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  1. 1. Red, white and blue underpants, black jogging bottoms. 2. The rain hitting my window. 3. A chocolate cookie. 4. No. 5. Black. 6. Raining hard, a real downpour. 7. Earl Grey Tea. 8. NFL. 9. Mousey brown fighting to see if it will go grey or bald first. 10. No, eyes are too sensitive, so wear bi-focals. 11. Two neither of which bother to keep in touch, not even so much as a Christmas Card. 12. October, when all the children are back in school and we can go on a peaceful holiday with all the other tourists around. 13. Cornish Pasty.
  2. Hi all. I'm hoping for a Happy New Year for us all. It has been a miserable Christmas for us again, it's like Christmas is cursed for me as everything bad seems to happen at Christmas. When my father died a few years ago it was on 23 December. My first marriage ended in a really bad breakup when my first wife told me she had found someone else and she wanted me to move out, that was the morning of Christmas Day. Two years ago my father-in-law died the week before Christmas. Last Year I was rushed to hospital with a series of heart attacks three weeks before Christmas. This year our little
  3. It's a shame that it is only for the Steam version of the game. I use the GoG version and won't touch Steam with a bargepole as I refuse to support DRM.
  4. Here's an old one I have always liked; A man stands at his garden gate staring at the rising flood water that is getting nearer and nearer to his house, when a truck pulls up outside and the driver says "Jump in and I'll drive you to safety". The man says, "No thanks, I trust in God, He will save me!" Some time later the flood waters have risen and the man is now stood at his bedroom window watching the water swirling just outside the window, while the garden and first floor of his house are under water. A boat floats by and the person rowing it says, "Jump in and I will row you to s
  5. I would say do what your insurance wants. The Covid app is only as useful as the number of people voluntarily using it. The take up for using a similar app in this country has been abysmal with more people not using it than those that do. Since you may com into contact with far more people not using it that using it then how useful is it really? Whereas the smartphone that your insurance wants you to use is going to be useful to you for more than a single reason and does not depend on other people using it to do what it is designed to do to make it useful.
  6. Oh how I remember those days! Sacred was the first game I ever played online and the first time I ever played multiplayer. The other players taught me some valuable lessons that I still play by today in all my games. Hardcore, delete on death characters and help any other players I can, the way they helped me back then. Also the wonderful game taught me the value of good gameplay over pretty graphics!
  7. Best wishes Spock. It's definitely a scary experience I know. I'm still trying to do my expercises which isn't easy at the moment. It's hard to do a brisk 30 minute walk every day when we are in lockdown and I'm not supposed to leave our small 5 room bungalow, lol
  8. Yes I saw this video, but he was concentrating on what went wrong and what might have contributed to its demise. He didn't spend a lot of time showing what was good, how it was ahead of its time and why players are willing to devote their spare time and effort into reviving the game. I know this is only my opinion and may raise a few hackles, but if we were to compare Vanguard against WoW, Vanguard would be the MMO aimed at serious game playing adults, while WoW would look like it was programmed for pre-teen children. Even just the mini-games show the difference between the games. Diplomacy ta
  9. I don't know if any of you remember Vanguard: Saga of Heroes, which was a game that Sony Online Entertainment decided to close down a few yeras ago. It was a brilliant game that pulled no punches and didn't hold your hand (unless it was to distract you while it plunged a dagger into your back!). A lot of players were very upset when Sony decided it wasn't profitable enough and closed down the servers, because the game was unique for its time and not only was it a very good hardcore MMORPG with 15 different classes, 14 different races (and 6 types of human) most of which had their own distinct
  10. Thanks all. Dax, My wife has a home gym that I am using (carefully) but exercise and fasting will not help my diabetes while the other drugs I have to take every morning and evening are raising my blood sugar level. My diabetes specialist is considering adding further drugs to the metformin I am taking, but is unhappy about doing so as they could cause further complications, especially with my heart meds.
  11. I haven't been around much the last couple of years, which have not been very good ones for me. Apart from the car accident I have already said about on this forum, I have had some quite bad health issues these last couple of years. I developed Ulcerative Colitis (very messy and unpleasant) but for weeks while I waited for the test results, the doctors told me that it could be bowel cancer. As you can imagine, it was not a good time for my family. When they finally confirmed that it was not cancer the relief was immense. So they started treating the colitis with high doses of steroids to which
  12. I've not played there in a long time, but isn't that the village where there is a gypsy girl quest giver on the path outside village asking for help and you can go in and thrash the soldiers threatening the village?
  13. It's hard to recommend something without knowing your preferences, but I rather like "Icewind Dale" for strategic gameplay and pick my own music.
  14. I'm not sure I agree with you completely. They can be a real nuisance, but they can also be very useful. I think it is more a case of the idiot using it than the smartphone itself. My big problem is with BMW cars, they are lovely vehicles, but it seems that 99% or the people that own them are unfit to be driving them! It appears that as soon as they put the car in gear, they put their brains in neutral. They nearly all seem to think that rules don't apply to them and that they own the road and everyone else has a duty to make way for them.
  15. I think one of the reasons Sacred is so good for me is the unique builds you can make, for example my magic user wood elf, using only Thorn Bush and Call of the Ancestors. as opposed to a bow build. It is the endless possibilities. I also loved my Wee Jock build, a grouchy little dwarf that beats mobs to death with his fists. Think outside the box. Think what is the most unlikely build to succeed then go build it and beat the game anyway!
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