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  1. But you didn't join Schots Radmin-network yet, right? Can't see you there in the list drake.
  2. Radmin VPN is an alternative program. You can use Radmin OR Hamachi...
  3. Thanks for the warm welcome and the feedback
  4. It does I just joined your Sacred-Server
  5. Azazin

    Whats your fave build?

    Every hybrid-build in Sacred UW like bow/magic wood elf, melee/magic seraphim or daemon. A 4-elementalist battlemage is also fun to play, but this one tooks weeks for preparation
  6. Hey guys, if you’re still looking for an alternative to play Sacred online - try Radmin VPN. I tested it today… it worked great and I’m not an expert for sure What you have to do in Windows 10 (sorry for my bad english in advance xD): 1. Download and install Radmin VPN (you don’t need to register) 2. Start Radmin and go to control panel -> Networks and Internet -> Networks and Sharing center. There is now a new connection „Radmin VPN“. Give this network a new priority: Click on „Radmin VPN“ -> properties -> check IPv4 protocol -> properties -> advanced options. Now change the metric at the bottom to „1“. 3. If you want to host a game, create a new network in Radmin VPN. 4. Open your Sacred folder. You need to adjust the Gameserver.cfg and Settings.cfg (+ STEAM_Settings.cfg if you’re using the Steam version) with the editor. Put your Radmin VPN IP (shown in the app) in these 2 (3) .cfg-datas -> NETWORK_IP_ADRESS: XX.XX.XX.XXX and NETWORK_LOBBY: XX.XX.XX.XXX (all players that want to join your server have to use the same settings) 5. Now run the GameServer.exe in your Sacred folder to host a server. Important: Use your Radmin VPN IP! 6. Change your ingame settings -> Multiplayer options –> Data flow: FOR MODEM/ISDN 7. That’s it! (hopefully^^) If it’s not working yet, there are 2 options: 1. Your Firewall is maybe blocking Radmin VPN. In that case just add Radmin VPN to the allowed list in the Firewall configuration. 2. You need to open the Sacred ports in your router and/or your firewall. The Sacred ports are: UDP/TCP 2005, UDP/TCP 2006. Hope this helps! BTW: Feel free to join my Radmin-network: Name: Sacred UW PW: 123456 Glad to see you soon Azazin