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  1. Spirt

    Unknowns to Dwarf

    Thanks for feedback So I dont have to hit the boss with weapon first in order to trigger the effect of the Dwarven Steel which has the common aura animation in RPGs? Is lvlup endurance good on this hero I got around 40p in phisical regeneration and 30 in endurance but it gives only 4 resistance for level.There are 30 more points to level 100 should I plays them in phisical reg or endurance? The crazy looking medusa things in underworld beat the FECAL MATTER! out of me at gold cause they stop CA regen
  2. Spirt

    Unknowns to Dwarf

    So it is apperantly a weapon hit reduction.Does one know for how much time the target physical resistance is reduced.And the skill itslef is quite bizzare cause with every level in the CA the %phys resistance is reduced.Whats with that?
  3. Spirt

    Unknowns to Dwarf

    Im playing dwarf which I intend to make for farming.I use the mortar grenade and flame thrower only to clear minions.But there it is that this skill Dwarven Steel I asume it is in use only for mele attacking but it says it reduces physical armor with 80% or smth on first level which great combo with Cannon Blast do they work together ? I may post more question in the process of playing