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  1. You all stopped playing ogame now? I realy like space sim/opera. Used to play freelancer a lot back in the days. I always ended upp doing trades and exploring instead of doing the main quest. I realy havent found another spacegame I could get into(should do EvE) but I think ogame would make me addicted 😅
  2. Been looking at that OGame ohhhhh it looks fun, I might give it a go. always wanted to play EvE...but never got to it. might be to big of a chore to start now Seems like al people are cool here no matter where they are from
  3. Cool im in from time to time, I love me some Sp to ^^ I mostly play softcore anyway no worries. and il join d2s mod. im on hollyday for a week or so. il hit you up when im back
  4. Havent played Ogame...hmmm halloween fixed ^^
  5. NIce pic he made of Mo I rana Many people from skandinavia here? I love how diverse this comunity is
  6. Well that sucks my main activity is Sp anyway tho played a lot of HC in D2. but never on Sacred tho...get so devistated when my poor toon dies Quote from a steam dude "Since the Multi-player servers for Sacred 2 closed down a few years ago the only way to play is through LAN, You can play over the internet with your friends over a virtual LAN," So thats something atleast
  7. hah im kinda surprised my self , but I missed my hometown and family so yeah , back where I belong. My town is not the coldest in Norway so its not so bad....we get a lot of rain tho....like way to much. The town is surrounded by 7 mountans...getting 280+ days of rain a year is not unusual . Still the best place to live imho
  8. So I have been playing sacred 2 since the release on ps3 back in the day. started playing sacred on pc a few months after I bought it on ps3, and im glad I did the switch to pc When I played on ps3 I did some multiplayer and that was fun, but since I started playing on pc I have only done singleplayer. so im wondering what people here from Darkmatters usualy play, Sp or multi? lan or gameranger? would be fun to multi with someone from time to time. Regads oni
  9. When I start a game as a SW and Defeat Tybor he should drop a "List of Names" that starts the quest Brothers in Arms but he does not drop it, I have to restart the game after I have killed him and go back to the crypt to pick up the item. happend on the 2 last SW I created. not a bigg hassle....but still a litle annoying
  10. This is kinda fun I am from Norway, living in a town called Bergen. I work as a Barber and run my own shop located in Bergen. Used to live in London a few years ago.....but I like it best in the cold north....so now im back in Norway il finish off with a pic from my city. Have a good day/week/month/year/decade/century
  11. thx man no need to stress and rush with the sup badge...im not going anywhere
  12. Did a litle donation. it only tok me 10 years.....better late then never I guess
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