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  1. turokz

    I found Sacred's demo version

    Yeah the demo is very interesting, my favourite things are the ads about the game coming soon when you exit the demo.
  2. Yesterday I was looking through youtube to check some sacred videos, and I found a recent one showing a demo version of Sacred, so I asked the guy for a download link and he provided it: http://www.ag.ru/games/sacred/demos/2287 . I checked the exe for viruses and it seems fine, I also tried it and it works best in the windowed version (for me it's the only way to make the demo work). It's pretty unique Here's also the video
  3. So there's this video I found of an interview about Ascaron, where I presume they're talking about their projects and games they developed in the past, and you can also see the video was made in times where the software house was developing Sacred 1, with the developers working. Now I know it's a pretty long video (about 6 minutes) and I am asking for something that might be a bit too much of a work, but it would be great if anyone speaking german could add english subtitles to the video. Take your time anyway if you wanna do it, I am surely not in a hurry. Link to the video: Link on how to add subtitles to any youtube video: https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/2734796?hl=en Thanks in advance if you manage to do it and let me know if you will! EDIT: nevermind, the video is not avaiable for receiving captions. There goes nothing
  4. turokz


    long time sacred player lurking the website from time to time