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  1. ending ->Ende Michael Ende wrote one of the best books: 'Die Unendliche Geschichte'/'The neverending Story'. It was more than two years number one in the list of best selling books in Germany. A record which was never broken.
  2. Cherry pie and cherries... When kids are young and you tell them to check the cherry tree on other side of the hill for ripe fruits they come back and tell you without lying there are no ripe ones. But in evening they strangely suffer from no appetite and stomach pain. When they are 11-14 they tell you they have no time because of homeworks and sport clubs. Then they are 15+ they go for the tree with their friend and come back clothes covered with stains from gras, herbs and cherries and tell you they needed 2 hours for a handfull... So our Rote Grütze will be without black cherries I fear ;) Much like this, no cinnemon and vanille icecream instead sauce. 34 Celcius outside...
  3. chattius

    How’s your day going?

    Thursday was a celebration day here and school made friday school free. So we spend a day at my Mom's place and the town I spend my first 6 years: Wetzlar. Our third has to write about Goethe for a summer holiday project and so we did a little research at Wetzlar. Goethe's 'The Sorrows of young Werther' was inspired by a suicide of one of his Friends. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karl_Wilhelm_Jerusalem https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Sorrows_of_Young_Werther This is the house there Jerusalem suicided. It is now a museum about 'The Sorrows of young Werther'. Did the shot a while ago while waiting for my girls to finish shopping.
  4. Michelin -> Schlemmerblock A small booklet you can buy which has a lot of coupons from different restaurants in the region. Was like 30 Euro and saved 300. Being a gourmand and not a gourmet I want to leave a restaurant satiated. Noticed at business meetings: if the meeting is in a big town a Michelin guide might be okay. But when selling wood and walk the forests with customers - we are hungry. Forget Michelin ;)
  5. amadei prcelana -> plant for the plant An institute in germany tested chocolades for taste, free of herbizids and other poisons, ... Winner was chocolade from Plant for the Planet. It was also one of the cheaper ones ;) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plant-for-the-Planet
  6. chattius

    Beyond Meat - BYND - Plant Based Meat lauches IPO

    They are old, I think like 100 years. Maximilian Bircher-Benner did not only the Bircher-Muesli but also prototypes of Bratlinge/veggie-burger. I prefer the german term Bratlinge (small roasted things). Burger sounds too much like the german word Bürger (citizen). And hamburger, why should I eat a citizen of Hamburg? ;) Our family version was invented at a saturday after shops closed already. Our kids said they will bring friends with them for Sunday and the carefully calculated recipe from the internet for a Bratling went boooff. I knew one had a gluten allergy, another was a veggie... So I mixed red lentils with Grünkern, Dinkel-wheat, Einkorn-Wheat and rice - noticing that they had nearly the same boiling (and watering) time. Our oldest is married and uses a Thermomix machine to do it for two persons. Much like this video. It's german but the pictures should be self-explanatory. Wiki about Grünkern. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grünkern
  7. Sunday evening when it was finaly below 30C we could do the homework for our twins: walking the Optical Parcours at Wetzlar. I lived there when I was 0-6 years old., my mom and my brother still do. Wetzlar calls itself the Optical Town: Leica, Minox, Hensold (Zeiss), Oculus,... to name kust the biggest. So the companies placed little pyramids with optical experiments all around the town. Wetzlar's cathedrale has a very colurful history. The cathedrale was build mid in the townwalls on a hill. Sadly it had not a solid ground. Instead of two gothic towers it was finally finished after 800(!) years with a single shortened tower. Wetzlar was a free town for a long time and place of the german highest court for two centuiries because it didn't belong to any of the uncountable kingdoms. The graveyard and the cathedrale were opened for every religion. Sadly as a free town it didn't had the money to finish the cathedrale quickly. Took 800 years. Now the cathedrale is the horror of german students in architecture: Write down which part of the cathedrale is build in which style: Barock, Gothic, Romantic, ... And it didn't help that the cathedrale was bombed in WW2 and rebuild by using available but not original stones. And there is one part of the Optical Parcours at the Cathedrale. Another is at the Martketplace where I grew up: Took the photos last autumn at my moms birthday,
  8. Nearest town for me is Dillenburg: William of Orange was born there. He was the leader of the dutch rebellion against the spain. Even the old picture from 1664 shows the today problems. The old town parts are too narrow and so the supermarkets are outside. And this is how the old town looked at morning between two rains. In summer it is full of tourists from the Netherlands.
  9. triathlon -> modern pentathlon I got a nasty virus infection when I was in my fast growing age. Arms for a person of more than 2metres my elgs stopped growing and I ended in a near monkey like body with long arms and torsos and relative short legs. No longer able to play a midfielder at soccer I had to find something new. While searching a new sport I tried a lot: Fencing -> YES, long range and left handed. But soon the others adopted to my crazy style. Shooting -> I was quite good with the pistol, better with the x-bow. But the later world champion was same district and always winning. Riding -> helped at the horse farm of my aunt Swimming -> Excellent, because of big lungues and arms, but we had only lakes for training. Halls were not in bicycle range. Cross country running was also nice, because it was more technique than speed. So I tried out modern pentathlon and made it second in my age at state championships. Then my family moved to a place where all sport was handball and soccer. At least I could cover the whole goal with my arms at handball, which gave me the nickname Kraken. At soccer being a goalie the relative short legs but still 194cm allowed to quick jumps to the corner. I was the Cat. I was from Hesse and visited a school in Bavarua. So the name Chattius was born. Chattii were the Hessian tribes at roman times and also meaning wildcats,
  10. chattius

