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  1. Map of Ancaria have one wrong cave mark and one missed cave mark: Missed cave even have a quest giver into it.
  2. There is some trick how to easy kill Karissall (it was found by russian player WORTLOS). Just hide behind the door and let sparks to do their job... So no need to run far away
  3. Released new version 2.52 with couple of fixes. Main post of the topic updated. ReBorn mod v2.52 download
  4. Yes, we think the same way about caves. We decide to add new challenge tier by caves' population reworking. Like: "A" tier is Dragons and other single bosses, "S" tier is region bosses, "S+" is boss-caves and "S++" tier is boss-caves owerspawn.
  5. MetaL

    Death comes from Above

    It's because you play Veteran mod. In this mod dragon's stats greatly boosted. Veteran mod is not about balance, it's all about difficulty, so it's extra-hard to kill veteran-dragons without right and well prepared gear. Returning into classic Sacred didn't help because almost all enemy's stats saved in save-file as they were during the saving. I made a little hack for you - just reduced current D'Cay's health to 1, it should resolve a problem with killing. Be fast, cause she regenerates about 6 health per second, so you may be need to do more than 1 hit. GAME01.rar
  6. Meet the new version with updated caves inhabited exclusively by bosses! For clarity, see the video announcement. Are you ready to find these caves and face a new threat? Hint: there are 5 caves in total, all of them in Ancaria, population of the caves also may help with searching. ReBorn mod v2.52 download UPD: New version 2,52 with couple of fixed added
  7. In ru-community Sacred 2 is not popular. Not shure that anyone playing Sacred 2 online via "SacredWiki" Radmin network.
  8. Steam launched new future that allows to play online via local co-op: https://steamcommunity.com/games/593110/announcements/detail/3032537193879549687 I'm not tested this function, but it should be useful for those who want play online with friends without messing around with LAN-emulators. Also this function have one problem for Sacred - no other exe. So no unofficial 2,29 patch, no localization, no mods with changed exe.
  9. RadminVPN network that used by Sacred ru-community: Name: SacredWiki Password: olksbest We recommend this network to everyone in the ru-community by default, because in this way all active players will be on the same network.
  10. Almost all abilities have 65535 damage limit bug for each damage type (such number is 2 bytes). Damage over it just missed. For example screenshot with Dwarf's Flamethrower. It have 115765 fire damage, but only 65535 fire damage works. It's ability damage, not final damage dealt. It will be affected by global damage modificators: crit chance, survival bonus, wounds increase damage dealt, special damage types from sets (Like Amarri's Secret for Battle Mage), Vampire's night time damage boost, Daemon's Call of Death etc. Not all abilities can reach such limit, but some of them does: fireball, BeeEffGee, Poison Tendris, Seraphim's Lightning Strike. Only Dark Elf's traps don't have such limit, but his traps have unique structure if talking about code. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Long time we just waiting for new balance mod appearing, but then we thinking: "If we don’t make a mod ourselves, nobody will do it". We spent a lot of time for getting some knowlege about it. We have learned how to find right asm-code and change it, this is the biggest part and not shure that someone can help us with it. For example, RavenRock's owner looking for assembler programmer since 2014... Good luck for him The biggest help from community is just playing our mod . We like to see new forum discussions about ReBorn mod, we glad to see new videos about ReBorn mod, even someone just upload a new ReBorn version on Darkmatters (because I didn't update it long time ago) it's also some support for us . UPD: Also info about game crash can be useful for us. Screenshot as example: We need "Details" field. It allow us to understand is it Sacred bug or ReBorn bug and and which part of code allows to crash. Description of circumstances of crash will be useful too.
  11. We have no detailed plan for ReBorn. We just change all that we want to change and can change, question is about free time for it. For example, in beggining we just wanted to make Orla-Aisling more wailable, but it became a big global balance mod. Nowadays we want to fix Open Wound (we already fixed it, but we met some pitfalls so need remake it) and add some interesting things in few caves... After that we start rework useless unique items. Also we have plans about sets, control Combat Arts, horses, skills and 2 bytes Abilities' bug. In the distant future we want to make some new bosses based on hero models. For examle recreate OverLookers clan as hero-bosses. It looks pretty hard, need make Combat Art using, loot, fixed position, names, equipment... Its a big long-term goal. So I'm not shure that ReBorn will be somedays done for 100%. In theory we can add new features over and over again... I can say that current state of ReBorn is pretty god and we like it. But it's just plans and ideas, we don't give any promices, because modifying Sacred requeres a lot of time and a lot pitfalls may be met, so we can fail. Also maybe sometimes new cool game appeared and we will deep dive into it (for example LifeLeech ).
