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  1. Just accidentally stumbled upon this thread. I felt that something about the animations was off especially whenever I pressed shift when I started playing again recently. Now I know what it was. Just tested the difference and WOW. I probably didn't notice at first as it was 6 years since I had played the original game but the difference in smoothness is jarring. Same as cerrec, I didn't notice anything in the original that would require such a drastic change. Completely cutting the transition animations seems a bit harsh of a solution. With some file swapping, I was able to restore the transition animations. Just replace the s2logic.dll and s2render.dll in the system folder by the original ones. But the changes that stem from these files in 1.60 are reverted. The ones I noticed are that the shimmer around elite enemies is back and that stackable items now again stack only to 20. Also, one of my previous characters is now unplayable. BFG on my BFG Seraphim refuses to fire but if I make a new seraphim character, it works fine. My 2-handed Shadow Warrior seems unaffected. I will accept that though as the visual difference is worth it at least for me. The movement is much more natural looking. Who cares if ranged weapons fire a bit earlier than they should. So if cerrec is still here, you can use 1.6 CM Patch, just install it and replace the 2 files I mentioned with the ones from a clean install. I haven't tested this extensively yet but it seems to work so far (I.e. no game-breaking issues yet).
  2. Not a bug, just an inconsistency I noticed. First is the elite scarab (beetle in the creatures.txt) in the desert. It gives much more than double the experience of the regular one (almost triple). The other is one of the new slave outcast variants that spawn in the CM Patch. The one that can be seen in the screenshot always gives double experience as if he was a champion (so exactly double of all other outcasts). He has both a ranged and melee weapon available and a tattoo on his face. If I encounter any more, I will add them to this thread as I play through the game.
  3. idbeholdME

    My planned 2-handed SW build, last skill dilemma

    Yeah, 2-handed hafted are weapons only the SW can use so it's probably now or never. Axes seem to do comparable damage to Pole Arms but Hammers are a bit lower it seems. Thanks for the thorough explanation on Shadow Veil. A few final questions about it: I assume left click melee attacks always make you visible, correct? Can Shadow Veil reach a state where melee CAs (Scything Sweep, Frenzied Rampage etc.) would be castable while staying invisible? I also assume that spells fall into the same category as ranged attacks? E.g. complete invisibility once the chance to stay cloaked reaches 100%?
  4. idbeholdME

    My planned 2-handed SW build, last skill dilemma

    I have the character editor so I can make any blank character I want. I just asked here first if anybody knew the breaking point for Stealth on Shadow Veil at which it becomes permanent invisibility and if it is reachable without boosting the Stealth value in any way before I have to go and test it myself. But, I will probably do as Flix says. The prospect of future usefulness of finally having a blacksmith character is becoming more and more appealing the more I think about it. What about my second question with Hafted vs Pole Arms? I have never dabbled to much in weapons until now but as I said, Pole Arms seem to do a bit more damage. Which weapon class would you recommend more?
  5. idbeholdME

