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  1. Doppelganger

    if you wonder how will be in pvp , can record pvp with Seraphim .Seraphim 40 + level
  2. Doppelganger

    thank you for appreciated, I still do not fully understand how best to make a double, but some conclusions have already been made.I am sure that the Inquisitor will be a much better Summoner than the dark warrior.'ve seen people write dark warrior 3 familiar, and therefore better .Not always quantity is better than quality.
  3. Doppelganger

    decided to show that I have broke a play the Inquisitor Summoner
  4. Doppelganger

  5. Doppelganger

    there's new information, whether you know it or not, I don't know.If things or weapons to insert a rune,then double these stats also work.I was checking the damage rune. remove this post ))) thanks in advance
  6. Doppelganger

    who knows the accuracy of the Inquisitor affects the accuracy of the double ? there's new information, whether you know it or not, I don't know.If things or weapons to insert a rune,then double these stats also work.I was checking the damage rune. after each teleport or move to another area,it is better to rewrite the double works better .
  7. Doppelganger

    unfortunately all my friends did not learn English .Only online translator helps me (((
  8. Doppelganger

    unfortunately, the translator does not translate well, and I did not understand everything you have stated. Sorry , but I'm level 24 Inquisitor, and I can not what to advise, all my articles ,this is purely a calculation of how to work the build. I want to make an Inquisitor based on the DoppelgangeR's damage, and take myself skills for survival.This is my idea that I have not yet implemented ( at the moment ,I still do not understand what improves the double, and with what weapons it is better to walk,whether with two swords,or with a two-handed weapon.That concerns me , then I observed that the speed attacks with two swords and two-handed weapons are uniform(but this still not accurately ) about your a skill, I not quite agree. so far, I noticed that the dark warrior is better suited for the role of a Summoner , not because of the fact that he has 3 skillet,and due to the fact that these skilly beat steadily and not miss ,although there are strong double crits.But stable damage from 3 calls, overshadowing the strong crits from the double.But this is on a small level,as will be further not known )
  9. Doppelganger

    can anyone explain what it says?) abbreviated words are not clear in the translation .Thanks for your help.(the material is taken from the wiki ) Determination gold mod and Incentive bronze mod are highly recommended. Keeping him as a spell will allow memorizing significant ZD runes number, increasing his combat values without any penalty. At higher levels it is possible to achieve spell duration equal/higher than cooldown + regeneration time if Astute Supremacy Focus was picked. If gear with +CA/+all CAs is worn, these arts will become avaible to use for ZD (socketed runes won't work). Ruthless Mutilation, Dislodged Spirit and Frenetic Fervor will be used most frequently in case of +all CAs, he will also use all three Inqusitor buffs. Unluckily, he likes to use primary attack inbetween CA usage (which means much lower damage than Combat Arts). Note that his Soul Reaver will also consume fallen foes souls. He benefits from +Run Speed % and Life leeched per hit bonuses on gear (and probably more but the effect is invisible). Equal silver mod is also recommended regardless of playstyle. This mod seems to make players Combat Arts modifications made for GI aspect avaible for ZD. Domination should work the same for AS aspect.
  10. Doppelganger

    do you know what a translator means?)))a the can for good reason all of this wrote (
  11. Doppelganger

    forgot to add that double damage also depends on the weapon damage ,but I do not know whether the bonuses are transferred from the weapon or not.If passed it should take skill on drewke ,as I have drevnego weapons with high damage , well at least I did not come across blunt weapon with great damage.Plus, the dark warrior is something that he can wear a shield ,it is an additional survival Yes Yes survival .I, use a gloomy veil only on strong bosses as under this buff it will not turn out to collect locomotives .Bored to run under a veil ,we are summoners,not pants xD
  12. Doppelganger

    the incubator (Summoner ) characteristics put everything into endurance.But this is a controversial action , as are still for the dark warrior as a Summoner,I thought that it would be better vlogit all in vitality , a dead Summoner is a bad Summoner. skills 1.The study of cunning strong 2.Heart of the deceit of strong 3.Wearing armor 4.Concentration of violent persecution 5.Military discipline 6.Density 7.Physique this is what I chose knowing how a level 25 character.What would I choose next 8.Study tactics(sallus on this skill,as the question may arise why studied . I'll start in order 1)Double alcochol (promotion,equality,escort) took the equality that would double has caused great damage to bosses ,Champions.The ability nakozanie harsh and cruel, raschleneniya need to learn the maximum as double no rollback abilities ,about every 4-5 strokes, he uses the ability.So we need more damage from this skill .Just the same Tactics increases the damage to the school of cruel persecution, and therefore should increase the damage to the double 9.Resistance 10.Blacksmith Gun ownership is not taken as considered not necessary .Since it is the Summoner took the talents which will give damage to the familiar, and will give us survival . So far, play this Assembly does not make sense because the dark warrior works in this regard better .If budut questions ask me, ' ll give you a hint that and why has rocked .Since the forum is meant for discussion ,so I will time with someone to develop the idea regarding summoners )))
  13. Doppelganger

    about the fact that shadow warrior can have 3 skillet is good , but double Inquisitor like me more possibilities in terms of development of damage .Of course Mongo read different forums ,and something he was able to test , but for obvious reasons, the result is very upset. Skeleton stable damage and rarely misses + has a flag to improve the accuracy of the strikes which is very helpful against bosses+ a trap which does a lot of damage.Inquisitor double who do not understand how it works and a few debuffs,BUT the idea of dianic Inquisitor should cause a lot of damage due to the fact that he is a bonus to weapon damage which we hold+ study tactics which amplifies the skills used by a twin.But why the damage a small...I use version 1.40, I doubt that with version 1.60 things will be better.
  14. Doppelganger

    thank you all who answered chose Inquisitor as a Summoner because of the double which can use skills melee Champions with a job quickly ,but not always ( due to the fact that double does not work , I stopped playing Inquisitor, and began to play dark warrior.The dark warrior Scilly work much better.About the fact that the double Inquisitor is not working , he runs away from the monsters,maybe close to go and nothing to do , little accuracy . (text translated through an interpreter )
  15. Doppelganger

    someone tried to make a Summoner for any class ? if so, what happened?)