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  1. Alright, so I figured it out, While I increase the CA normally by eating runes, the CA within the combo stays at the level when it was originally made! You have to update the combo, as you update your CA.
  2. and0r

    Very piffed!

    ahh, found them!
  3. and0r

    Very piffed!

    I accidentally lost a pair of Thorwyn's bracers for my vamp by accidentally loading a save file rather than saving the game! Any way I can spawn this item? Item level was around 60 Or does anyone have one to spare? I know it's a long shot!
  4. The wolfs lair website already has all the quests, and the website looks good too, there is no need to add them to the wiki. If you want to contribute anything, try documenting combat arts, skills and attributes. Many combat arts function as a mystery. There are several things you can do to test them by editing your character and comparing the live results in-game. But you also need to play hundreds of hours of standard campaign for each class to get proper results.
  5. Update: It still happens, but much less frequently. Could there happen to be, by any chance, a debuff spell or CA the enemy is using to transform me back into human again? I know Sacred 2 has debuffing.
  6. To be honest, at first I thought this was a CPU problem. Given the age of the game and other factors, I thought that maybe some kind of timer or variable within the games programming, or engine (have no idea how the game is actually coded), was not calculating correctly, or calculating too fast. I have a ready installation of windows XP on older hardware, just for older games. And setting the affinity to a single core on this older system didn't change anything at all.
  7. I have found the problem. It seems that having all your weapon slots equipped with gear does this. I only use the additional slots for extra storage, but they were filled with 2h swords and shields also with 1h swords. At first I thought that maybe the "bloodlust" skill was glitching, from equipped armor which gives points into bloodlust. But I am more inclined to believe the weapon slots being filled with gear did this. Though as I am not entirely sure, as I cannot actually see how the game is "thinking" inside. Clearing my additional weapons slots and removing/re-equipping armor did the trick. It could have been fixed by any of those two things I did, or a combination of both together.
  8. and0r

    Melee Disarming

    It's surprising that no one has detailed the specifics of these skills. But your replies are appreciated none the less
  9. Okay, so TiV is even shorter now. 15 seconds. It feels like someone is trolling my game
  10. So, for some reason "Transform into Vampire" used to last for at least 2 minutes, but now, all of a sudden during a new underworld campaign, about several hours into the campaign, my TiV has been cut short by several magnitudes. It only lasts for roughly 30 seconds now. I have not been changing gear or eating any runes or anything. It has just cut short on its own, during an escort main quest. Are there any known bugs for this?
  11. Why do you keep deleting my posts?
  12. Can anyone give an explanation as to how this skill really works, particularly with a melee character. How often does it trigger? How many skill points are required to disarm a level 50 opponent every once and a while? What about a level 100 opponent, and even further? Is the skill worth investing into? What are some good items which can be gained from it?
  13. and0r

    New Mod: Sacred Reborn

    Yeah, I don't know. I don't really pay attention to these threads, but I did get around to reading the list, and will have to play a new char to really test drive it. But so far, from what Iv'e read, there a few things which seem silly. I am a skeptic when it comes to overhaul mods for any game, because they are usually done by people who haven't got the slightest clue on how to actually do things right. The original game is very flawed, but, I feel that is part of its charm. Too many things are "balanced" with this mod. The excessive rune drops seem overkill, the original games does not drop them all the time, but does drop them enough to get a steady flow with combining other classes runes at the runemaster, It feels right and certainly don't think this needs to be changed. I will have to actually play the mod to find out more, but the other "balance" changes I've read also seem... stupid. Magic and range does probably need improvement, but I believe this should be done carefully, and with taste. This seems to have strayed too far away from the developers plans. Everything seems excessive. Also the chance of dropping rare/set items should also be done better, I would make only a 15% improvement, and on a scale which improves with level. Perhaps 1% additional magic find at level 1, and the full 15% at level 60+ Sacred is not Torchlight, or any other fast paced hyper-modern ARPG for children born in the year 2000. Sacred is old, and very rough, but that's what makes it great.
  14. Not sure what to think of this. Hopefully there will be a list of changes.
  15. and0r

    Schot's Sacred Maps

    Yeah, I have been meaning to go over that site, and I finally did now that you mention it. This is my first real playthrough of Sacred 1, so I am still new to all this. But the Schot map is a real gem, and I certainly must have it. This file cannot possibly be lost on the internet, I cannot believe this!