    My planned 2-handed SW build, last skill dilemma

    Of course that would be optimal but frankly, leveling 2 Shadow Warriors side by side just because of one skill would just be too tedious for me. Simple as that. I'd rather play one of the characters I haven't played extensively yet. I was not planning on making Shadow Veil a permanent buff. That 3rd buff spot would be taken by Nether Allegiance. Shadow Veil would just be a CA for movement speed and reduction of detrimental effects with the Avoidance-Nimble-Shadowmaster mods. The thing is that I would be leveling Shadow Veil hard to have maximum value from the Avoidance-Nimble mods, also slowly raising the stealth value in the process (+10 per CA level). The goal of course would be to have duration longer than cooldown and place it in a combo with Rousing Command for non-stop effects from both So I was wondering more about if I would eventually reach the stealth value that equals complete invisibility even without taking stealth mods (Creep-Fade) or Astral Lord Lore. Because if that were the case, I would definitely not pick it.
  6. So a few days ago, I've started a new Shadow Warrior: I had this build in mind. 9 skills are most likely set in stone (You would have to try really hard to make me back off from one of them) and I'm absolutely torn on the last one. X marks already picked ones. Tactics Lore X Death Warrior Focus X Armor Lore X Concentration X Combat Discipline X Malevolent Champion Focus X Hafted Weapons/Pole Arms Constitution Toughness Blacksmith/Astral Lord Focus I've been originally set on Blacksmith but then I thought "Why waste Concentration mastery and not utilize the 3rd buff - Nether Allegiance? " It would also allow me to make Shadow Veil a utility CA, going for the non stealth mods. BUT.... I want to avoid Shadow Veil becoming complete invisibility. Does anybody know if I will eventually reach complete invisibility even though I won't take any stealth mods or Astral Lord Lore (not boosting the stealth value in any way)? I really want to avoid that and if it were to happen at any point (even on CA level like 100 or something like that), I would instantly pick Blacksmith. I would be leveling Shadow Veil quite hard to get the most value out of the 2 scaling mods (Avoidance-Nimble). I just dinged level 25 and simply can't decide what to pick. As I still don't have a Blacksmith character in my portfolio, both Astral Lord Focus (movement speed, reduction of detrimental effects, Nether Allegiance) and Blacksmith (massively better Smith arts than NPCs, ability to forge stuff for other characters, ability to put rings and amulets into lower tier sockets) would be a huge boon. What would you do/prefer in this spot? I was thinking about cutting out Hafted Weapons/Pole Arms at first and taking both but after verifying that double hits from weapon lore mastery work on melee CAs too, that is out of the question. But it brings me to one last question. Are Hafted Weapons the best choice when it comes to 2-handed weapons? Shadow Warrior has some exclusive items in this category but from what I have seen, Pole Arms tend to do a bit more damage than Hafted Weapons.
  7. CAs too? Well damn. I guess Frenzied Rampage will be non-stop double hits then with its 2 double hit mods... I might have to cut something else from my build then.... Probably Blacksmith which is a shame as I have been wanting to make a Blacksmith char for a long time. Some other time then. Thanks for the answers.
  8. 2 questions: Most weapon lores add double hit on mastery. Does this chance affect only normal auto attacks or also weapon CAs like Pelting Strikes or Frenzied Rampage? Recently started a 2 handed SW and was thinking about replacing Hafted Weapons in my planned build with Astral Lord Focus IF the double hit chance doesn't affect CAs (resulting in using no weapon lore at all). That would allow me to make Shadow Veil a utility CA by taking mods Avoidance-Nimble-Shadowmaster and also utilize Concentration mastery by allowing Nether Allegiance. How exactly does Avoidance mod on Shadow Veil work? Is it like Spell Resistance Mastery (reduction of damage over time duration AND detrimental effects) or does it reduce only detrimental effects without affecting damage over time?
  9. idbeholdME

    Strange BFG behavior and buffs in general

    Thanks for the much needed input. The RPfB thing is just confusing due to the tooltips as I and Flix attested. But determining what exactly is the "correct" behavior might be difficult . On one hand, it makes sense that you lose the bonuses once you remove the gear with RPfB but on the other hand, if you boost the buff CA level by gear, cast it and then remove the gear, it persists in its buffed form. I would have no problem with keeping it as it is, maybe just somehow make the tooltip update immediately after removing the RPfB gear. But that issue is secondary to the BFG thing. That has MUCH bigger impact on gameplay than the RPfB as it creates more than 30% increase in my damage based only on the conditions of how the BFG is cast.
  10. idbeholdME

