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  1. I found the mask
  2. I found hockey mask in random loot despite it being an easter egg found in a specific place everytime you start a new game. Is it normal? Has it ever happened to you?
  3. I use my graphic card's AA option for Sacred because it makes the 3d models look remarkably better, but on menu screen and in certain in-game 2d background elements (really big ones like castles or some big houses in Mystdale for example) I get the grid-like error like the one in the screenshot. Without graphic card's AA the error gets fixed, but I'd really like to keep it. Anybody got the same problem? I also tried to disable AA on config.exe to check for any conflicts with the GC one but the error still persists Screenshot related This kind of semi transparent grid all along the menu is the error, you can see it better around the center zone of the screen
  4. couple of videos from Michael T. Bhatty, one of the two game designers of Sacred
  5. I'd like to share my experience with RadminVPN: so when I create a server through GameServer my friend can see it but CANNOT join it (error 10026) BUT if I create a server through gameserver and THEN he creates a server through the game (without gameserver) I can see his game and join him. Important: if I don't create a gameserver I cannot see the game he makes.
  6. Also another important thing at low levels when you surely don't wear a magic find based set yet is to never die, to make your survival bonus rise: this stat is increased whenever you are in a combat situation (orange circle around you) and as time goes on in that mode, your bonus grows up to 99%. This bonus increased your magic find and damage dealt. Magic find = better chances of finding good items. When you die your survival bonus goes down to zero. More info about Survival Bonus here http://www.sacredwiki.org/index.php/Sacred:Survival_Bonus
  7. turokz

    I found Sacred's demo version

    Yeah the demo is very interesting, my favourite things are the ads about the game coming soon when you exit the demo.
  8. Yesterday I was looking through youtube to check some sacred videos, and I found a recent one showing a demo version of Sacred, so I asked the guy for a download link and he provided it: http://www.ag.ru/games/sacred/demos/2287 . I checked the exe for viruses and it seems fine, I also tried it and it works best in the windowed version (for me it's the only way to make the demo work). It's pretty unique Here's also the video
  9. So there's this video I found of an interview about Ascaron, where I presume they're talking about their projects and games they developed in the past, and you can also see the video was made in times where the software house was developing Sacred 1, with the developers working. Now I know it's a pretty long video (about 6 minutes) and I am asking for something that might be a bit too much of a work, but it would be great if anyone speaking german could add english subtitles to the video. Take your time anyway if you wanna do it, I am surely not in a hurry. Link to the video: Link on how to add subtitles to any youtube video: https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/2734796?hl=en Thanks in advance if you manage to do it and let me know if you will! EDIT: nevermind, the video is not avaiable for receiving captions. There goes nothing
  10. turokz


    long time sacred player lurking the website from time to time