  12. By Thorium's mod you mean Veteran Mod? Anyway, German modmakers stop work with Sacred long time ago. As far as I know, Veteran Mod was originally planned approximately the same as we did ReBorn, but in those days they met several pitfalls, so they just make a super-difficulty mod. Biggest legacy from Thorium is editors with used for making Veteran Mod, it allows edit some files of Sacred. Nowadays these editors not help us a lot, because not all parameters could be found in files with can be edited by these editors. Also, Thorium currently works on LifeLeech – new arpg-game with inspired by Sacred. I help him a little bit. About RavenRock: It’s texture pack, pretty big in global, but pretty small for 8 years of existing. It’s not a project by one team like ReBorn by OverLookers, dozens of people invest their work into RavenRock in different periods of time. Also they have “Unnofficical HD” (double “n”, I not mistake) background texture pack, but don’t trust it’s name, it’s just fast-maded machine picture upscaling with servises like Waifu2x. Some little changes may be seen only with maxed zoom in, but also a lot of seams and noize appeared because it's just machine processing. Just compare: max zoom out, mid zoom, max zoom in (can you see with side is HD? ). I can make same, but don’t see any reason for it, it’s look same and just hold 12Gb. Why we don’t team up with RavenRock: At first, RavenRock’s owner well known in ru-community as inadequate toxic. It’s a big story… Long time he had impunity because of friends in ru-community administration, so he feel open himself to toxic behavior and got conflicts with almost all active people. He told many rude words about my clanmates, my clan and me (girl from my clan he called "St***d c**t"). Instead just getting banned from by admins he got protection from them and only his victims get banned. Because of that, ru-community even was died for 4 years, all active people just were banned or leave. Nowadays my clan is 100% of administration in ru-community, so we resurrected it. After that RavenRock’s owner even not trying contact with us, in one day he just start spaming in ru-community and got banned for it. At second, because of the above, RavenRock’s owner don’t want team up with us. For example, by default RavenRock as texture mod easily compatible with balance mods, but RavenRock's owner made his it incompatible with all mods just to make it incompatible with ReBorn. Btw, in 2013 (or 2014, don't remember correctly) we were help him with RavenRock! But he show his toxicity pretty fast. He can be quite polite if you can be useful for him, but he throw out you if he can’t get benefits from you and you don’t do what he want. At third, RavenRock have nothing to offer us as balance editors. RavenRock's owner stop playing Sacred about 7 year ago (maybe even more), he never was a good player, my clanmates and me never saw him in multiplayer, he have no clue about balance in Veteran Mod or even original Sacred. Even for promo-video he used a cheated character... Their knowledge about modifying Sacred is about zero and they just use Thorium's editors and even that they do not good. For example, RavenRock 's owner in last update of his mod change parameters of dragons and a lot of people write comments that dragons became unkillable at low levels, some of them even asked me about help with killing these dragons (it need about 1,5 hour for killing). But at the same time well geared characters can almost oneshot RavenRock's dragons (like my Veteran Mod characters does). And these dragons have same problem as Veteran Mod – against them mages a lot weaker than range warriors. Therefore, RavenRock’s balance changes is awful, too hard for simple players at low levels and too easy for experienced players at high levels. At fourth, RavenRock’s owner just use other’s work. As I write before, dozens of people invest their work, even info about Waifu2x was invested by one graphic artist girl. Because of that new versions of RavenRock appears pretty rare. They made 2 versions in 2011, then in 2012 project almost get closed, then one more last version in 2014 and after that RavenRock’s owner close these project (not pause, not freeze, it was closed). Then in 2016 appeared Faithfull mod with some copying from RavenRock. RavenRock’s owner started crying about plagiary, but got answer: “You closed your project, so it got new life as Faithful mod with new developers; A lot of textures maded by other people and you just use them, so it’s not plagiary.”