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  1. Well, so much for that, back to 150 it is then. First time the CM patch actually made something worse for me compared to vanilla. I still don't understand what that was supposed to fix in the first place, but if it makes every characters movement look as choppy as that of the original Inquisitor, then I would rather keep the "bug". Thanks anyways for the help.
  2. Then it really is an intentional change and I am just the only one bothered by this. Not the first time my oversensitivity to little details like that got in the way of playing fun... Well, I never even remotely saw any glaring animation bugs with ranged weapons or anything, but this is something that unfortunately really distracts me. I litererally noticed it 5 seconds after starting a new game. I guess there is no simple cut&copy solution for me to revert those changes back to how they were before? A folder or file I could use from 150, while keeping the rest of the 160 changes? I already tried that with some scripts that were labled animations, but those didn't do it.
  3. Hello. I hope this is the right place to ask this, because I am out of ideas. I wanted to try the new CM patch 160, but after installing my game is suddenly missing animation phases (for lack of a better word) on all characters. Specificially, the animations seem to skip, like the Inquisitor did in the past. It's most jarring when running, the char will have his normal walk animations, but when you stop, he just immediately goes to standing, without any transition. It's also really noticable when you use the block on Shift, it's literally only two stances that just get swapped. Now, at first I thought that my installation may be corrupted, so I deinstalled the game completely and re-downloaded it (using the gog version). I then started it without the CM patch to confirm that it wasn't always like this and I am just tripping, but of course there were no problems like that in vanilla (outside of the Inquisitor). Then I activated the CM patch 160 once more and the problem returned as well. Deactivated it, and instead activated the CM patch 150 and I have no problems again. By now I have de- and re-installed the game numerous times (downloaded a new 160 again from here as well, just in case), tried to install 160 on top of 150 or to verify the game files after 160 is activated, but nothing helped. I looked through the forums here and apparently nobody has any problems like this, which really confuses me. Is this just something absolutely nobody cares about or am I the only one who has this weird problem for some reason? I can't imagine the first one, as it is incredibly distracting imo, not even mentioning that this would be something that worked in vanilla. So, if it's the latter, what could possibly affect the CM patch 160 (and ONLY the 160 version) on my system to such a degree that it would cause these bugs? Great work on these patches btw, they are the only reason I still play Sacred 2 from time to time. If nobody can help me with this, I may just have to go back to 150 for now, but I was pretty hyped for those crash fixes