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  1. this will certainly help, if you have time. I usually write a summary of the quest, but only a few time I added screenshots.
  2. We have about the same feelings abuot sacred 1 & 2, nemezissfpro... Also, I joined the discord channel.
  3. Mare

    Continue with 3 words only

    Made with new...
  4. Yes, but sacredwiki Will much more complete with all the quest, I guess.
  5. Mare

    Hi there, Sacred fans!

    Obviously, I used this time to play Sacred I and II....
  6. I'm starting my work again. I'm not sure how many quests I'm missing, but I guess [read: I hope] to be about halfway ...
  7. So im back. :drunkards::yay::woot:

    1. Hooyaah


      It's good to have you back, Mare! I'm certain that I speak for all of the staff when I say we are glad to know that you got the electricity issue to your home sorted out.

    2. Mare



    3. Hooyaah


      So, how have you been and how did you survive without electrical power and internet?


  8. Mare

    Continue with 3 words only

    they really wanted...
  9. france -----> world Cup (they got the last, in 2018)
  10. Mare

    Hi there, Sacred fans!

    I'm back.... I've been away for about two months, and the motivation is as follows. Maybe some of you won't believe it, but it doesn't matter. and very simple: there was a crazy storm (like a horror movie) that struck a pole, breaking the wires and everything. to make matters worse, that pole only brought energy to my house, so the telephone company only noticed it after a long time, and they wanted to repair the faults involving more users first, but now ... I'm back.
  11. I'll need to wait until a moderator reads your post, and then ask him/her to add your account to SacredWiki. Once you have done that, you'll be able to access the wiki, edit the articles and change your password. Also, welcome to DarkMatters!
  12. Mare

    A Game of Chicken

    During the Cold War, the British suspected that the communist bloc was preparing a land invasion of central Europe (I mean Italy, France and West Germany, in short, the countries that America had bought with the Marshall Plan but in reality were communists) and decided to disseminate those countries with buried atomic bombs that would explode following an invasion of the Red Army. But (apart from the questionable morality of the plan) there was a problem. The bombs would have been badly damaged by the cold of the central European winter. So they decided to circulate the dirty bombs with live chickens, which maintain a temperature of around 40 ° C. In addition, there would be a capsule full of feed, which would keep the "live" chickens alive, and prevent poultry from picking up the bomb, breaking it. Fortunately, none of this happened, since the plan was canceled. The code name of the project was "Blue Peacock"