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  1. ZahaleLord99

    Lizardmen as playable character?

    I'm not sure where to place this, but I did want to ask a few questions Is there a way to design shield throwing as an attack? Doesn't the shadow warrior have a charge that damages enemies as he/she goes through them? Is it possible to add female characters as possible. Dryad, inquisitor, high elf, warrior? Is it possible to find away to design dual welding fighting animations for the high elf and guardian? Is it possible or is it already available to design a sling like weapon that hurls various types of explosive or corrosive/poison ammo? Is there an option for characters to lay down traps/mines? Can monster ai be modified? Im not sure where I need to ask these questions though..
  2. ZahaleLord99

    Sacred 2 character editor?

    Accurate files is defunct
  3. ZahaleLord99

    Sacred 2 Save Game Files Editor

    I have the copy that allows changes to everything but diety power. Does that variation allow for diety changes?
  4. ZahaleLord99

    High Elf Melee

    Would it be possible to possibly design those animations? How so if possible?
  5. ZahaleLord99

    Sacred 2 Save Game Files Editor

    Was there an option to change diety. On the one I downloaded, it does not have that. I'm trying to find ver. 09 of the editor for sacred 2
  6. ZahaleLord99

    High Elf Melee

    I noticed that except for the Guardian, all the characters should have a use for paired weapons. The high elf can be modded to have paired weapons as a skill, meaning it can be added into her skill list. Now, when I put a weapon, a one handed one it goes fine; the next weapon I try to put in the 'other hand' does not go into the circle, instead it replaces the first weapon, leaving her one hand free instead of paired. Though a shield can be placed in the weapon circle, weapon/shiled combo, or a two hander, bow, etc. This is the steam pc version. Can there be a way for the high elf to be enabled to use paired weapons?