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  1. Oh how I remember those days! Sacred was the first game I ever played online and the first time I ever played multiplayer. The other players taught me some valuable lessons that I still play by today in all my games. Hardcore, delete on death characters and help any other players I can, the way they helped me back then. Also the wonderful game taught me the value of good gameplay over pretty graphics!
  2. Best wishes Spock. It's definitely a scary experience I know. I'm still trying to do my expercises which isn't easy at the moment. It's hard to do a brisk 30 minute walk every day when we are in lockdown and I'm not supposed to leave our small 5 room bungalow, lol
  3. Yes I saw this video, but he was concentrating on what went wrong and what might have contributed to its demise. He didn't spend a lot of time showing what was good, how it was ahead of its time and why players are willing to devote their spare time and effort into reviving the game. I know this is only my opinion and may raise a few hackles, but if we were to compare Vanguard against WoW, Vanguard would be the MMO aimed at serious game playing adults, while WoW would look like it was programmed for pre-teen children. Even just the mini-games show the difference between the games. Diplomacy takes patience to learn and skill and tactics to win, it also affects all aspects of the game, faction reputation, merchant responses, guards responses, even how the farmers and peasants view you. Crafting is a fiendishly complicated procedure that rewards you for how well you cope with the complications and problems that arise during the crafting process. If you want to make equipment for your character, you can't just throw materials at a crafting bench and get the item you want, you have to work and struggle to produce it and even then the quality of the item can vary enormously depending on how much effort you put into it and how skilfully you cope with the problems arising. When you add in the 15 classes, 20 (including 6 nationalities of human) races and backgrounds and the dozen or more starting areas and separate main quest lines, there is enough variety and challenge here to satisfy anyone.
  4. I don't know if any of you remember Vanguard: Saga of Heroes, which was a game that Sony Online Entertainment decided to close down a few yeras ago. It was a brilliant game that pulled no punches and didn't hold your hand (unless it was to distract you while it plunged a dagger into your back!). A lot of players were very upset when Sony decided it wasn't profitable enough and closed down the servers, because the game was unique for its time and not only was it a very good hardcore MMORPG with 15 different classes, 14 different races (and 6 types of human) most of which had their own distinct starting areas and questlines, but also featued a complicated, indepth crafting system (a bloody frustrating one!) and a very interesting card based, diplomacy minigame. I was one of the players who really missed it and lamented its loss, well great news, it's back! The VGOEmulater is a fan run project which has got hold of the source code for the game and has got a server up and running and the game is playable again. It's currently in a (sort of) pre-alpha stage in that they are still working on it and not got everything working properly again yet, but it is playable and some of us are playing it and bug reporting as we find stuff. The new devs are all fans who are devoting their spare time to bringing this game back to life and although they do accept donations, they are purely used to pay for the server. If you would like to try the game and maybe do a bit of play testing and you don't mind that some small parts may still be broken, then you can find their forum here https://www.vgoemulator.net/phpBB3/index.php You can check out the wiki here https://vanguard.fandom.com/wiki/Main_Page
  5. Thanks all. Dax, My wife has a home gym that I am using (carefully) but exercise and fasting will not help my diabetes while the other drugs I have to take every morning and evening are raising my blood sugar level. My diabetes specialist is considering adding further drugs to the metformin I am taking, but is unhappy about doing so as they could cause further complications, especially with my heart meds.
  6. I haven't been around much the last couple of years, which have not been very good ones for me. Apart from the car accident I have already said about on this forum, I have had some quite bad health issues these last couple of years. I developed Ulcerative Colitis (very messy and unpleasant) but for weeks while I waited for the test results, the doctors told me that it could be bowel cancer. As you can imagine, it was not a good time for my family. When they finally confirmed that it was not cancer the relief was immense. So they started treating the colitis with high doses of steroids to which my body had an extreem reaction, I gained about 40 pounds and my blood sugar level jumped from a fairly mormal 6.4 to a dangerous 37.2 and I developed type 2 diabetes and went blind. It took months to recover my sight and to get my blood sugar down to a reasonable level. Apparently I am one of the minority of people who can't tolerate steroids and develope steroid induced diabetes, lucky me! Things finally started looking up, the colitis was under control, the diabetes was in remission and all seemed right with the world. Then our National Health Service decided on a cost cutting exercise and changed the drugs I was being treated with for the colitis (non-steroid now) for cheaper drugs which nobody noticed included a side effect of raising blood sugar levels. Bingo, back comes the diabetes! Stress levels go up as the new National Health Service systems means that instead of my consultant prescribing drugs for me directly, she now notifies a clerical department that I need them, the celerical department notifies an outside contractor that I need them, I have to phone the contractor to arrange delivery to my door. Great if the system worked but it doesn't and I end up ringing the contractor who says they haven't been notified by the clerical department who I can't contact so I then ring the consultant's secretary to ask that the consultant chases up the issue from her end and get the clerical deaprtment to get off its butt and does the jobit's supposed to do. This happenes every bloody month, meanwhile I am without the drugs I need and my health is deteriorating. Finally it all gets too much and I collapsed this December 2nd with a heart attack. After being rushed to hospital I had 3 more heart attacks within 36 hours. Three weeks later, after 2 Angio procedures on 2 of the 3 major arteries to the heart, a stent, a ballon treatment to force an artery open and a 'burning wire' to clear a blockage in another artery, I get out of hospital just in time for Christmas, with a large bag full of drugs to keep me going, taking 11 different drugs multiple times a day for my Colitis, Diabetes and heart! My wife decided that I should get away for Christmas, different surroundings, relaxation and a stress free holiday, so we hired a small caravan on the coast for Christmas week. Arriving there on Christmas Eve we decided to just get a takeaway and relax so we did from a local takeaway we always use when we are in that area and were surprised to find it under new ownership. We then spent Christmas Day thowing up and Boxing Day with diarrhea! The weather was abysmal with gale force winds and driving rain all through the Christmas and as we packed the car to drive home on the Friday, the sun finally deigned to appear!!! All in all, I look forward to the New Year in hope, despite the fact that I have miutiple appointments with multiple doctors and nurses for weekly blood tests, diabetic reviews, dieticians, stress counseling, heart monitoring, pokings and proddings for the foreseeable future. Because optimistically things can only get better ...... can't they? I wish you all a Happy New Year and hope the coming year is a good one for all of us!
