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  1. podgie_bear

    Whats your fav build?

    Actually I haven't tried, not since the original MP hardcore servers went down. I don't know if it is playable over GoG Galaxy (anyone know?) although I did consider Hamachi at one point, I never got around to it.
  2. podgie_bear

    Whats your fav build?

    Yes I am still playing it (the GoG edition). How could anyone not continue to play such a classic game? Although I am on a break to play Torchlight 1 at the moment, exploring some of the modded classes out there. Just tried Jedi and Sith classes (using the Force and Jedi mind powers in Torchlight1, who would have thought it), liked the Halloween Witch class and currently running the Necromancer class.
  3. podgie_bear

    Whats your fav build?

    My favourite build is a Wood Elf magic user. It only uses 2 skills, "Thornbush" as the main attack skill and "Call of the Ancestors" for undead and Bosses. I use equipment that boosts poison damage and virtually slaughter everything in sight as I kite around them watching those lovely columns of green damage numbers filling the screen!
  4. We just rented a caravan in a small coastal town (Westward Ho!), didn't bother with all the usual Christmas trappings and had a quiet Christmas avoiding all the locust-like crowds of demented shoppers everywhere. Enjoyed peaceful walks on the beach, simple food and playing cards of an evening with a couple of drinks. The only demented idiot that we saw all week was our little dog in raptures as she raced all over the beach scaring the seagulls. Sheer bliss!
  5. podgie_bear

    So much more fun the second time around.

    Maybe they are, but some of us don't have the option and have to make do with what we can have. I am just so thankful that Sacred2 plays so well on a laptop with Intel integrated graphics! Schott's free camera mod makes the game look so much better for me even with my settup (Dell Latitude E6430, core i5 laptop, 2.5Ghz, 4Gb RAM, Intel HD4000 integrated graphics). OK, so I don't get to play the modern fancy-dancy, graphics dependent games. But most of them seem to have little real substance once you get past the pretty graphics and there are so many great older games I can play.
  6. Well I was going to add my halloween picture, but it was so scarey that even my dog hides from me now, so it's probably too scarey for our members to see!
  7. podgie_bear

    Are websites like old-games.com piracy?

    I agree about Abandonia, they have a good reputation for honesty. I know of games that they hosted as abandonware, but that GOG picked up the rights for and started selling. As soon as GOG did so, Abandonia took those games out of their catalogue and said that they were no longer abandonware and that they wouldn't carry them anymore.
  8. podgie_bear

    Are websites like old-games.com piracy?

    It depends on whether it is considered 'abandonware' or whether the owners refuse to allow it to be released as abandonware. I had a quick look at old-games.com and some of their games are abandonware, but some aren't. So I would say it is up to you whether you download a particular game from there or not. Difficult choices mate and not necessarily any definitive answer. My personal opinion would be to see if you can buy the game from the owners, if not then download. I f you can buy then I wouldn't download as it is probably pirating.
  9. podgie_bear

    About Sacred Gold.. Is anyone still playing it ?

    No you're not the only one still playing it. I don't have as many hours to devote to it as I used to but I still play as and when I can. I especially like trying skill combinations to see what classes I can get all the way through the game by only using a combination of 2 combat skills. (For example my best Wood Elf uses Thornbush as her main skill and Call of the Ancestors as her Boss/Group killer)
  10. I think the best advice I would give any new player would be to look at Sacred Wiki to see what skills are available for which class before you decide what you are going to play. Then DON'T try and use too many skills!!!! My best character was a Wood Elf and used exactly 2 combat skills, "Thorn Bush" was my main combat skill and "Call of the Ancestors" was my fallback skill which served for knocking the hell out of bosses and groups of enemies. That was the first character I took all the way. All of the characters I tried with multiple skills all got their butts kicked big time because I made them too complicated to keep control of it all. That doesn't apply to support skills, such as shopping etc. You can use non-combat skills to your hearts content since you don't need fast reactions or to worry about cooldowns with them.
  11. podgie_bear

    Sacred 1 sucks

    To quote from another famous and well liked game...... GET GOOD! There are always people who find some games too difficult for them because they are not prepared to make the effort to learn how to play the game. You can't just say that you can play Diablo (which is hardly a difficult game to play, picking up the mechanics of Diablo is pretty simple and takes little effort) and then expect every other game to play the same way. Sadly lots of people today have been spoiled by games developers dumbing down games to the "Hello Kitty" standard of gameplay difficulty. That's fine for those who expect games to be effortless, but as for gamers who want to actually PLAY their games rather to have their hand held and be led throught the game without having to put any effort into it, that's where classic games like Sacred, Morrowind, Darkest Dungeon, etc come in. They are designed for gamers who want something to get their teeth into. If you want the reward of an enjoyable and fulfilling gaming experience, then you have to make the effort of learning how to play the game. Simples!
  12. Shadow Warrior makes a great all round character that is versatile in being a mass killing machine http://darkmatters.org/forums/index.php?/files/file/66-invisible-mass-killer/ and needs only a few skills to do it leaving a lot of skill available to do anything else you like with.
  13. It's not just Norton that gives a false positive, apparently because Antivirus software can't just identify viruses anymore (aaah the good old days). These days anything it isn't positive is clean gets flagged and deleted. I even had an old commercially produced piece of software on its original, commercially produced disc (from 1998) that was regularly deleted as a 'virus'. I contacted AVG and was told that antivirus programs can't always recognise whether certain older software is a virus or not so it plays safe and assumes it is a virus. Especially savegame editors, because they 'alter' the contents of files so are automatically suspect.
  14. podgie_bear

    Death From Above (Stomping Gladi)

    I have no problem with the name if you want to keep it, just couldn't remember if the "original" was here or on another site that specialised in Sacred. Now I know it is on here, I will go look it up. I always meant to try that build but had never got around to it. Seeing your name made me remember it is all.