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  1. Hello Dax, thanks for the research! I've sent an eye on steamcommunity.com, found zerisius but offline. Let's see if he will be reachable for the coming weekend. I found the white rabbit and fell into the hole... I will send you feedback when I'll pull me out of there ...
  2. A riddle unsolved is like an empty cup when you're thirsty of wine
  3. Here I found ! It is ZHADUM ! From Babylon 5 ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=de2HuTXhThs So the Shadows got in Ancaria ! Scenario here would be frightening. Or maybe it is the last of them who found refuge here...
  4. Yes exactly. If you go there Maybe it's an anagram...
  5. It is rather more the issue to resolve the enigma which is burning me than to get the sword . Beside it appears to be only a one-hand wielded. Not so interesting eventually It appears that if we don't have familiars or slave to send first as showed RuDDicK it is impossible to success here.
  6. Thank you Dax ... Who knows... peut-être suis-je français Ok thanks for the advice. I will wait one more year in Poland to see how the situation is evoluting, and will take bundles of artemisiae with me
  7. Thank you Gogoblender
  8. Jayce

    *Waves* Hello

  9. Thanks for your cool answer Hooyaah An Enthusiast team for sure would be perfect to make an "interesting community where we may become acquainted and interact with one another. " Thanks for asking, on the contrary feel free ! Actually I am not sure where I will go but it may be south east Asia, Philippines, or equatorial Africa ( Cameroon ) as per IT opportunities over there, my knowledges in this field which are still in progress, and the rythm of my heart. This idea of having a dedicated server for Sacred is very nice . I suppose it will be decided according to the amount of "Vintage" players who will connect. I was wondering by the way this idea : is it possible to create maps for sacred (1&2) ? Like for this game Heroes of MM 1234567, anyone can create a map then we just put the files in the concerned folder. It enhances seriously the life duration of the game. I mean here that, after having played Sacred many times with several heroes, maps and quests are repetitives, which can result a bit of annoyment/bore (and it is my feeling after some years). It is rather odder that I feel that especially on Sacred 2 although it is really more beautiful and fluid than the Sacred 1. As this possibility to get a server is making me blooming ideas I suppose this is a special thread of discussion for this topic. Please let me know if it is. Regards, P.S : How to set a citation like a signature after a discussion as you do "The reward for the virtue of patience is redeemed in everlasting dividends." ?
  10. Thanks RuDDicK, Does it mean that without cheat + Vampire skill "Time Control" it is impossible to get the sword ?
  11. Greetings, I found some days ago a strange enigma into the Dryads forest. Does anybody passed through it? I checked on the forum and the sacredwiki but found nothing on it. It appeared to be impossible to reach the sword as a deadly beam strikes the player when we approach toward the strange and dark porcupine. Any suggestion ?
  12. Greetings everybody, I am registered in this site for one (almost 2 ! ) year and did not introduce myself. Will, I am living in Poland, soon another country, and still enjoying playing Sacred 1 and 2, since ... nearly their beginning, although started lately on the 2nd (4 years ago). Deceived that there is no more server for experimenting MPG, I don't despair to find possible host, or being the host. à bientôt
  13. I completely agree with you here (and not only). Impossible to learn everything, sciences, knowledge and cultures from the beginning of the life. Thousands of life wouldn't be enough, as each of us represent one piece of the puzzle. At least I could learn a little bit from you... Then we are 2. Big thanks and hugs Hoping there will be an (some) "after" on other topics.
  14. Reincarnation, the mythical topic as ancient as soul. Issue is, we don't know how to check the possible past lives. Starting from it, I prefer to find the way to verify and learn on it, if it is, than to believe in a way that may be an illusion (or a religion), or simply a wrong direction that would prevent us to look in the other sides. I am not saying finding this on my own all alone though. Because experiences and meetings are for sure growing ourselves, until we get one special, THE One Special who will be like the last hand grabbing you until the top and that you will never release. "...And I don't want to miss a thing!" Yes life can be full of beauty by the moment we are on the good way of it, and by this way it will help to improve levels of awareness, self-confidence, and energy. So, no need to believe, things come when they must come Thanks again for this nice reflexion ...and your kind words