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  1. Where do you play where there is that much blood and gore, most of the mobs I have seen dead or dieing hardly even shed any blood. I would like to find that place:) Looks really awesome.
  2. Salguod

    My dad needs an avatar.

    They are all really great, totally awesome in fact and I find it hard to choose between them. You guys must have worked for years learning how to do this stuff and your really quite good at it. Will have to take time to decide which one to use. Thanks again for helping out with Christopher's *surprise* for me.
  3. Salguod

    My dad needs an avatar.

    I really like it though I go by Salguod here, but you know I really don't mind it saying Fox McCloud's Father either...Maybe Salguod on top with a colon : and then saying Fox McCloud's Father. I didn't know he was doing this until I was online in the game and someone mentioned it. When they did Christopher said "Suprise!" cause he was watching me play. I really love the way you guys have been helping us to make this forum a home for me and my son. We really love it here and since I have been online I have gotten to play with a few of you and have really been helped out a lot on learning stuff in the game. Online is way different from single player and HC rocks though so far I have had to remake my toon about five times I think. It was very cool. I ordered Christopher Sacred Gold from Amazon.com (only place I could find it for sell) They had two copies left. Should be in this week and Christopher is all giddy with excitement. Our next project though will be to get off dial up some how. The game server doesn't seem to like it so I'm searching for a new alternative. Probably try to go through Dish TV who we have our TV programming through. Any way I really do like this and the Sephira picture.
  4. going to play online today my username is papadragon65 and character is Salgoud
  5. Salguod

    CD-Key troubles

    I figured it out I'm in the servers now!! My mistake was that when I copied the cd-key from my email on to paper I was the one that changed the first character from a Z to a 7 Don't know what that is called I looked at it and looked at my paper and in my head it looked the same till this morning Well anyway now I can start playing the game online I just want to thank you all for the help and the comments they all pushed me to keep looking at the key even though it was clear as a bell I still messed it up. Thank you all again and hope to see you in a game
  6. Salguod

    Hello everyone!

    That's the stuff that is made with the bladder or stomach of a ? Don't know that I would like that . But I am going to try the game you mentioned just to see what it is like and all. Welcome to the forum and hopefully we will get to know each other better
  7. I know he isn't the evil one cause that one must be here on vacation. Man it is cold tonight here in what is suppose to be sunny Florida. Though I know that some places are a lot colder this time of year it isn't suppose to be that way here Anyway nice to meet you and hope to get to know you better
  8. Salguod

    Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!

    Welcome to the forum and I hope to become better aquainted. *doesn't want to walk the plank or anything* This really is a fun place to run around though Hope you like it here.
  9. Salguod

    prOm @ introduction

    Nice to meet you and I hope to be able to get to know you better along and along. Welcome to the forum and I hope you enjoy it here. I know I have been having a blast here since I joined.
  10. Salguod


    I think erialc may be a witch wonder if she studied at Hogwarts? Just kidding but that was a bit uncanny. I'm just making the rounds around the neighborhood saying hi and welcome. I'm new here so I'm trying to get to know people in the only way I can atm. Hope you have fun here I know I have been since I have joined up. Good to meet you and hope to see you around.
  11. Salguod

    I finally signed up

    hi and welcome to the forum, I'm new here only been on a few days. We do have something in common though I too live in Florida :: though at the moment it is down right cold here. We are looking at getting down into the upper 30's here depending on what part of the state you are from. I don't know the game Oof but I'm sure it's fun . I'm hoping to be online with Sacred soon so maybe I will see you there. I'm in North Central Florida what about you?
  12. Salguod

    Best Sacred Character

    I like the demon on my single player game, but that's just me. Oh and son remember you asked everyone for their opinions not for what you think of those toons. Maybe you just haven't played the BM to the best of his abilities.
  13. Salguod

    Hello :-)

    Nice to meet yet another parent. I'm new here and felt a bit out of place at first but everyone made me feel so welcome. I have a ten year old son who is into Sacred and going to forums all over the net so he has been teaching me some as he learns more and more. Does your oldest son play the game? Just wanted to stop by and say glad to meet you and hope to get to know you better.
  14. Salguod

    Hi gogo!

    Nice to meet you Chavez, and I too am having similar problems with my cdkeys and so far service_sacred has been trying to help me even gave me a new cdkey but it still said it was invalid so I'm still plugging away at different things to get mine up and running. Good luck with yours let me know how it turns out. Again welcome to the forum, I'm new here myself
  15. Salguod

    Hi All!

    Hey there, I'm Salguod and I just wanted to say I'm looking forward to getting to know you better as well as the others here. I'm pretty new and have only just discovered the world of Forums thanks to my 10 yr old son who got me started on them in (Fungi Forums). So I read what your doing with the statues. How is it comming along so far? I also had a question about that do they only do things in multiplayer cause when I touch them in single player it just tells me the name of the statue or why it was errected(sp) nothing ever happened to my character...except in this cave down in the desert region I think that one did do the experience thing but none of the others I have touched did anything for me. Maybe I'm just touching them wrong or something *goes to feel up another statue*