    Strange BFG behavior and buffs in general

    No ideas, comments or thoughts? Just to be sure, I checked both in Vanilla and with the CM Patch installed and the same behavior occurs in both. The numbers are not exactly the same with the CM Patch as in Vanilla but the same behavior still occurs (BFG damage being a lot higher and majority of the damage being physical when cast bare-handed as opposed to when cast with a weapon previously equipped). I find it strange nobody ever noticed this before since it seems like a big deal AND it is present even in the CM Patch. The numbers difference might not seem relevant at first but as I said, my crits went up several k when I started using the bare-handed version of the BFG. I bring this up mainly because I'm concerned with which damage is the correct one and if anyone can explain this behavior. I barely played my char since I found this out because I'm trying to find out what exactly is going on and don't want to accidentally play with artificially boosted damage.
  11. Hi, Did some testing and I just noticed the following when looking at the damage numbers for BFG on my Seraphim. If I activate it while holding a non-bow weapon during the casting, the damage becomes 6307-6857 (5360-5545 Physical, 947-1312 Ice). When I cast BFG when holding a bow (not even all ranged weapons but only bows), the damage becomes 6346-6896 (5399-5584 Physical and 947-1312 Ice). And when I cast BFG bare-handed, the damage becomes 6883-7432 (5936-6120 Physical and 947-1312 Ice). So I just found out at the end of Platinum that I've been missing out on a decent amount of damage because: Another thing I just found out is that pre-buffing using buff suits (stuff with -Regeneration Penalty from Buffs) doesn't work as I had previously thought because the cooldown and tooltip of a Combat Art change back to the non-reduced values after the first cast of any Combat Art after removing the -RPfB stuff. I've been casting my buffs exactly that way and for no reason it seems... So 2 questions and observations Any idea why does the damage of the BFG change depending on what I'm holding while casting it? The damage jump especially when bare-handed is quite big and it affects only the physical portion of the damage (Ice always stays the same). It is a pretty big deal since my damage when fully buffed went from 9113-9887 (7779-8040 Physical, 1334-1847 Ice) to 9689-10462 (8355-8615 Physical, 1334-1847 Ice), And the bows being the only weapons which have different value is interesting too. Since when does the pre-buffing with -RPfB not persist? I'm pretty sure it was possible and worked in Fallen Angel when I played back in the day. I was confused by the tooltip showing the reduced cooldown so I thought it worked but it goes back to the normal regen times after the first casting of any Combat Art. EDIT More observations. When casting BFG bare-handed, the weapon itself shows 1343-1450 damage in a ~80% physical, 20% Ice damage split. If I cast BFG while holding a weapon, it shows 277-384 damage in a ~70% Ice, 30% Physical damage split. Even though my damage on character sheet goes up by about 500-600, the actual damage is much bigger. Where I was critting before for 13-14k (with mostly Ice damage BFG), I now regularly see 17,18 or even 19k crits (with the mostly Physical damage BFG). I'm guessing that massive damage increase to the weapon now doing much larger portion of Physical damage and thus is much more efficiently punching through armor. But I'm not sure if that would increase the damage by almost 30%:) And why does it show so drastically different values? I'm seriously confused now.... Here is the comparison, the only difference being the first one is cast while holding a weapon, the second one is when bare-handed. The effect on damage numbers is described earlier in the post.
  12. Points I'd add after finishing a completionist Silver playthrough yesterday (without DLCs). 1) The attention to detail. The world is extremely detailed, there are tremendous amounts of nice looking animations (with the CM fixes), so many voice lines dependent on where you are, who you kill, so many footstep sounds depending on the surface and if it's raining or not, random NPC conversations and so much more. This all combines into a world that I like to return to. 2) The static map. Instead of some RNG map built from pre made blocks, the handcrafted and HUGE world of Ancaria has character with clear landmarks unlike many games in this genre. 3) Survival bonus and map explored mechanic. A great way of rewarding not dying your way through the game and it perfectly fits my play style in these kinds of games. Playing normal but as if I was on hardcore. And getting CtFV for thorough exploration? Sign me up! 4) The graphics and world design hold up to this day. I still just stop at some of the places and look around. And the elite textures are extremely good looking. Too bad there is no way to increase the view distance so you could enjoy the nice views more.
  13. Will bump this too. I'd like to make the day and night cycle more equal. I find the current night too short for my liking (75% day to 25% night ratio IIRC) and I'd like to see all the environments at night and hear the night versions of the music more often.
  14. idbeholdME

    New easter egg?

    I was pretty sure that this was not a brand new find. But rather than the toad itself, I'm more intrigued as to why it is linked to the quest (correctly it seems as the quest gets marked as finished when you kill it). Was it supposed to appear sometime during this quest? They most likely just forgot to link it and update the quest logic, which results in the "bugged" quest entry.
  15. idbeholdME

    New easter egg?

    Hi again everybody. Couldn't find anything about this on the wiki or anywhere else, so I thought I'd post it here. While running around the desert, I started to wonder where does the bugged quest step in Ephraphim's Nightmare quest chain in the vanilla game lead. The quest completes normally, but the quest step "Heavy Burden" is not ticked as completed in the quest log and the quest locator points into the sea. My curiosity got the best of me and I used the dismount trick to get out of bounds and jump my way to the quest circle. I expected nothing to be there, just a not properly closed quest. But lo and behold: there was creature. A toad. But no just any toad, the HYPNOTOAD. If you kill the toad. The "Heavy Burden" quest step even gets completed. No reward or anything but still nice. Too bad I can't do it as I would technically gain a small additional bit of map discovered, which would be cheating. This is obviously a Futurama easter egg, but it is unreachable by normal means. I wonder how this bugged quest/easter egg came to be. Was it intentional? Did they not have time to finish it? Did someone start it but forgot to come back to it? We will never know. But there really is a mystical creature inside the northern sea. The one whose plan is to dominate us all D: GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD.