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  1. So I'm reading temple guardian is primarly a team player, what about a good solo hardcore kind of build? Thanks in advance!
  2. Blind guardian are awesome to listen to while rolling sacred
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    Rakshasa is a cool name for a Daemon
  5. I decided to write this guide in order to explain how to use RadminVPN to play sacred online. RadminVPN is a software similar to hamachi but better, because it allows more people to a server than hamachi. Let's begin : -Download RadminVPN clicking on "free download" following this link: www.radmin-vpn.com/ -Once downloaded, follow the setup to install RadminVPN -Start RadminVPN, choose your username clicking on system ---> change name -Join a network going on network ---> join an existing network -Try to join a network, I'll leave here my own (mainly italian players) for you to try: name ----> SacredOnlineCommunity , password ----> sacred -At this point you should be able to see online and offline users -To create your own server use the gameserver exe in your sacred directory, carefully using the IP address under your RadminVPN username in the IP adress field -Start Sacred ---> go to options ---> check "modem" in the internet settings -Finally go to local, choose your character and at this point you should be able to see your own session created with gameserver and those created by other players in the RadminVPN server.. and now you should be able to enjoy sacred with your friends! Common errors/problems that are usually fixable with those solutions (AKA try those out if you are having any kind of problem) -Start RadminVPN, gameserver and Sacred as administrator -Add Sacred, gameserver and RadminVPN as exception in your firewall (check on "private" and "public") -Port forward the following doors in your router: from 2005 to 2010, 7064, 7065, 7068, 12300, 4899. Restart your router and computer -Different routers require different steps to port forward. Find your router in this list and follow the steps in the website: https://portforward.com/router.htm In the hope of seeking the final and best solution to enjoy Sacred Online together, I hope everybody a great time!
  6. I found the mask
  7. I found hockey mask in random loot despite it being an easter egg found in a specific place everytime you start a new game. Is it normal? Has it ever happened to you?
  8. I use my graphic card's AA option for Sacred because it makes the 3d models look remarkably better, but on menu screen and in certain in-game 2d background elements (really big ones like castles or some big houses in Mystdale for example) I get the grid-like error like the one in the screenshot. Without graphic card's AA the error gets fixed, but I'd really like to keep it. Anybody got the same problem? I also tried to disable AA on config.exe to check for any conflicts with the GC one but the error still persists Screenshot related This kind of semi transparent grid all along the menu is the error, you can see it better around the center zone of the screen
  9. couple of videos from Michael T. Bhatty, one of the two game designers of Sacred
  10. I'd like to share my experience with RadminVPN: so when I create a server through GameServer my friend can see it but CANNOT join it (error 10026) BUT if I create a server through gameserver and THEN he creates a server through the game (without gameserver) I can see his game and join him. Important: if I don't create a gameserver I cannot see the game he makes.