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  1. Mine Is like the normal one, but with a pumpkin inside. Do you like it?
  2. As all microsoft's games, aom its very expensive.... You should buy It on the next steam sales.
  3. I played age of mithology with the cd version for billions of hours, and some months ago I bought it on steam. I didn't have problems, but I saw some steam topics on that bug. It seems that it's an issues of drivers, compatibility, or directX. I use the win7 compatibility mode. Also, sometimes bugs disappear if you uninstall akd reinstall the game (but its quite annoying to do so).
  4. Mare

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    too sleepy to
  5. vapor ---> github https://github.com/vapor/vapor
  6. sam ---> S.A.M. this acronym can mean a lot of things: surface-air artillery, a disease, fascist assault troops, etc.
  7. this will certainly help, if you have time. I usually write a summary of the quest, but only a few time I added screenshots.
  8. We have about the same feelings abuot sacred 1 & 2, nemezissfpro... Also, I joined the discord channel.
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    Made with new...
  10. Yes, but sacredwiki Will much more complete with all the quest, I guess.
  11. Mare

    Hi there, Sacred fans!

    Obviously, I used this time to play Sacred I and II....