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  1. Extracted texture.pak, edited the textures I wanted. How do I compress back to pak? Do I just compress with winrar changing file extension to .pak?
  2. Hey Dax, if you need an actor for recording I'm up today. I got a niobium dwarf if needed (I hope it works on Vanilla sacred too) Radmin server: SacredOnlineCommunity | password --> sacred Discord: https://discord.gg/eaA4MJ Lmk
  3. 4/7 of the times I die the character does not appear as a ghost (transparent) at character selection screen. Am I doing something wrong? Playing on a server in local. Interesting fact: when I go back in the game my survival bonus is intact Please don't ask me to delete the char manually. That is way too painful
  4. So I'm reading temple guardian is primarly a team player, what about a good solo hardcore kind of build? Thanks in advance!
  5. Blind guardian are awesome to listen to while rolling sacred
  6. Rakshasa is a cool name for a Daemon
  7. I decided to write this guide in order to explain how to use RadminVPN to play sacred online. RadminVPN is a software similar to hamachi but better, because it allows more people to a server than hamachi. Let's begin : -Download RadminVPN clicking on "free download" following this link: www.radmin-vpn.com/ -Once downloaded, follow the setup to install RadminVPN -Start RadminVPN, choose your username clicking on system ---> change name -Join a network going on network ---> join an existing network -Try to join a network, I'll leave here my own (mainly
  8. I found hockey mask in random loot despite it being an easter egg found in a specific place everytime you start a new game. Is it normal? Has it ever happened to you?
  9. I use my graphic card's AA option for Sacred because it makes the 3d models look remarkably better, but on menu screen and in certain in-game 2d background elements (really big ones like castles or some big houses in Mystdale for example) I get the grid-like error like the one in the screenshot. Without graphic card's AA the error gets fixed, but I'd really like to keep it. Anybody got the same problem? I also tried to disable AA on config.exe to check for any conflicts with the GC one but the error still persists Screenshot related This kind of semi transparent grid all along the me
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