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    A Game of Chicken

    During the Cold War, the British suspected that the communist bloc was preparing a land invasion of central Europe (I mean Italy, France and West Germany, in short, the countries that America had bought with the Marshall Plan but in reality were communists) and decided to disseminate those countries with buried atomic bombs that would explode following an invasion of the Red Army. But (apart from the questionable morality of the plan) there was a problem. The bombs would have been badly damaged by the cold of the central European winter. So they decided to circulate the dirty bombs with live chickens, which maintain a temperature of around 40 ° C. In addition, there would be a capsule full of feed, which would keep the "live" chickens alive, and prevent poultry from picking up the bomb, breaking it. Fortunately, none of this happened, since the plan was canceled. The code name of the project was "Blue Peacock"
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    Continue with 3 words only

    which have exploded
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    A Game of Chicken

  4. Mare

    A Game of Chicken

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    Continue with 3 words only

    nuclear-propelled satellite (I guess "nuclear-propelled" are two words)

    I've been killing these damn kobolds for a while, and I think that I'll never the same number of the goblins I killed. 


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    2. Mare


      eheh, but I know the number of goblins in sacred I: my last BM killed 632 only in the gold campaign, while my last dark elf, which im using at the moment, only 468, but im only at the beginning of the campaign. I played the campaign so many times that I think I killed thousands and thousands of goblins.


    3. Hooyaah


      "Thousands and thousands," yet they still keep coming. One must surmise that they are creatures of little brain.

    4. Mare


      that's right.

  7. Hey there again folks! As you know, I've never played Sacred 2 before, but this is going to change, because yesterday I finally bought it! The thing that scares me the most is that while I know Underworld literally to perfection, I have no idea what awaits me on Sacred II! When I play Sacred (1) I don't even need to read the quests because I already know what I have to do to complete them; I know the best builds for each class, I know how to use the right skills at the right time. While on Sacred two I'm just a rookie. But I'm not scared. I'm already downloading the community patch, because obviously the game doesn't start.
  8. We got 44°c at home some days ago, so today I spent the day in mountain, in Val d'Aosta. I stayed in a little village that you can reach only on foot, called Chamois. It's the highest municipality in Europe, and also the highest airport. If I was still a pilot (why haven't I renewed the license :)) I'd love to land there! The weather was good.
  9. old soul -> Great Soul (Gandhi)
  10. The Italian stromboli vuclano is erupting right now! watch the eruption here: https://edition.cnn.com/videos/world/2019/07/04/stromboli-italy-volcano-eruption-vpx.cnn
  11. Mare

    Got it! - Sacred 2

    ill try if they're still working, so. There are also a few other problems: my steam vocal chat doesn't work, and my connection may ping a lot. I guess hamachi and tungle can provide me more issues with the connection...
  12. everlast --> lonsdale they have a very similar logo
  13. vampire ---> vampiress Actually, im playing with a dark elf.