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    Home AI - Google Mini, Amazon Alexa... anyone got this yet?

    Kids often invite classmates without a big pre-warning. Depends on the weather, frozen pond at it is skating at our place. Cloudy and it is shoping in the mall.... So we had times when my wife and me were alone and times when we had 20 kids at after school dinner.
  2. Congrats! A bit late because I was a bit busy real life because our second daughter was skiing in Austria and was cut off by the heavy snow there.
  3. chattius

    Home AI - Google Mini, Amazon Alexa... anyone got this yet?

    My mother language is not supported https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manisch When I am at home I refuse to change from our regional slang (Hessian) to 'high german' just to have an AI understand me. How useful is an intelligent refrigerator if you don't know how many people will eat at your place the next week and every delivery service is refusing to drive to our place because of mud roads. I think the current home AI systems are for singles or very small households in towns. Imagine a pack of kids speaking to the AI the same moment. Chaos chaos chaos
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    What are you eating

    A quick calculation for a meal with a hungry family at a burger or my favourite rest for truckers shows the trucker rest as a total winner: price, satiation, less waste The only disadvantage is that it is not central in the city. But if we drive to the city we can rest there on the way in or out. At the trucker rest I can buy bottles by the litre and not 0,2l glasses. No waste: because steel forks, spoons, glass glasses, ... A total satiating meal for me is 4,50 Euro. It includes a 0.33 Apfelschorle (apple wine with mineral water) and a Bauernfrühstück. Since a single burger is far from satiating and not really something I like ...Pay more for less Bauernfrühstück (farmers breakfeast): potato, onions, leek, dices of sausages, bacon, chives all roasted in a pan. Then short before serving add twirled eggs and create something like an omelett. Recipes vary since it was a food made from rests you had. But in my area if you order it at a restaurant it is very close to what I wrote. I would consider the picture below this as a kids dish, at least for my kids https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bauernfrühstück Picture from German wiki
  5. chattius

    RimWorld 1.0

    Seems Rimworld is a down trimmed Dwarffortress Less complex, but better UI. It is a bit unfair to use the 'carefully prepared mod'. Skills and traits can be given by using a points system. My colonists start tough with a good immune system. Then I let them start slightly poisoned, suffering from light heat stroke, hungry. This give bonus points and I put them mainly in medicine. So all the bad stuff is removed in the first virtual hour. Then I do a two person hunting. One uses the starting knife to stab an animal. If he doesn't kill it he runs circles around my sniper... Of cause I bought the jogging trait with the bonus points for the melee one, and carefully aiming for the sniper. And if Rimworld is too easy: there are mods for bad mood at low hygiene (you have to build toilets, baths, ...). A mod to make compost for fertilizing fields.... Of cause there are mods to ease the game. But luckily there are ones which make it more complex too
  6. We have a tradition: the volunteer fire fighters of 3 villages built a tent (just for 500 people) on a hill top, drive the fire-trucks to the place and spend the night there. Central place of the 3 villages, so being quick at place at an emergency. Families and friends are with us, field kitchens, mobile pizza oven, ...No need for expensive party dresses, taxis, babysitters. And I bet we had the best look for the fireworks at the villages down. We have to do four big exercises a year and the new year is one of them. We call it building a tent camp for people who suffer from a disaster. We will use the tent to test and sort out water hoses next weekend. Will be exercise #2 and the new year will have just 5 days by then.
  7. Happy New Year ! Just a quick hello before its time to clean up all the leftovers from the big party on the hill.
  8. My cat -> Blendling We live in an area with European wildcats. Our troll cat (norwegian wood cat) Ronja fell in love with such a wild cat and the result was Wibke. Blendling is the German name for mixes between house-cats and wildcats. Wild cats are the only cats you can't tame. Luckily the behaviour of a mix is closer to the one of the mother. But still, if you try to lift her you risk your life, or at least an eye You have to wait till she decides to jump on your knee and don't try to hold her. And you should wear THICK jeans. No mice and rats (not the house rats, the bigger brown ones) in the barn anymore.
  9. 3840*2160 -> mathematics You could open a console and type in a screenshot command. Then you could a variable for magnification. So when playing on an old 1200*800 screen you could do do a multiplyer of 2 for 2400*1600. Found it: ss for screenshot as a console command.
  10. options.txt -> BIG screenshots Doing screenshots with 8000*4000 points was fun. If I could only remember which console command it was
  11. point and shoot -> accuracy -> Leica III By new European laws doing a digital photo is considered creating a data set if there are people on the picture. You have to ask them if they allow the photo. Old non digital cameras are not creating a data set per law. Very stupid laws in my opinion: smart-phones. google classes, ... Am I allowed to force a person who phoned in my presence to hand me the phone so I can check if he did a picture of me ? So our second got the Leica III from my grandpa so she can continue doing street photography. Oops, seems I didn't update the page
  12. chattius

