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  1. It's not just Norton that gives a false positive, apparently because Antivirus software can't just identify viruses anymore (aaah the good old days). These days anything it isn't positive is clean gets flagged and deleted. I even had an old commercially produced piece of software on its original, commercially produced disc (from 1998) that was regularly deleted as a 'virus'. I contacted AVG and was told that antivirus programs can't always recognise whether certain older software is a virus or not so it plays safe and assumes it is a virus. Especially savegame editors, because they 'alter' the contents of files so are automatically suspect.
  2. Death From Above (Stomping Gladi)

    I have no problem with the name if you want to keep it, just couldn't remember if the "original" was here or on another site that specialised in Sacred. Now I know it is on here, I will go look it up. I always meant to try that build but had never got around to it. Seeing your name made me remember it is all.
  3. Death From Above (Stomping Gladi)

    Isn't there a guide for Daemoness called Death from Above based around Soaring Demon?
  4. Wwwweeellllllllllllll GGGGooooogggooooo, iiiitttttt sssseeeeeeeeemmmmmsssss ffffaaaasssttttteeeeerrrrrrrr nnnnoooowwwwww!!!!!!!!
  5. Programs you cant "live" without

    Throws a huge amplifier at you!
  6. I wasn't completely jesting, the idea of a whip build sounds very interesting. Obviously it would need increased range compared to standard melee weapons such as swords etc., but I wonder what sort of special attacks could be added? Maybe the whip wraps around the throat to drag a mob closer. Anyone remember Scorpion from Mortal Kombat? "Get over here!" Maybe increased disarm chance perhaps? Anybody else thinking of any specials? Also I have been a secret fan of black leather since the delectable Emma Peel from the original "Avengers" TV seies all those years ago. Oh boy, did I have a crush on Diana Rigg (the actress) back then!
  7. How about adding black leather bondage gear and swap her sword for a whip? A whole new class - The Dominatrix!
  8. Make a sentence from 5 letters

    A man even requires intelligence! D E L T A
  9. Epic Office Quest Changes for CM Patch 1.60

    Aah but not everyone uses the wiki to lead them to everyone. Some of us actually search for them ourselves and think of just using the wiki as a form of cheating, or at least as the lazy way of doing things. Maybe we are just old school in out approach, in the same way as we only played on the hardcore servers back in the day and still play our characters as hardcore today. We don't all want to have everything laid out for us and still want to play a game where we have to think for ourselves. Maybe you might want to consider making this option switchable in the same way that Christmas Island had to be 'turned on' because I certainly don't want it all plastered on the map for me and I know several other players who have similar feelings. We may be a minority, I don't know. Maybe we will just have to not install this if you say that it is a "take it or leave it" proposition.
  10. "Sorry for the missing theme this year. Our forum software, IPB, went through major code changes and the theme designers out on the net are having a hard time keeping up. The designer we always buy the halloween theme from is going through life troubles which means she's practically awol. Normally we would have bought the Halloween theme months in advance but sadly it just wasn't possible. We love it as much as you do podgie! One of her co-designers did make their own Halloween theme. Me and gogo were juuuust about to buy it. And then I discovered all kinds of unfinished areas of the theme in their sample shop. So we had to pass on it. As for anywhere else. No one is making seasonal theme's for ipb 4.2 yet. Hopefully next Halloween they'll have our fave theme ready. Until then, at least we know the xmas theme is ready. " So when do we get our Christmas Theme on the forum? Please tell me that the current background is not all we get! I am hoping for at least some of what we used to have, cheerful Candy canes, wrapped presents, frosting and other Christmas decorations and Yuletide celebrations . Not just a rather cold and boring postcard style picture in the background with "Merry Christmas" at the bottom! Compared to our previous themes we seem to have reverted to something hardly worth calling a 'theme' or is IPB 4.2 less capable of hosting themes than what we were using previously?
  11. Epic Office Quest Changes for CM Patch 1.60

    While I thank you for all your hard work, I wonder if you aren't going a little bit too far? Where is the element of intrigue, the questing by having to search for things? If they are just marked on the map so you don't have to bother hunting for them, are we wanting the game to end up like so many others, made so brainlessly easy that even Care Bears can manage it? No need to think, just follow the markers on the map! I have seen this happening with other games I play, the games have been "improved" by making it so that players are led around by the hand with no need to think, just follow the markers and do as you are told. Games that were once challenging and are now just about Hello Kitty standard. Please be careful that you don't "improve" this game to the point that it is no longer worth playing!
  12. Where are my male nude skins for Sacred 2?

    I know I might seem to be overreacting a bit, but I just felt a that the discussion which has gone on for years needed at least one voice saying what?!?! I don't think we should make so much of it on a family friendly forum. My daughter played Sacred with me and now my grandchildren play Sacred2 and look at this forum. I don't really want to see them playing huge busted naked women in a game I love so much. Japanese hentai style pornography wouldn't sit well with me when they ask their granddad to play multiplayer LAN with them.
  13. Where are my male nude skins for Sacred 2?

    I have no interest Gogo, I just got fed up with the obsession for nude women in what is a brilliant game, so I was making a sarcastic comment. Why turn such an ARPG masterpiece into a pornographic titillation experience? Isn't there enough porn of every type imaginable (and rather a lot unimaginable as well I suspect) readily available without corrupting this game as well? Or is it that it is just to much of a temptation to do so because it is called Sacred? What comes next, using the bighead mod but tailoring it to the girls breasts instead? I'm sure that watching watching size 54DD's bouncing around the screen will be thrilling for some players!
  14. I must say that I am greatly discouraged by the blatantly biased discrimination shown on this forum. Where is the thread about modding nude skins for male characters as well? I look forward to my male character walking proudly across the landscape swinging his huge weapon for all to see.
  15. Sorry Gogo but Larian says it is not multiplayer and can't be modded for it. Mind you I don't know that much about the game, it was an impulse buy because I like Divine Divinity and Beyond Divinity was on sale for 69c US. Who could refuse a bargain like that?