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    Sacred save game locations

    Ye been awhile. I still play Sacred gold. I have two PC's. A 32bit machine I inherited with Vista on it!! A newer 64 bit machine running win7 After a few months with Vista I reformatted HD and put XP on. Win 7 saved sacred gold games are in; C:\Users/'name'/AppData//Local/VirtualStore/Program Files(x86)/Ascaron Entertainment/Sacred Underworld/Save Not quite a root folder. This is on Win7. And yes I used the dos command prompt C:\Dir /s /a game*.pak Since Win98SE, Only every second launch has been any good. 2000 was crap, we got XP, Vista, what a nightmare. Then 7SP, Works great if you switch off the updates. I think the rubbish ones were the beta editions with bugs and dragon sized problems released too soon due to marketing