    The Related Song Game

    Seether ft Amy Lee -> Broken Faun -> Walburgisnacht The Brocken is a mountain in the Harz mountains in Germany. It's the place where witches come together at walburgis night.
  13. avocado -> Advocaat (eggnogg) An alcoholic beverage from egg yolks to imitate the creamy drink native Brazilians did from avocadoes which weren't grewing in europe.
  14. Monopoly... haven't played it for years. The big advantage is that nearly everyone knows the rules and obviously the cards Currently our family board game number one is 'Azul'. My mom can play it, our 8 year olds can play it. But if we have guests it often goes: 'Azul? Never heard it.' S ohere is an article about it ; https://www.pastemagazine.com/articles/2017/09/its-time-for-some-game-theory-with-the-beautiful-a.html
  15. Hmmm, a get out of hell card. Funny, but is it legal? The card reads until needed or SOLD. Receiving money for indulgence is not legal in several countries. It would be totally legal if the owner of the site can proof that he was sent by the devil and the money goes to hell and not to a church. There would be no legal place on earth for a court to do a law suite against a crime that will happen in future and in hell. At least I think so
  16. chattius

    Currently Watching...

    Das Boot, TV series currently running in German pay TV. It is very loosely based on the book and movie 'Das Boot'. To make it a series the plot had to be bigger, more involved families, love, resistance against nazis, .... The women in my household like it. Well it is surely one of the better series. But why they had to name it after one of the best movies ever. The older people like me will compare it with the movie, a fight the series can't win. The younger, not knowing the movie, will take it as what it is: a very good series.
  17. Tree already decorated? We just started after the triple birthday to make the decorations from stray, wood, pine cones, ... With no small kids in the house any more, there is no reason to hide the tree before x-mas. So with no reason for hiding, size doesn't matter and I will chop a 4 metres tree at 24th early morning. So most of the fun will be decorating the 'entrance hall' with the tree. Entrance hall is a bit misleading since our house is an old wooden patchwork and the entrance hall was the earlier cow stall with a hay storage above. Static says a no no to build it into living rooms so we have a big hall normally used for table tennis and similiar. Oldest with her husband will bring mistletoes,... Father in law will catch some fish, my mother and my mother in law do the cooking, ... A bit old days when my grand-grandma was still living and whole family met at x-mas. The tree will stay till 6th of January (holy three kings) ,which is work free here.
  18. We did our three birthdays on Sunday. Early in the morning it started to snow. Way more guests than expected because we had enough snow for ski and sledges. So families drove uphill for the snow and thought our triple birthday party at he firefighter hall at the marketplace would be a food selling winter market for the people.
  19. chattius

    Xerox, incorrect scans and copies

    I visited a small 3 people metal working company this week and they copied the contract. I saw an ancient Xerox and asked if they updated it. I got just a puzzled look. The old data compression software in the Xerox had a bug which may result in wrong numbers on copies. Our company got a warning years ago from the company where we leased the machines and we paid students to mark all copies as possible wrong using the not updated compression. In 2015 JBIG2 compression and similiar ones were forbidden in Germany. http://www.dkriesel.com/en/blog/2013/0802_xerox-workcentres_are_switching_written_numbers_when_scanning The German site even mentions that the talk about Obama's birth documents could be because they were copied with a Xerox. JBIG2 compression page https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/JBIG2
  20. chattius

    Currently Watching...