. RavenRock’s owner got some pain below the back from such answer and quickly release new version of RavenRock. Last version and “Unnofficial HD” released after releasing ReBorn and banning RavenRock’s owner in ru-community. You may see that RavenRock fizzle out almost after started in 2011. Since 2016 all products maded against someone. Against Faithful mod because it’s copypast some textures and then against ReBorn, because he envy and got banned in ru-community after being untouchable for long time. If you think that rare versions have a lot of content then you mistake. Just example of RavenRock changelist for version from 2014: new menu textures with new menu music, new textures of water and lava, new portal textures, new Daemon and Gladiator skins, new texture for just ONE axe, added German 2,29 patch, few ru-text changes, restored original Dark Elf animation (was changed in previous versions of RavenRock). That’s all for 3 years and at least 2 other people marked in patchnotes as texture autors. At fifth, RavenRock’s owner want money, not good and cool product. In 2014 he closed RavenRock because he could not monetize it (posts in 2014 with online wallet and asking for money). He make a lot PR for his last products, a lot reposts, big ru-PR in Steam, but it all done because RavenRock mod loaded on Deposit and RavenRock’s owner got some small money for downloading. And he don’t care that you need at least 1 hour for downloading just 100Mb from Deposit, even small money have more priority. Pretty sure that texturemakers which help him doesn't get even a cent... At sixth, RavenRock’s owner make many empty promises. For example, he even promise new closed net for Sacred, but in fact he did nothing and just asked for help my clanmate despite the fact that he had previously told my clanmate a lot of rude words in public forums. One more example, in 2016 he make new future for RavenRock with he called “anti-cheat system”, but in fact it's just keyboard blocking program attached to Saxred.exe that block Alt+F4 combination . About Faithfull Mod: It’s just some copyist of RavenRock and it’s abandoned. Faithfull’s Mod creator same as RavenRock’s owner – too toxic and know nothing about balance in Sacred, but a lot younger. As I know, Faithfull’s Mod creator and RavenRock’s owner tried work together at beginning, but it became a big conflict after 2016 with blaming about plagiary. After that Faithfull’s Mod creator copypast some programs from SacredVault just changing interface. And it was unclaimed, because no new funtions, only new interface. Currently he abandoned Sacred.
  13. Forgot to add link for video in №4. Update it.
  14. Greetings. I appreciate your feedback and ideas Daylight damage. It depends from level of “Turn into Vampire”. At high levels it can be up to 10k damage, so player choose between long duration or low sunlight damage. About control abilities (included Mind Control and Master Bite). We have some plans for control abilities, we want make them work vs all enemies, but with a short duration and hight cooldown, so it couldn’t be spamable. About your idea of Mind Control. I like it, but it would be hard to make, a lot of new code writing will be required. About Blood Bite. Almost all Combat Arts have damage limit 65535 (2 bytes), damage over it not taken into account. So even if there be 600k damage only 65k would be work. We trying fix this bug but meet a lot difficulties with it. Anyway, Blood Bite is powerful control Combat Art, it paralyses any enemies for it’s duration (video for example), so with high damage it can be overpowered. About Blood Kiss. Everything is possible in theory, but in practice it will be hard to do. In fact there is just wrong description. About Awaken Dead. Resurrected enemies deal low damage, so this Combat Art actually useless. The biggest problem with all summons is that there is no difficulty multipliers for summons, they use same multipliers that enemies does, so it’s hard to tune it. Max amount of bats is 4 as in original Sacred. You get 4 bats at 22 level of Combat Art. About items. Currently we trying to fix “Chance to inflict Open Wound” bonus, because it just not work and it make limits with item rebalancing. After fixing we will start rework items. About horses. We have some plans about it, but currently we don’t start working with it. As for all changes, at first we need to find code section responsible for this, then understand it, then thinking what we can do with it. We don’t know how much time required for it, it may be 1 hour or may be 20 hours. A few words about Sacred modding. There is a lot of underwater rocks, like no multiplier for summons or 2 bytes damage bug. Items also have some underwater rocks. Modding Sacred is like dancing on the nails… without legs...