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  1. Polaris -> flop (as in floating point operation) Polaris was a 2007 research microarchitecture designed by Intel Labs demonstarting the theoretical capabilities of a many-core chip performing 1 trillion floating point operations. Polaris built the foundation that eventually resulted in Intel's Many Integrated Cores (MIC) Architecture.
  2. luminescent -> Triboluminescence Know it from work. Sometime when the room is totally dark some work processes emit light because of high pressure.
  3. Welcome to the forum. The numbers are from the .xls in the link from the guide I guess. I can only guess because I am not the author of the excel table. The first number seem to be the skill group and if it is direct choosable or if you have to put 5 points in a skill on the left side. 1/2 combat art skills ----- free/unlock with 5 points into a skill marked with 1 3/4 weapon skills 5/6 defensive skills 7/8 generic skills
  4. outer space -> Raumpatrouille Orion The german cult space opera...
  5. Dorothy -> gardener Saint Dorothea of Caesarea is the patroness of gardeners, brewers, .... I knew it because a flower shop owner nearby named her daughter Dorothea. Our Second was same age and the call name was shortend to Dodo when they were in Kindergarten. Dorothea, Theodora Doron is greek for gift, thea is goddess, so a gift from a goddess
  6. 3 nights with snow, a bit melted away the first night but the rest is still on the ground. Aprilwetter, april weather Old saying: April macht was er will --- April is doing whatever it likes
  7. Yesterday afternoon we got a heavy storm with ice rain and snow. Snowing whole night, 7 cm snow in morning. Now the sun is shining bright and the snow is melding quickly. Hope not to quick because the rivelet in the neighbour village is flooding very quickly.
  8. I hate virus's. When I was close to 14 I was growing a lot. Short after the summer breaks I got high fever. As a young kid I was immunized against measles, small poxs, ... so the docs didn't know what got me. Months later it turned out it was a measle variant from northern africa/mediterran someone in the class brought home from vacances. The virus was worst for people in the growing age and I grew real fast. So I turned into a monkey. Arms and torso grewing normally, legs not. Instead becoming 2m+ I stopped at 192cm, with an arm-span of 220cm with 17. The arm-span went to 230cm with swim tra
  9. polynomial equations -> duel Evariste Galois died 1832 aged 21 in a duel. All would have been good if not for the night before the duel. He wrote down a theory when polynomial equations could be solved. The theory was published after his death and is now known as Galois theory . If he would have prepared for the duel he perhaps wouldn't have died, the theory never published and math students could have spend their time in pubs instead being forced to learn the theory.
  10. Just remember how Ascaron ended: The game was developed, then Microsoft changed Windows version and several deep code stuff no longer working. The Windows interfaces lacked good documentation from Microsoft. The Addon was sort of a last try to keep the company alive. The Dragon Mage shapeshift things came a bit too quick because of this. But tell me another game that is still quite good in graphics and sound after 13 years and still is way better than other games which leave the final test phase to players.
  11. This bug affects every class in every mod which allows shapeshifting. A possible fix could be to make all buffs which can be used while shapeshifted into companions. Then the companions could cast temporary buffs on allies including the player. But this could mean that the buffs are not on when you need them most because the casting would be random.
  12. expensive -> tools 'we are too poor to buy cheap' was a saying of my grandgrandma. Bad tools break faster, do less good work, need more time in working,... Same for clothes, furniture,... there was a time when people bought stuff to last for generations.
  13. immortality -> eternal -> love -> adore -> apple tree Forgot to refresh my buffer .... Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree. Martin Luther This one is on the storm side of a hill at my mother's house. It's an old one and we left it for the birds and hornets to breed. A new tree nearby is planed for next autumn.
  14. Some build a wooden hut as their home, others the Eiffeltower. The kids build a viking longhouse, based on modules. If it gets too small another module is added. No need that everyone has the best armour, sword, spear, ... The hunter gets the best bow, tank best armour and shield, ... By using only minimal resources you can advance quite quickly. Teams can hunt trolls and sea serpents way earlier than a single player.... And don't under estimate the effect of real life talking. coordination is so much easier. And now I have to play with paperwork. Nwe quartal started
  15. Life leech damage: there is a different between x and x% lifeleech. Only the x damage is multiplied by the lore. Base weapon damage and base damage via a combat art +x% damage via CA, equipment, ... stat damage modifyer and base damage multiplyer The last is very useful to balance damage. If you are satisfied with the shape of the damage curve but not with the amount, then you can modify the damage multiplyer. For testing: make sure you kill allways the same monsters. The more monsters of a type you kill the more monster bonus you ge
  16. Haven't tried myself, but it seems multiplayer developes groupwork abilities in the kids. One is good in hunting, another a sailor, another building houses, ... I just notice that at bad weather this seems to be thje game they play.
  17. The most played game by the kids in our corona tent camp. Early access version is already lot of fun and multiplayer works nicely. Anyone playing it?
  18. raven -> High German consonant shift It explains why wife is Weib, raven is Rabe. Love is Liebe in german. It is a change in the germanic language. It is different from words imported from another language. Windows is Fenster in German because the latin fenestra made it into german. Before the romans the german word was Windauge. An eye in the wall where wind and light came in and smoke could get out. The ancient german Windauge however made it into english as Wind-ow. https://quizlet.com/ch/409463243/historical-linguistics-the-second-germanic-consonant-shift-flash-cards
  19. If then it is all that can stacked: stats, attack speed, defense, physical and fire damage mitigation, block spells and ranged, ... I normally play either berzerk or human to avoid bug abusing.
  20. sun -> balance white balance, gray balance, color balance A camera is stupid, you have to tell it what should be white. Our second uses a grey paper hold near the motiv for white balance adjusting. The left half shows the photo as it came from the digital camera. The right half shows the photo adjusted to make a gray surface neutral in the same light.
  21. Yes, he is a sort of a fat misbehaved knight who spends his time at the inn drinking wine or beer. So he was sort of a wine expert. Probably that gave the name to the wine magazine. Boat -> ... --- ...
  22. port -> falstaff 2017 Berg Schlossberg Riesling Beerenauslese GK The most expensive in my wine cellar. The wine is rated 96+ on the falstaff scale. The father of the boy friend of our second is a wine expert and I bought it last summer. But covid prevented a visit so far. He is diplomat and out of country the most time. Falstaff = Austrian wine magazine
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