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  1. Hello, I would like to mod my game so that every battle theme would play at every character...aka no more unique battle themes per character. Is this possible? If so, then how?
  2. Seferoth

    Dimitrius's CM Patch Addendum

    Ok, thanks. I am still getting that it is safe to use? I mean what exactly is that fix regarding projectile behavior? Aka, what am I missing if I am not using the who Addendum...physx wise that is?
  3. Seferoth

    Dimitrius's CM Patch Addendum

    Can you use Addendum Physx file separately from the rest of the Addendum patch? I am checking several other mods at the moment and after some testing your Physx file works best when it comes to visuals and performance(now that I finally got them working). Still I have no character to test all the effects so I am not sure if its 100% usable without rest of the Addendum patch.
  4. Seferoth

    Dimitrius's CM Patch Addendum

    Thanks for the answers. I dont have anything against Dungeon Siege 2(actually one of my favorite games), but I have played it hundreds of hours and I really dont want to hear other games musics when im playing Sacred 2 or any other game. Hearing other games music when playing some other game always reminds me that I am playing a mod, or my brain immediately recognizes that this does not belong to the game. It's a personal problem. Edit: Also, because RT Lore does not increase AW damage is it quite pointless skill now? I mean there are very few uses for it now.
  5. Seferoth

    Dimitrius's CM Patch Addendum

    Question, cause I am a bit confused. Playing with Seraphim at the moment with Addendum patch. So, does Revered Technology Lore increase AW's damage or not with Addendum? Edit: Also is there an easy way to remove all the new musics? Hearing that Dungeon Siege 2 Amanlu theme pretty much ruined atmosphere for me, so don't want to recognize any other musics that has been added to the game.
  6. So I am having a problem with Physx effects, the problem being my game does not have them. What I did was to copy the original(10mb) PhysxExt file before installing CM patch and after installing the CM I replaced the new reduced file with the original one to restore leaves and such to the game. I have Physx ticked in the game options, but my game does not have any Physx effects at all. I also installed the Physx drivers from Redist folder, but it did not do anything...if anything my game seems to run worse than before after installing those drivers. So, I am thinking I must clearly have missed something here, I am also using the Elite Trimmed Textures and Addendum. Oh, and I have the Steam version. Any kind of help would be appreciated.
  7. Indeed, I am actually rather glad for this whole debacle. I kind of noticed because of this particular topic how easy Sacred 2 is to mod...to a certain extend of course. I am not a total noob when it comes to modding, hell I spend over 5 years to make my Lost London mod to Hellgate: London. Modding that game is (no pun intended) a hell. I think I am going to enjoy learning more about Sacred 2 modding and making some changes to suit me. This game does have enormous potential to be one of my favorite games, just needs a little fine tuning.
  8. Well, that is at least something I can agree to a certain extent. Still, I already learned how to make the change for my game, so I can take away those rewards to make the game more suitable for me.
  9. Seferoth

    Dimitrius's CM Patch Addendum

    Ah, thank you very much. This was exactly what I was looking for.
  10. Yes, you have very "chill" attitude yourself. Sorry, but I am going to say what I am going to say. This is my topic, and I can talk about the said subject of the topic as much as I want. I have never once gone off topic even. Ban me if you can't handle simple conversation or just walk away. I am not changing my OPINION on this matter because of you or your OPINIONS and I will definitely not be silenced just because you want me to.
  11. Seferoth

    Dimitrius's CM Patch Addendum

    Sorry I have a noobish question about installation. Addendum needs to be installed on stock 1.60 CM Patch. Umm, is the 0160 Hotfix version the stock one or did I not just found the right version?
  12. Pfft, no I want to to play the most fixed version of this extremely buggy and broken game. Why are you going instantly to "play vanilla" approach? Did I complain about any other part than this? Did I? Its hilarious to me that some people clearly can't take any kind of criticism, I respect pretty much everything the CM patch does and the people who has put countless of hours,days,months or even years to make it, but this quest/attribute point "infinite farm" is just poor game design...plain and simple. Leaving exploits to your game on purpose is not a good game design. I still think it's an oversight, but it was you who called it "game design". Think how Diablo II community would have reacted if there would be a way to get infinite attribute/skill points in the game, and without actual cheating? Do you think they would be like "oh it's just a game design, it's fine"? There would have been riots on the street.
  13. It's not an exploit if the game was designed to work that way. Attribute/Skill point rewards are not part of the original game. Also why are you defending this exploit? Is it not better to fix this issue and let players to use Save Game Editors to cheat more attributes/skill points? Why are you against FIXING a clear issue?
  14. Nobody complained about Feed the Poor being only available to good guys, I complained about the fact that it is UNBALANCED that Light side gets more attribute/skill points than those who follow Shadow path(good thing that Addendum at least fixed that problem). Also the quest rewards do not give you a choice, infact it takes away the choice. I want all skill/attribute points available so therefore I am forced to play the game in each and every difficulty to obtain them. In Vanilla game I have a choice to ignore Bronze difficulty altogether, but with Community Patch that is not he case if you want all the attribute/skill points available. Grinding attribute/skill points from 2 quests is far different than farming bosses for loot and experience. Getting infinite attribute/skill points is not good game design, it's a flaw, it's an exploit, plain and simple. I am thinking about learning to mod Sacred 2 and remove those skill/attribute rewards altogether from my game. I just dont like them and I am a min/max guy so I cannot simply ignore them. Although I have zero idea how to mod Sacred 2.
  15. I think exploits like these should be patched. Item rewards were made to fit the game, but skill/attribute rewards do not belong to the game. I mean, what I understand the vanilla game did not have these quest rewards, so this exploit is specifically created by Community Patch. These skill/attribute rewards also force people to play at Bronze difficulty if you don't want to miss any points, it is pretty poor design choice all around. People who wish to cheat can always use save game editors if they want more attribute/skill points.