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  1. Yeah I've turned off Inferno now. I notice little difference by the way - the elite skeletons and cantors (that phys armor curse!!) almost got me anyway. I noticed that opponents chance to hit was superhigh. Im looking hard at the 'speed' skill since both attack and defense are very useful, and I dont mind a fast character either. However, the 'evade' from combat reflexes and reduced crits look very tempting too. I'd guess I'd need the same skill for spells, too. Critting spells - that sounds like it could get dangerous lategame. Already do have toughness and armor lore, so all
  2. "Running fana and holy shield." I meant, fanaticism and holy freeze aura. The slowing effect is a really nice defensive mechanism. Prayer was great to get to level 10. Huge health regen.
  3. Hm well I must be doing something right then, because my dual-wielding zeal paladin is now level 33 and going pretty strong! Still on inferno and superspawn mods, hardcore mode, normal mode. Now that I know that I have to watch out for the Elite mobs, I'm doing pretty ok! My mistake the first time was that I didnt pay attention to enemies damage types. With my previous character I was pumping dual wield to get attack speed up, now I've modded Fanaticism for far less points in tactical lore. Running fana and holy shield. "even with a Barbarian with a huge emphasis on defensive countermeasu
  4. Thank you Flix ;-) Much appreciated. Elite Devilkin, yes, I think it was them ;-) Not a fair experience - hmm - I mean, I do like a challenge, but what you're saying suggests that I'll get oneshotted / surprised at some point with a defensive build. Perhaps I'll turn it off then...
  5. Hi there! I was wondering, is there any way in which I can check if Inferno and Superspawn are both indeed enabled? I don't notice a lot of cooldown on potions and the monsters don't seem that hard. They aren't exactly very many, either. Perhaps I'm getting used to it, and there seem to be quite a lot of devilkin, yes, but bandits etc, nope. From the first quest-cave (find the map) to the level 5 first miniboss on the cliff, via the beach, in vanilla you encounter about 2 turtles and like 4 pirates on the way (of of them stuck-ish next to a tree). I don't think it's any more with Sup
  6. An extremely well-polished and well-designed mod. This goes for the items, the lore, the quests, the graphics, the fonts - but most specifically for the core gameplay elements: the combat arts and items/item stats. The new character classes (based on those from D2) are truly well-crafted, with much thought and love for both Sacred II and Diablo II put into it. The different aspects are very inviting to try different builds, for example, as a melee barbarian, the warcries aspect is truly inspiring. I'm having a thorough blast playing it, especially because I think the sacred II default combat-a
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