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  1. Jrmoore2

    Congrats FDM!

    Up until about feb, I came on everyday, until the dreaded computer crash. Now that I have an itouch, Im on whereever I have wifi.
  2. The rish foe. Where is Vegas?
  3. Jrmoore2

    PS3 corrupted save- GAME OVER

    I share your pain man, that happened to me the other day on my PS3. It's temporary though, because when I get my computer, I will be joining you all online!
  4. Jrmoore2


    Haha only if you throw A grenade, Robb. Sorry to burst your bubble
  5. Jrmoore2


    Haha only if you throw A grenade, Robb. Sorry to burst your bubble
  6. Jrmoore2


    Haha I see both points. The T energy could help, but it could just be an unthought-through point.
  7. Jrmoore2


    Haha like how octogolamus was still alive after the water drained?
  8. Anybody else in SOCAL enjoy that rain from last week?
  9. You could pull a mob, that would work. Or you can go powerlevel up a few levels, and try again.
  10. Jrmoore2

    Telemarketers :(

    Ah, I share your guys' pain. It seems like the US is the hometown of telemarketers.
  11. Jrmoore2


    Same with the leaping SPIT plant.
  12. Jrmoore2


    The leaping plant on the dryad islands jumps into the air. Yet it would be rooted to the ground. Hmmm...
  13. Frozen bird piff. what is piff?
  14. Hobos. What is rain made out of?