    Rate My Temple Guardian Build!

    I think I remember from a time long ago that the deadly spikes could hit second row enemies if wearing enough items with +combat art range. Look in spells.txt to make sure. But even the big area flame attack gets a bigger area this way.
  11. chattius

    How’s your day going?

    Last week we still had to cover vegs in the garden because of nightfrosts. The 'Icy Saints' were valid 71% for the last 50 years at least in our region. Vor Bonifaz kein Sommer, nach der Sophie kein Frost! Real summer won't begin before the day of Boniface of Tarsus. No night frosts after the day of Saint Sophia of Rome. There are english studies that the ice saints are non sense. But the United Kingdom is in mid of a warm ocean stream. For centreal europe they more often happen than not. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ice_Saint Today no sun, rain showers. Very good, because we live outside and get our water from a well. And there was not enough rain and snow in water to fill it.
  12. cheese -> Tyrophagus casei These beasts even have their own memorial. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Milbenkäse
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    The Related Song Game

    Cyndi Lauper - Time After Time ---> Peter, Sue & Marc - Cindy Swiss group, singer born in New York. So they made it in 5 languages, the 4 swiss ones and english. This is the english one which was a hit in south africa, but I found no video. My wife played the german version on the piano when our oldest left for one year travelling europe. I will wait with it till she is a mother and I am a grandpa. Remember the tune that your Daddy would play when a pretty balloon make you happy and gay, oh Cindy. Right on his knees you were singing the song feeling really at ease, knowing where you belonged, oh Cindy. He couldn't stop you getting older, watched you growing to his shoulder, dreaming of his sunny days with Cindy. But he felt with understanding sunny days might soon be ending when Rock'n'Roll would break into your life. [Refrain] Rock'n'Roll will change your baby to a lovely little lady, someone else will come and call her Cindy. Rock'n'Roll will see her dancing, waking up and start romancing till the day when she will go away. Now you're grown up with a girl of your own, Don't forget what you've got, try to give a good home to Cindy. Play her a song as your Daddy would do to make her happy and strong whenever she's blue, your Cindy. You can stop her getting older, watch her growing to your shoulder, dreaming of your sunny days with Cindy. But you feel with understanding sunny days might soon be ending when Rock'n'Roll will break into her life.
  14. I am still wishing to be a king. Even a small kingdom would be enough. As small as my house..... You need a democraty to create real tyrants. Kings are always in fear of a revolution and rule in a wise way to survive. But with a democraty you have tyrants who thinks all people are of his opinion. Spending a weekend trip with the family to a museum with midage culture and music or to a wellness hotel. Wife and 4 daughters vs me and my son, .... p.s. We two are the one for the wellness hotel to relax from the female tyranny who want to see brave nice on their fine horses ;)
  15. 'There's no gigantic monuments here because most of those ancient things existed for their own sake, or for the sake of some tyrant, or spiritual practice.' The monuments of today just look different: North Corea? Where is this? President Trumps says it could be an atoll in the indian ocean, or a tax haven in Panama, or a township of Belgium....! And it is always funny to read when an outdated single tiny non nuclear submarine sneaks into an aircraft carrier group and did simulated sinks of these big monuments: U24 vs Enterprise
  16. chattius

    All time scary films?

