about it in comments: 100 likes lul
  8. MetaL

    Your opinion matters (like hell)

    I think will be good if you attach mod to your post. If random people will read this topic they even don't understand what mod you talking about What I can say about mod: For textures there is a lot of individual preferences. For example: someone like black color, someone like pink color. But the main thing that not depends from individual preferences is quality. It is always seen when something done with love and you did it well If you think that quality is not a big deal then I just show you 2 examples from russian big texture mods: 1. Faithful mod. Just look at screenshots: Is it Minecraft? And why colors so LSD? 2. RavenRock They have some new shields "maded" by 2 main RavenRock's guys itself. But these guys don't write in changelist that it's actually copy-pasted from concept arts of other games. They have more than 10 shields maded with that way: P.S. Soon your mod will appear in ru-comunity (with new recreated wiki-menu). After that I can ask feedback from ru-community if you want
  9. Thanks I already did a russian topic on Steam (actually completely rewrite the old one). Need to translate it in English, I will do it, just time needed.
  10. Join to server, but don't press "Start game". Then open gameserver window and change difficulty. In game you will see message "Game flags updated". After that press "Start game":
  11. Such error appears when not enough Random Access Memory or graphic memory. Starling knows it well with his old notebook Try reboot your computer or unload it.
  12. @Ysendra, @Dax, @Flix can I reupload your texture mods into ru-community? Of cource I note you as autors with link to your Darkmatters-accounts.
  13. MetaL

    11th Secret Dragon

    Introduction In Sacred exist 11th secret dragon. It was accidentally found by russian player WORTLOS in august 2016 (and only in 2018 was published ru-guide about it, after my returning to managing ru-community). Thats a secret dragon (or baby dragon). For his appearing you need about 3 hours of real time. How you can get it You need "Helkemel, Traveling Merchant". You can find him near to bridge on the road to Mystadale. Helkemel offers to buy a dragon egg, But you need to choose "Reject". After that move away for a some range. Check mini-map, when Helkemel's dot turn from white into gray (it means he dead) you can return. Speak with dying Helkemel. He tells that dragon has hatched and need to catch it before he grows... You can find hatched dragon at east from the Mystdale, below graveyard... ...and it's just a raptor. BUT, after 7 ingame days (about 3 hours in real time) baby-raptor will become a big dragon! It's stats should be same as Draconis Mortis, cause it's same dragon type. Conclusion As I know, it's the last detected secret in Sacred and no one knew that baby dragon can grow up. All hints about it was in sight, but a long time required for baby dragon growing hide it from players for more than 10 years.
  14. Not so long ago (July 2019) RadminVPN got update with gaming networks! Choose "Network", then "Join an Existing Network" Then you choose "Gaming Network". It have filter for game names, so you easily can find gaming networks for Sacred. This is awesome future, same as rooms in Tunngle! No need looking for private networks.