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  1. Hello friends... Is there any way to change the cycle of day and night in the sacred 2? I would like to make the day and night bigger and more balanced ... An example: In real time the day would have 40 minutes and the night 36 minutes. Gratitude
  2. Friends ... When playing this game came some small doubts that I would like answers. If you could help me, I would be very grateful ... The doubts are: 1 - Attack the distance with bow and arrow. When I want to shoot the distance, as much as I hold the Ctrl key the character keeps walking as if I wanted to make a melee attack ... After all ... How to make ranged attacks? 2 - Inventory: Is there any way to pass all inventory items to the trunk or vice versa without being item by item? And regarding grouping of equal items ... How do I group them when they do not automatically group? Grateful for the attention...
  3. vagnerhammer

    Community Patch

    Showww !!! I felt deep improvements here !! Thank you so much
  4. vagnerhammer

    Follower Mod

    This game is fantastic ... Each time loving more ... I played the one and now I started the two ... Soon I will try to make my first mods ... It is only joy! Thank you friend
  5. vagnerhammer

    Follower Mod

    Hello friends... I'm looking for some mod that adds "Artificial Followers Friends" all over Arcaria. She wanted, for example, to have a Dryad as a follower where she could control her basic actions. I figured it would be nice to be able to create a character in the "save game" and then recruit him as a "companion" controlled by the machine ... In the end ... if someone can indicate me some mod similar to this, I would be very grateful ...