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  1. Scaedugungan

    Almost Godlike / Arena Above the Clouds? HELP!

    oh, I'm using the CM patch, with an add-on for more mobs. Shows as build Sacred 2 EE 2.1 Original Spells I think, when I boot game. Plus the last CM patch. Can't remember the actual name of the mod atm, but I imagine it'll be well enough known after all these years!
  2. Scaedugungan

    Almost Godlike / Arena Above the Clouds? HELP!

    hi all I don't know whether anyone reads this forum much anymore or not but, I just lost 80.4% survival bonus on my dryad because as soon as I talk to the seraphim in the arena to summon the second lot of demons on this quest. they killed me whilst the camera was still panning back out - I.e. BEFORE I can move. 25+ years of gaming I think I now understand why people 'rage quit'. I've build a glass cannon. She's my first 'proper' character after a quick trial of different dryad build and other classes (level's 1-10 mostly), and she just waltzes through everything in sight until this. Christmas Island wasn't a problem. The bosses in campaing so far haven't been a problem (including the ice dragon thing with the statues you have to bash - I went to the wrong seraphim place by mistake) but I can't fight whilst disabled by the game. I have to admit to feeling a bit peeved... Is there any way to change the game to prevent my toon being disabled whilst talking to NPCs? I know I can't re-do the quest until she goes up a difficulty - I checked it out after I failed a quest to hunt some wolves not realising it had to be done straight away - but I don't fancy another 80+ levels worth of grinding to die on this fight again. (I know I could build a second set of gear just for this so that I can survive long enough to be able to move, but that kinda feels like overkill given that I can survive well enough when I'm actually in control of the toon so if there's a way to disable the paralysis thing I'd prefer that). I just suppose it's a good thing she wasn't a HC toon, especially as we like to kill everything in sight + do every quest we can find. thakns in advance for any response :) and good hunting