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  1. Srry for late response. im mostly use dire wolfs+Heart of Wolverine ( trying to be pure summoning build) I will post pics later. I skipped her and continue my journey ..later I face banshee boss and I get insta deleted for some reason. So I did check the wiki, and both of bosses ( the spider and banshee) uses ring of ice skill, and that´s the thing that kill me in a sec. Is my problem having low our non existence of cold resistance ?
  2. Sorry for posting this but I need bit of help. What do I need to defeat Shelob ( spider boss) ? she just 1 hit me when she cast web attack ( im lv 49 druid , normal difficultie, ) Any tips are appreciate
  3. Looks like it was that. I re instaled the base game then cm patch and it fixed the problems. Thanks a lot of the help! I wil back exploring your gem
  4. Ty for reply have installed, maybe I need re install it again For exemple, the arbiter; Icing death and vritra tenacity pic:
  5. Hey Flix! just wanted to say what a great mod ! its alot of fun Anyway I think I have a litle issue , that I cant resolve, some of itens I have dont have any texture, like invisible. But everythings its working alright, music, quest, monsters and so on.. Maybe did I forgot to install anything else ? Thanks once again for the mod