    Looking the video since I can't see the show. I got 2 tickets for a shadow theatre by a lottery. But at the family intern lottery I lost. Daughters 2+3 won. Well they are the ones who fit best anyway: ones is very good in fotography playing with light and shadows and the other is our best musician. The theatre is like the shadow games we did at kids with out hands and a torch, Just a bit better.
  21. chattius


    Birthdays... Mine isn't a whole day, more like half an hour in the morning and half an hour in the evening. Our twins should be born on x-mas. But at my birthday the stress was too much for my wife and so my last real birthday was stopped at 10pm and we had to drive for the hospital. Son was born short before and daughter short after midnight because she had to be turned. Was a bit complicated when the docs asked which time they should write. I said the correct one. The reasons for the question were obvious a few days later when we were discussing the options. We decided to do the same day with the option that my daughter can decide when she is 16. So sunday we will have the soccer teams from daughter and son, classmates, grandparents, god parents, aunts and uncles, cousins and cousines, neighbours ... Will prepare the big firefighter hall for the party and half the village is baking cakes and preparing food. And then my half hour starts when we clean up and friends from firefighters who help will drink a beer with me
  22. 2 hours isn't much. Doing the paperwork, eye drops, waiting for the pupil to get big, perhaps a local narcotic if they have to put some optics on your eye for testing the retina... 30 minutes and you won't have seen a doc yet, 15 minutes with the doc for some testing, waiting room to have the eye getting normal again, after an hour a talk with the doc again for 5 minutes. And that is if there aren't problems. If you live countryside with no special hospital for eye surgery, there is always the risk that an emergency appears and you sit and wait with your widened and paralysed eye for an hour or more. They may need to do drops again and it will take hours for your pupil to get back to normal size again. The doc closes and you walk half blind on the street. Police thinks you are drunk ( you are not) or under drugs (which you are, but not the ones police thinks) ... So 2 hours may sound long, but it can be much worse
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    What are you eating

    I hope I don't start a flame war. A classmate and friend was choosing the option to do 5 years of merchant navy instead 18 month being drafted to army. He served as a cook on freighters and one year on a arctic research ship. 'You can't survive as a cook on a ship with a crew from different cultures if you try to do excellent European food and use fine herbs for spice . Some like the herbs others hate it. But no one and I say no one has the balls to say that the food is too hot in spices as long as another likes it.' As a cook he had less time in harbours and kept his money. He now runs a restaurant specialized on local food but he gives cooking lessons and then he teaches food all over the world. The former king of the Netherlands was born near and so we have a lot of Dutch and South-African tourists. So I enjoyed Cape Malay at a cooking lesson once. Free one, because we exchanged recipes: local ones from me and international ones from him. And for hot spices: I was collected wild horse-radish on my last walk with the dogs. Wild ones grows slow and so has way more aroma
  24. chattius

    What are you eating

    I think Cape Malay is the kitchen which is a mix of local to the cape spices and spices workers from India and Malayia brought with them when they were forced to work for the British at the cape ? https://www.biltongblog.com/south-african-cape-malay-curry-recipe/ Sometimes very interesting recipes result from mixes of kitchens. My Bratwurst recipe and the Handkäse (hand formed sour cream cheese) from my wife results in a Bratwurst filled with Handkäse pieces. Great if eaten with roasted onions and mashed potato
  25. Rain and storm for 2 days now The soccer club didn't cancel the match for 8 years old. Was very funny too watch. All teams had mud-coloured tricots in a few minutes and it was hard to tell who is who. For kicking the ball there were two possibilities: play it low and it stops in a mud pit or play it high and watch where the storm will blow the ball. I had a mobile oven with me and was heating Kinderpunsch for the players. Hard to describe what a Kinderpunsch is. Luckily someone did this already in English https://www.veggiepotnpan.com/kinderpunsch-german-christmas-punch-non-alcoholic/