    The scary thing is that it is a true story... School wanted parents to watch the movie with kids. https://www.irishfilmcritic.com/tribeca-film-festival-review-a-regular-woman-is-a-shocking-film-based-on-a-true-story-of-one-womans-rebellion-against-her-family-that-became-fatal/
  17. I. Ever bought something online and recognized that the prices are different if you use a smartphone or a desktop? The algorithms used by online shops consider smartphone users buying quicker and comparing less than desktop users so they try higher prices. II. My wife is a doc and she says that more and more kids have problems with their necks. A head is like 10 pounds, Looking down at a 45 degree angle multiplies this weight. The anatomy of humans is still optimized for a distant look for predators in the open savannah. Looking down at the smartphone needs a lot of muscle work especially for a kid. Muscles are not bad, but if you never use the muscles in the opposite direction for a similar time the muscles will stiffen. III. Smombies. Ever did a emergency breaking with a 20ton fire truck because a smombie crosses the street, looking down to the phone while wearing anti-noise headphones. Fire trucks shouldn't have signal horns and flash lights. Sending an electric magnetic high energy pulse 200 metres to the front would be more useful I think. IV. Even more evil than a smombie are the ones who block the street at an accident because they are using their smartphone to film the crash and upload the video. Doing a video of helpless or dead people is a crime here, spreading it is the next and blocking access to the scene for emergency vehicles is another one.
  18. Yes, with exact calculation you would divide by zero. Should have seen that was I typed was nonsense. Becoming a grandpa seems to have mental effects way in advance.
  19. oops, curse age, mixed two exercises. Was probably dividing by (1-3*(1/3)) and something more complex above. Have to look when he is back from school.
  20. X*y=9 x+y=6 calculate 1/(x*(1/y)) My son wrote 1, using his head only. The teacher wrote false. Because the software he used to make the math papers calculated with 2 digits after the '.' So 1/(3*(1/3)) = 1/(3*0.33) which is 100 and was on the solution paper printed for the teacher. In old times teacher calculated the exercise given to kids using their brain or pen and paper. Now they are believers. They believe in computers and calculators. A cavemen needed 8 hours for lunch, hunting and collecting included. Today we need 8 hours for lunch making, 7 and a half spend in cooking newgroups, watching cooking in TV or talk about cooking with friends ;) Our oldest bought a John's years ago. She still uses it and says it saves hours each day.
  21. real -> misunderstanding 'There are no Quarks!' is supposed to be said by a famous german physic. He emigrated to the USA and found out that he couldn't buy Quark in an american shop to make a Käsekuchen (Cheesecake). ;)
  22. chattius

    The Related Song Game

    Antony and the Johnsons -> Knocking on Heaven's Door Dooley Wilson -> Knock on Wood Anyone remember it from 'Casablanca' ?
  23. In my eyes the smartphone is the equivalent to the compact fluorescent lamp. They are better than the thing before. But it would have been better if this generation of tools would have been jumped completly. Compact fluorescent lamps are hard to recycle, poisonous if broken, …. Smartphones are damaging the health of the neck and cause idiotic behaviour. All the money spend in developing new smartphones would have been enough to create a data display for one eye and without a camera. Following the new laws in europe doing a foto of a person without asking is a crime. Doing fotos of kids is an absolut Nono. Parents who think that someone is doing a foto of her kids are allowed to ask a policemen to make sure that the person with the camera wasn't doing so. So with a camera in each smartphone and a paranoid mother with a kid around: keep your smartphone in your pocket. police could be interested in your last photos.
  24. chattius

    How’s your day going?

    Tradition says that Easter Monday has never rain. Kids do competitions with easter eggs: throwing as far as possible without having then damaged, two Kids banging their eggs together and the one which egg remains intact wins, ...
  25. chattius

    How’s your day going?

    We have a terrible weather too: 25C, no clouds. So daughters lay in gras with boyfriends and relax. I look up and pray for rain ;) Plants, trees, rivers want rain too. Even with 2 month continous raining frp, now on the ground water level would still be behind the average. Ravenna: Harbour town in Roman time but when we visited it we had to walk 10 kilometres to reach the beach. Beach is getting more and more away from the town because of all the sand which is moved there by the currents I think. We once had an Au Pair girl from Ravenna and promised to visit her. She showed our art loving second some very nice mosaics.