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  1. amount -> interests With the negative interests many people decide to do buy a house and prices explode. When my parents were buying theirs the interests were at 11%. They took higher paid work which demanded a lot of living at powerplant building locations at different locations for some years before buying. Myself, we bought the old family house of my grandpa nobody else in the family wanted. So we had to pay out my siblings and cousines. Most money however was needed for repair.
  2. Bienenstich, translate it as Bee-Sting-Cake Election day today, and having to overlook the local voting from 8am to 6pm some old ladies were nice and came with Bienenstich and coffee. There are two origins for the name: A town was under attack and young boys noticing it threw beehives from the walls and the attackers fled. The celebrity of the victory was done with a special cake. My grandma said: covered with honey from bees and the cream thickened so you can do a Stich (german for a thrust or a sthing) into it. And when combining both they were choosing Bee-Sting. Be
  3. call -> calligraphy We have election day today and as mayor I have to overlook the local voting. With only 101 voters all was done before midday. But law says the place has to be opened till 6pm in case people with a car failure, or from neighbour villages want to or need to vote at our place. So while sitting around I am doing documents for 25, 40, 50 years membership at firefighters. The main part is printed but the individual part I have to do manual. I did classes in calligraphy some years back to do it properly.
  4. Was funny, district firefighters were discussing to buy new chainsaws when my oldest daughter said that she had the best saw in her car. She still drives the car she used to travel one year through europe and her emergency and woodmaking saw was a Silky Katanaboy 650. She was actual winning with the saw if time for start and storing away played a role. And would haveprobably won if she wasn't still recovering from giving birth to twins. Video is about a 500mm blade, biggest blades are 1000mm, the 650mm was which fitted her best in length of handle and blade. Her technique includes so
  5. pager -> POCSAG You think town ;) Not many masts for cellular phones in countryside. There is a high danger that an emergency is either in a receiving black hole or the ONLY sending mast in a wide area is in a forest fire, or ... So here volunteer firefighters still use analogue pagers in case this happens. The signal is radiated analog on emergency frequencies and translated into digital at the receiving end.
  6. Moirê -> 120 film Moirê effect is when a rectigular pattern is turned a bit and overlaps with the patter of the chip. Analogue film doesn't have it. I have 3 old cameras using 120 film. With new laws in Europe doing street fotography with digital cameras is an ask before you shoot to be on the save side of law because digital is under data protections laws. No digital laws at good old analogue. Our second had to build her own twin lens from a kit before she was allowed to use the twin lens' from my grandpa. My favourite analogue is a Leica CL from my uncle. He worked at
  7. unique -> eye The chemical store room at work has iris recognition. So I hope my sexy blue eyes are unique ;)
  8. Protection designation of origin -> Handkäse Wiki lists it as Frankfurt speciality. I was born and lived my first 6 years in Wetzlar and I can tell you that 3 of 4 companies making it are located in a single small village Hüttenberg-Hochelheim just 6 kilometres south of Wetzlar. My grandma did her own Handkäse and we still do it sometimes at our house for some traditional recipes. Strong smell and aroma, but only 0,3% fat, very high on proteins, nearly lactose free and no calf to be slaughtered to make it. I know bodybuilders who prefer Handkäse to special protein mixes. This
  9. Our third visits an art school. Covid makes this a mix of home schooling and open air band meetings. Our 'family band' currently tries to support when she trains finger picking playing a guitar. Gary Bolstand did a song called 'Indian Summer' when he studied in Berlin. Hannes Wader was known to him and so he had the okay for a german Version 'Heute hier, morgen dort'. Bolstand liked this version more than his own and so the german version was brought back into English as 'Day to Day, town to town' The song is very emotional for me because we moved several times when I was a kid and m
  10. axiom -> Riemann hypothesis Many many books in a math library start with: If the Riemann hypothesis is correct then all theories and calcules in this book are correct. If not, well we hope you have fun reading. The hypothesis is one of the biggest unsolved mathematical problems and sadly some book try to take it as an axiom and not what it is: a hypothesis
  11. Surfing... the husband of our oldest studies bridge engineering. His master thesis is about surfing.... More and more young people attach bungee ropes to a bridge and surf. But there are risks: under water vortices or rocks, no rescue road along the river,.. So he works on designs how new bridges or bridges which have to be repaired can be made more safe for surfing, while still doesn't affect waterflow, bridge stability and nature too much. Luckily our village bridge is a test object. Not too big, but very safe for kids learning surfing.
  12. politics -> salamander The salamander is the right part of the artificial word Gerrymandering. The left is Elbridge Gerry who did a funny way to create electorial districts. 64 houses with 64 voters, 32 vote for green, 32 for pink With 4 'normal' districts we would have a draw in all of them. But if the current leader is allowed to do the bounderies of the electorial districts he could do it so that either green wins 3:1 or pink 3:1. I like the USA, a country where clever mathematicians and not stupid politicians can decide a vote. I live in the wrong country ;)
  13. Forests: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the young dryad Balanos. Her five month mission: to explore strange new worlds. To seek out new life and new civilizations. To boldly go where no girl has gone before! The dryad was affected by several updates, positive bugs, following nerfs, mods, ... Some guides are really old and outdated. After a nerf some combat arts were never tried again. And then there are questions from new members. Answering the questions becomes harder the more the changes are away from the original which I played. Questions like: Can a dryad be pl
  14. pandemonium -> torment Pandemonium for PS1 had this speaking staff and Planescape Torment this very cute speaking skull.
  15. Bald -> northern bald ibis We call them Waldrapp. Nearly extinguised in Europe except zoo'es, very few free in natur in Marrocco and Israel. There are tries to bring nestlings from zoo's back to nature leading them above the Alpes. Sadly several were shot on there way to the south by Italian bird hunters.
  16. lessons -> Deutsches Rettungsschwimmabzeichen in Bronze German rescue swimmer badge in bronce. Twins made it this summer. Rest of the family has it in gold (you have to be at least 16 for this). Hardest parts for kids is rescue of a person which has clothes on, fighting for air and they have to jump into the water wearing clothes too. So not these sexy baywatch stuff, no swimming aid, no well known beach,... We are surrounded by forests which contain fish ponds, artificial lakes from basalt mining ... Some have hasty vortices or underwater plants. So swim training is started while
  17. Yesterday: My wife was visiting an old lady who suffers from osteoporosis at her home. While giving an injection against the pain my wife notices some older kindergarten kids picking apples from a branch which grew over the fence and so was reachable from the road. The tree was owned by the lady who had a small garden to add some extra food because she had a very small retirement payment. So my wife opened the window and said: "You are not allowed to pick apples from a tree you don't own. You are only allowed to pick fallen apples from the road (*)!" "Tante (**) you are stu
  18. Play -> PS4 We were reading the latin version of Asterix in latin class. Our history teacher was forcing us to read Asterix to find caricatures of historical or modern politicians, in the 1 year English I was forced to read the english Asterix. Strangely in 6years French we never read Asterix- and it is French in the original. When E-sport will replace real sport: future kids will play Asterix in sport classes
  19. life -> game Game of life has very simple rules. Very simple, but they allow to build very compley automats.
  20. century -> Centuria My little sister lives in Waldgirmes which has the Waldgirmes Forum not far from Wetzlar where I was born. She worked as a student as a help for the archaeologic diggings at the place which was found at street work. Romans tried to build a town from 4BC to 9 AC under Varus. When Varus and his 3 legions were defeated the nearly build town was destroyed by the romans before retreating.
  21. horror movie -> Das Cabinet des Dr-Caligari 101 years old. Still the best horror movie of all times.
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