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  1. That strange. On that level all my characters had at least 10 set items. Maybe try to farm bosses.
  2. What your level? Enemies starts dropping good items after level 15.
  3. Playing without Expert Touch is good if you using CA from different types with long regen times. For example you have two CA with 15 sec regeneration from different types. Without ET you can use one right after other and then wait 15 sec before do it again. With ET after using one, you need to wait 10 sec(time reduced) before using other and then another 10 sec before do it again. But usually you want CAs with fast regen times under 1 second, ET helps with that. I personally always using ET.
  4. Quests are good for set items. Leveling on quests becoming better on higher levels, where experience from monsters reduced.
  5. Only one last activated will be active. Monoliths are not like portals. Not only you can teleport to it, but it is your also spawn point when you die or load character.
  6. It require Source Warden Focus to have significant damage bonus. Because you need modification points and high skill level. Not useful for your character.
  7. The only really bad thing in this build - absence of weapon skill. On higher levels and with big survival bonus, weapons that drop from enemies will have much higher level than yours. You will have speed penalti from that. Cast speed of Devout Guardian CAs will be half of what it could be with skil. But you can compensate speed with +%casting speed This build also dependant on +skills bonus, you should have a lot of sockets with forged +skills rings and amulets. Good that you have bargaring skill - best source of jewelry. This character is very strong against bosses. If you using Jolting Touch + Deathly Spears combo, you will kill boss with spears very fast, while being invincible. On high levels spears can do 7 attacks per cast, and boss can be hitted by multiple spears. Which attributes you increasing? I advice stamina(for regen time), vitality(more health) and willpower(more shield). Amplifying Discharge can be very good for magic focused character, but is not good for your build. I like 2 Ice bullets + Ricochet. Some Source Warden skills are actually very good if modified. Fiery Ember can buff all you fire damage by 50-70% on high levels. If you dedicated to make it good - it can fast kill everything in a big area, exept champions and bosses. Icy Evanescence is the same but with ice. I like to use it with Amplifying Discharge.
  8. Temple Guardian saying that because he stunned. He likes to scare the player. Like when you select empty weapon slot and wait some time, he will fall to the ground. First time when I saw that, I thought he was dead.
  9. strength giving low damage is common myth damage bonus of it not seems much, but it actually added to base weapon damage before other damage bonuses(at least in original Sacred 2 with Ice&Blood addon) if your weapon base is 600 and strenght give you another 500, that is 80% bonus to your damage I tested that with characters I created in character editor
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