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  1. Mare

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    ... full of money ...
  2. Rather than at timberton, the best place is the fields of ice elves at tyr harad. There you can find even more enemies. Do you use rings do you use rings for their own power or for enchanting weapons with a blacksmith?
  3. by definition, an easter egg should be hidden somewhere and especially unique in the game. so I think it is actually possible to find him around, if you two have succeeded, but that this happens due to a forgetfulness of the programmers, rather than to their will .... In any case, you should ask a game developer when one of them will pay a visit to these boards.
  4. Mare

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    ... composed without reason ...
  5. Mare

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    ... by their creators ...
  6. Mare

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    ... their great inability...
  7. Mare

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    ... wich he couldn't ...
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    ... discriminated man, but ...