  7. I've not played there in a long time, but isn't that the village where there is a gypsy girl quest giver on the path outside village asking for help and you can go in and thrash the soldiers threatening the village?
  8. It's hard to recommend something without knowing your preferences, but I rather like "Icewind Dale" for strategic gameplay and pick my own music.
  9. I'm not sure I agree with you completely. They can be a real nuisance, but they can also be very useful. I think it is more a case of the idiot using it than the smartphone itself. My big problem is with BMW cars, they are lovely vehicles, but it seems that 99% or the people that own them are unfit to be driving them! It appears that as soon as they put the car in gear, they put their brains in neutral. They nearly all seem to think that rules don't apply to them and that they own the road and everyone else has a duty to make way for them.
  10. I think one of the reasons Sacred is so good for me is the unique builds you can make, for example my magic user wood elf, using only Thorn Bush and Call of the Ancestors. as opposed to a bow build. It is the endless possibilities. I also loved my Wee Jock build, a grouchy little dwarf that beats mobs to death with his fists. Think outside the box. Think what is the most unlikely build to succeed then go build it and beat the game anyway!
  11. "Progression is so slow and the game is so big that you have to play for hundreds of hours to complete all difficulties and move to another class/build." This is exactly the reason why I love these games. The piddly little games that you complete in a couple of dozen hours put me off no end. If a game is worth playing it is worth taking time to enjoy. I can't understand these people who seem to want to rush to endgame as fast as they can, almost as if they can't wait for the game to be finished with so they can rush on to something else. For me Titan Quest was boring as hell, it was like being on rails with no option except to follow the alloted course. I have about 700 hours into Sacred 1 and I am still finding things I have not seen before. Morrowind I am well over a 1000 hours and have not finished the Bloodmoon expansion in that game, hell I have hardly started that part! I suppose my playstyle is exactly what Ascaron was aiming for when they developed Sacred, players who wanted a massive gaming experience that would keep them enthralled for hundreds of hours just playing a single character class and with the knowledge that they had it all to look forward to again with another 7 unique character classes, each of which would supply a different playing experience. I really got my money's worth with the Sacred games, unlike a lot of modern, supposedly AAA titles which cost ten times as much and are over and finished with in a fraction of the time. Sacred provided quality gaming, and didn't try to hide mundane gaming with pretty graphics as so many games do these days.
  12. She is still having twinges in her back especially when she first gets out of bed and starts moving in the mornings, but overall she is so much better. She is off the painkillers and doesn't need the heatpacks anymore. The insurance seems to be finally sorted out and the other driver's insurance has admitted full liability. Our car was a complete write off due the chassis being distorted and we are waiting for a replacement, which we are told should be due on March 15 which just happens to be my birthday. Hopefully a nice birthday present and I can't wait as the rental car we have been given while we wait is very uncomfortable for me as it has forward leaning headrests that makes my neck ache and gives me headaches. Unfortunately they are not adjustable enough to make them more comfortable for me. Sadly, I am now suffering more because of the hire car than my wife did after the crash. Such is life.
  13. I had two at almost the same time. The original Sacred and Morrowind. Morrowind was my favourite at first, but Sacred introduced me to online multiplayer gaming and that extra dimension made all the difference for me and the game left a permanent 'mark' on me. Even today I have to delete my character if it dies in any game I play, because Sacred hardcore servers infected me with hardcoreditis!
  14. We don't know what is happening, this is a totally new experience for us. His insurance says that they are willing to sort it all out. Our dealer says that we should get our insurance to do the assessment so that his insurance don't try to repair a write off to save money. Our insurance says we have already claimed by having our car recovered by them (which recovery was a part of our insurance policy). We have something called GAP insurance to cover the difference in value when we would have traded in our car on a new model and now we have to tell everyone else about that and notify the GAP people of all the other "players in the game". We are tryin to find where our car is stored awaiting assessment to recover all our possessions from the car, we are told that we have to collect them before it is taken away to the assessment facility or we lose the chance to recover them. Meanwhile all parties involved are no longer being so helpful as they seemed at first and telling us that it will be a disaster for us if we don't let them be the ones to sort it all out. We are feeling pretty bloody helpless suddenly. Our poor car was our first ever brand new car and only delivered from the factory 4 months ago!
  15. We exchanged insurance details etc and our insurers are being very helpful. The hospital couldn't have been more apathetic though. The National Health Service is not what it once was. Once upon a time my wife would have been examined thoroughly, x-rayed and scanned before being released. Now they gave her 2 paracetamol and told her to rest with heat packs on her back, because they don't have a doctor on duty after 8pm, just a nurse. They suggested that she might want to get a taxi to the the only hospital with an emergency department covering the county (about 30 miles away) if she thought she might need treatment. Otherwise she could contact her local surgery in the morning.
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