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  1. SERIOUSLY THANK YOU VERY MUCH !!! I have a serious problem deciding things. Thanks for this and for your answer Androdion.
  2. I have been reading some guides inside DarkMatters and in the wiki about the Dragon Mage and I have seen certain constructions, some pure like the pure elementalist and other hybrids that mix Dragon Magic with Elemental Magic or Mentalism (for Chattius). But I wonder if it is possible to change aspects and obtain the same result as the builds that have already been made. I will explain myself better, I am a player who is easily bored, that is, I do not know to what extent I can play with only one or two aspects without getting tired. I would like to try all the faces of the DM without hav
  3. Then it is possible to modify the build as it is played or to try different variants of the character it is advisable to start from scratch with a new one? In case you would like to read all aspects of a class, should not you select the expert touch?
  4. It is very interesting, for me at least, to see how they create these builds. Are you an experienced player, how do you create a build starting from scratch? or are based on synergies already established between skills, attributes and combat arts?
  5. Thanks Flix, I was able to install it and it works perfectly. I have been amazed by the work of the entire community. I would like to change the appearance of the interface to the original, how could I do it?
  6. Wow Gogo is true! With the Community Patch the destroyers do physical and fire damage? I am worried about its instantaneous explosion that sometimes does not reach the enemies
  7. If so, could you give me the link to download the latest version of the Community Patch? If I buy the game for steam, is it installed in the same way or is there a problem I should know about before installing it? Thanks flix and I await your answer
  8. Greetings Chattius. I have some doubts about DM. Is it possible to change aspects easily and when I please or should I just focus on one in particular? On the other hand, Does the fighting arts of the dragon mage prove weak at higher levels? Finally, I was reading in these forums and I did not understand the problem that DM has with respect to the combos of combat arts. Could you explain me? Greetings and thanks.
  9. Thanks Flix for your recommendation. At the moment I am playing without the Community Patch. I still do not know whether to play with this, because I would like to try the vanilla experience first. One last question.. This CP changes the gameplay too much?
  10. Gracias Gogo por la bienvenida y por brindarme tu experiencia en el juego. Voy a buscar e investigar en DarkMatters las guías de cada personaje para encontrar el estilo de mi juego. Saludos y gracias por aceptarme en esta gran comunidad
  11. Hello everyone, I am a new player of this wonderful game and sure you have noticed that I do not speak English and I am using google translator. I joined this forum because a week ago I bought sacred 2 and started playing it but I found many game mechanics that I did not understand because I am new to this. The reason why I open this topic and as you have already seen in the title is which character to choose. I love classes that are based on magic and I was attracted to two in particular. I do not know whether to choose Dragon Mage or High Elf, and I was hoping that someone who knows or has h
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