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  1. and0r

    Schot's Sacred 2 Maps

    yeah, sacred 2 definitely feels to be a bit more than just candy for the 8800gt xD
  2. and0r

    Schot's Sacred 2 Maps

    Just for editing whenever the opportunity arises. But I was also thinking of maybe adding a link to the high res map
  3. and0r

    Schot's Sacred 2 Maps

    Could you grant me wiki edit permissions?
  4. and0r

    Schot's Sacred 2 Maps

    Ah, that's it. I'm quite fond of this image you know. It's quite good, and there are not many video games which such lush map art, so it's rather unique It's good that you mirrored it, thanks.
  5. and0r

    Schot's Sacred 2 Maps

    This is great, thank you. But the image on sacredwiki seems to be much higher res, and I also remember the file size being larger than this. Do you by any chance have the originals?
  6. and0r

    Schot's Sacred 2 Maps

    Greetings everyone. There used to be a nice large image of the Ancaria map floating around the internet, freely available to download. But now this image is gone, and the only option to view the map is through the sacredwiki online using google maps. I much rather have my own personal copy of this map rather than rely on the internet to constantly view it. I recently discovered there was also another map featuring all the underground areas in one large image. I don't remember this one ever being available, it would excellent to have it too. Thanks!