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  1. Znork

    Diablo 2 Fallen

    An extremely well-polished and well-designed mod. This goes for the items, the lore, the quests, the graphics, the fonts - but most specifically for the core gameplay elements: the combat arts and items/item stats. The new character classes (based on those from D2) are truly well-crafted, with much thought and love for both Sacred II and Diablo II put into it. The different aspects are very inviting to try different builds, for example, as a melee barbarian, the warcries aspect is truly inspiring. I'm having a thorough blast playing it, especially because I think the sacred II default combat-arts combinations arent that great. With this barbarian I'm playing now (hardcore), I buff myself with Shout (which has a nice 90s duration instead of some other 10s lame buffs in the original game), I use Leap Attack to jump into the fray, I whirlwind twice to hit everything around me, and I clean up the mess with Frenzy - which also nicely serves as a boss/ elite killer. I have so many usefull skills I want to max everything and the character feels more 'alive' than any other sacred 1 or 2 hero I ever played. 10/10 recommended must-have for every fan of the diablo/arpg genre. It takes the quite unique attractiveness factor of Sacred II (is it the humor? the scenery?) and spices it up with more and harder enemies, more varied gameplay, better designed character classes, and a ton of very well implemented Diablo lore. It's great