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    as you can see managing internet accounts is not my hobby (this is actually first time I am filling in something like this...)<br /><br />understanding of unpragmatical and practical occurences about behavior of anything and of course everything, with expertise in biology and some math/physics with an undertone or rather ubertone(abovetone???) of evolutionary phylosophy... I guess you get the idea. If you have any question just ask me.<br /><br />spelling of foreign names... you will get the idea later

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  1. hi there I am 100 percent sure there are guides for trading skill. From what I remember, people wo icked trading skill and were maxing it were very happy about it. It basicaly puts better and better bonuses together on one item. So the more the better... it is said to be the only skill that is worth to have in niob. (dont forget constitution With this is I am not sure, but dwarf should have a very good set that adds to trading skills, so you can finish adding points on 100 and the rest can be made the set, plus rings... well I guess this is possible only in niob and the before dificulty, and you have to find lot of those rings. ok I have to go C ok I found one link on trading, but I remember reading one much more descriptive, this one very good too http://darkmatters.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=3538
  2. great, gime mooore I am already planning an answer, or rather reply, but its hard to me concentrate on the theme in such a subject. Reason why I write this, is: We found that social networks have clusters of happy and unhappy people within them that reach out to three degrees of separation. A person's happiness is related to the happiness of their friends, their friends' friends, and their friends' friends' friends—that is, to people well beyond their social horizon. We found that happy people tend to be located in the center of their social networks and to be located in large clusters of other happy people. And we found that each additional happy friend increases a person's probability of being happy by about 9%. I have already a point, but is this not actualy what is happening here? happy nice pretty people create more happy nice pretty people . Thats a tribute to you Schott and Gogo... and to everybody who helped to create this community (sorry for my ignorance...) and yeah, quiz question - why do you think I used the pecial spelling? but answer this only after you replied to the main theme... Isn that above motivating to you? O.K maybe thats bit fo astray, I will post reply related to the coments later... after I read all this interesting stuff muhahahahahah C.
  3. maybe too late, but cheers anyway... now this had drama, action, thrill and happy ending... and some teriffic twists. holy it was so good, well not the internet block... glad you are back later. C.
  4. Hello pretty people, I have several questions. Are you all that nice and pretty, or is it something magical about this website, community and or game? What makes this community so good? Did it give you something, which you could bring into the dayly world? Here is my oppinion, and I am interested in yours of course. I am kind of nerdily interested in psychological/behavioral aspects of everyday communication. And this site is wonderfull (well not that I visited many others but anyway) It is pleasure to know that there are so polite and respectfull people. I did not see any flaming or emotional conversation... It is kind of surprising to say/see that, but to me it seems that people see weakness in good manners. ok phylosophical blah blah I enjoy it and learn so much, for example - old and young people can comunicate at the same level about daily issues, no prejudice at all. You never know who is on the opposite side of the internet connection unless you check the profile. Another think is that I have seen lot of discusion how people are being "consumed" by internet and tend to overlook dayly face to face conversation. And after browsing through many conversations here, seeing the attitude I see that is no problem. One can actually be himself and have no restrains... it is kind of discovering ones newself. very interesting to me atleast. And by the way we are social people, and this kind of communication is very interactive, fast, lot of information around... and you can actualy change your point of interest at anytime without interepting or interfering at some level... one could even call it "conversation with much more freedom of conversation" (phew that one rox so not only I recieved many information on the game, I also learned a lot and enjoyed the experience. and it made my opinion that we should be polite even stronger. heh I wanted to delete all the stuff above but read the thread about how we tend to do that sometimes so I leave it... another interesting think that I learned. So what do you think? Enjoy and... enjoy, chrenus
  5. which leads to 6# rule - if the situation looks too dangerous, close yours eyes to avoid trauma... I had a chill on my backbone reading that promatolya brrrr
  6. uuuuuuuh I watched the two previous episodes. I liked both. and now a third cake yum, yum. I gonna suck the blood of it and then eat it
  7. hello and welcome hope you are having fun. you need to concentrate on attack rating and damage CAs - quick as a flash - I am not sure but this adds attack rating. and also speeds up your build in the beggining - attack, hard hit, multihit - you can read about these somewhere. I guess the attack is for hitting weaker opponets and the hard hit for strong creatures, and ideal for quickly executing ranged enemies - unicorn is always good to have around. dont spend too much runes on him. I guess I read somewhere thatwhen it is too high level you will get little experience for his kills. so he is basicaly good meatshield skills weapon lore, sword lore (or which ever weapon you use, you just need to pick this one, dont waste points on it. if you have it will allow you to use bonuses of special sets like paternus sword (I am not sure with that one)) agility - defence attack rating constitution and armor rest is up to you, you can add some magic skills for support, or further specialize in combat... trading is a very good skill in my oppinion for the equipmne - try to read some other build, gladiator or vampires, they are sword users, and propably youll find some interesting sword in sacredwiki if you are going to use daggers, I am definitly interested in how well that goes. daggers are interesting in that they deal two hits instead of one (is that true even when using CAs?) oh yeah an go for physical regeneration. you dont have to worry then whether to have higher dex or str for damage while you will be able to compensate with higher level of CA. if you are a beginer definitly read something on using runes and so on... it is very important, trust me, I ruined several of my characters while reading too many... so have fun chrenus
  8. haha you are U.S drivers (no offence) it is different to europe... you do not have to cover such long distances here ... have you ever heard or seen how they drive in greece?
  9. #5 do not get into the car with the shoes for skying (skying shoes, skyshoes ? ) I have seen that... it ended up with destroyed gate and scratched car. hmm having temple guardian do this... CA - skyshoe driver attack - massive area damage on both enviroment and attacker...
  10. too much modification a con? well, to my taste it is actually good... I cant play sacred 2 - I need a new computer...
  11. I heard that Harry Potter was burned (well the book by some literalist evangelical churches. Or at least denounced as unholy book... in my humble opinion it is craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy. So that vid has the same label... my personal opinion that is always objective and right (is this of the topic?) edit> I feel like I am violating the rule... delete this if so, not important anyway
  12. you are my hero. I would love to with you as Ratzinger (the pope) said: The law is often winning above justice (I paraphrased it) Thats the world. Anyway I am happy that it ended up just fine... once again CHEERS
  13. series - Dexter very nice enterntaining and phylosophical. psychopatic massmurder is the main character. Normal life during the day, emotionless killer during the night. The most fertile man in Irelnad - would like to see that. sounds funny, what is it about? edit> oh let me guess > it is about the most fertile man in Irelnad, am I right?
  14. oh yeah... I deleted few sentences, before typing that oh yeah, wanted to be funny but forgot the point of the joke so I deleted it... The best thing is you can delete what you typed. You cant unsay what you said. sure it is case specific peace
  15. well you look like skilled player wanting to run around with horse and shooting. I prefer less "complicated" playing thats why I wrote what I wrote. But while you are willing to play your fun way maybe a bow would be a good choice, you would be probably the first (or probably not ). try to find some meele batlemage guide, that would help you a lot. The horse for GoW seems briliant combination to me... very good mob control. By the way I remember you said something like (lazy to look up...) you would evade the arrows by simply moving away... well it is not that simple when you are "plant caged" to the earth, or in narrow places. THAT HURTS. have fun
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