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  1. Taking advantage of the subject ... After all ... What are the real changes in this choice between the path of darkness and light? (Disregarding the plot)
  2. You went to the exact point !!! Father Bill and his novelties lololol
  3. Flix ... You're absolutely right. Yesterday I arrived in the swamp dragon with the "Dragon Mage" ... It worked perfectly. On my machine I now have two sacred installations ... one in the "Program Files" and another in "C: / Games" as you have instructed. I immediately checked the "Program Files" installation and the problem still exists in it. So even the issues of "dragon do not attack" ended up being settled by the issue of the permissions. I ask pardon ... Immense gratitude for the help...
  4. Thorium... What is the name of this tool you are using? I really want to meet her ...
  5. Amigo... Vou te escrever em português para tentar expressar melhor os meus dilemas sobre esses termos. Em resumo... Resolvi tentar fazer uma tradução para o português desse jogo que tenha ao menos uma qualidade razoável... Que seja satisfatória para pessoas como eu que não tem conhecimento em outra língua a não ser o português. Para fazer isso estou usando três línguas como base... Inglês, alemão e espanhol. Esse comparativo é muito interessante pois ajuda a ser mais fidedigno... Ainda sim... Como você mesmo levantou em outra oportunidade... É uma tarefa extremamente trabalhosa.
  6. What do you think of "Mago Elfo"? >>> Is There High Elf Man (Male)? Lore/ Folclore >>>(If you look at the meaning of the word "Folklore" you realize that the meaning is quite different. Folklore is ... Popular knowledge ... Mythology ... Denotes "LIE"... History to be told at the edge of the campfire for children...) Arrant Pyromancer / Until then I closed in "Pirocinese" ... I think of "Inferno" that is of the German version
  7. The "S2rw 1.7 global.res" I'm already using .... I'll get in touch with Ollydbg debugger and the others as you suggest ... Thank you very much!!
  8. And can this table be changed :) If so ... Can you suggest a tutorial what teach?
  9. Help Because some tolkens despite function well, the information does not appear when we pass the cursor on combat art ... Example: If I try to use the tolken "et_evade_detection" in the dragon mage although it works the information is not displayed. The information "Chance of not being detected" does not appear when you move the cursor or enter the "arts combat" screen.
  10. Androdion ... How would you translate the following terms? High Elf (ing) / Alta Elfa (esp) >> Elfa Superior:) (pt) Lore (ing) / Conocimiento (esp) >> In Spanish they also use the word "wisdom" ... But they are big, has many letters... They leak the screen... Best word I found was "Gnose" Arrant Pyromancer (ing) / Piromante Arrant (esp)... >> What is "Arrant"? ________________________________________________________________ (PT) Androdion... Como você traduziria os seguintes termos? High Elf (ing) / Alta Elfa (esp) >> Elfa Superior:) (pt)
  11. Another basic question ... Does the mechanics of the game react based on logic? Example: If I leave the unprotected character of poison, the AI the game's can respond to this by generating attacks just from what I have no protection?
  12. I can not find ... What is the real effect of value "defense"? What differentiates value "defense" from value of "armor"?
  13. Observing the spells.txt I noticed the bigger tolken being 18 ... I imagine that several things is not working however it did not give bug In practice the spell was very strong ... It burns a lot and I see a lot of "Eternal Fire" working. I want to make it weaker, increase the size of the projectiles a bit, look a more appropriate release animation, but I still can not do that ... Could you remove the tolkens that you think do not they work for me to study :)
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