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  1. so I have installed radmin vpn and have joined the network but a cannot see the server and if it is multiplayer online then I cannot, I dont have the keys
  2. okay I installed the radmin server what do I need to do to add your server and where do I do that :) what does radmin viwer do :) I dont use hamatchi anymore can you type the guide for me what to do to connect to youre server
  3. no I have not joine nothing
  4. how about you make me a clip of that on youtube :) I dont have access to my router. im making a series of lineage 2 right now so I have not installed that new server program yet
  5. okay thanks for that adwise
  6. the firewall is setup to allow all and still even if I do that my router then blocks stuff, so I have many enemy's
  7. bye bye then my computer wont mabey in some years from now I get to play with you guys
  8. my computer blocks vpn that is the big issue I had have for years now
  9. how do I get to this I open hamachi and I dont see this
  10. it says im a member of darkmatter.org when I tryed to join it
  11. I look at it when I got home from job seeking course
  12. the problem is that radmin server choose im ip adress from hamachi
  13. yearh it is on modem I switch it to modem same results on both modes
  14. hey dude what is youre hamachi ip adress I need it
  15. installing the radmin viewer now