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  1. Lienhard

    Community Patch 160 Bug Reports

    I found another thing playing the High Elf. If I use Showstep with the Vanish modification while in Cascading Shroud the character stays transparent as if the invisibility were still active.
  2. Lienhard

    Community Patch 160 Bug Reports

    Thank you very much for your work. Sacred 2 is much more enjoyable thanks to this patch. 1. The Dragon Mage is able to stack buffs indefinitely. You do this by activating the buffs while in Berserker or Dragonform and either cancel the form yourself or just wait till it runs out. The buffs activated during the Berserker/Dragonform are not disabled this way. I messed around for a few hours stacking the Familiar buff for the +intelligence +experience +castspeed and +cd reduction which made Gust of Wind pretty powerful as you can imagine. 2. If you sell a stack of runes you are only able to buy back a single rune. All other runes in the stack are lost. 3. These are just some wishes of mine. Is it possible to add a key combination to move items quickly between the inventory and the stash? It would be nice if the game actually told you when you missed an attack. Like a simple "Miss" instead of a damage number so that you know that you missed because of your stats and not due to the enemy not being in range or lag or something. The last one is a bit stupid but whatever... There is a statue of a dual wielding High Elf ingame ... But the playable High Elf does not have access to the Dual wield skill. I want this skill for my Magic Coup High Elf. As awesome as it would be I do not actually expect you to take this request seriously haha. ( Please do it!!! Just add it as a primary offensive skill next to Sword Weapons, Magic Staves and Tactics Lore. I'll keep a skill slot free in the meantime. )