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  1. Mare

    JoyFreak here!

    Welcome to DarkMatters, Joyfreak! I'm late, but I wish you to enjoy this connunity like me!
  2. target --> aim I finished to format my pc and I'm back
  3. Daydreams ---> Astral Projection
  4. Mare

    Hi there, Sacred fans!

    I'm going to format my computer, so I'll be away for a while ... See you soon!
  5. Umami ---> mushrooms ( I think they've got umami ?)
  6. I love Civilazation 5 too! It's the best turn-based strategy game in the world and I played it the last time yesterday evening! Also, I've played GTA SA some years ago.
  7. Mare


    He said "see you soon" but he's offline from 4 days ... Maybe a Battle Mage made him dissapear?
  8. Nautical ---> Ocean Do you know that "mare" is the italian word for "sea"?
  9. Mare

    Anyone interested in writing?

    My opinion isn't so important, but , accorting to me, According to me, it is really well done.
  10. Mare

    Anyone interested in writing?

    I love this story! Great work!