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    Continue with 3 words only

    ... by their creators ...
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    Continue with 3 words only

    ... their great inability...
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    Continue with 3 words only

    ... wich he couldn't ...
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    Continue with 3 words only

    ... discriminated man, but ...
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    Hello There!

    unfortunately and almost two weeks since I eat pizza ... ... I feel that a withdrawal crisis is coming ... ...
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    Make a sentence from 5 letters

    Men Own Their Hopeless Ego O W N E R
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    Continue with 3 words only

    ... fool man called ...
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    Continue with 3 words only

    ... without living forms ...
  9. Why I have changed my pic


    I recently changed my profile picture, replacing the peace symbol with the raised fist. I chose this new image because it symbolizes unity, equality and strength. it's a communist symbol, but don't take it as such.


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    Continue with 3 words only

    ... by the government ...
  11. street food --> fried calamari Fried calamari (once also called Roman squid) is a dish prepared with squid or squid, typical of Italy, but also of other nations seeking Mediterranean cuisine such as Spain, Greece and Turkey or , in America, in Argentina. Their preparation is not particularly complicated: put in almost boiling oil after a breading and then served, perhaps seasoned with lemon, in the fried along with the sliced body (which thus take the classic ring shape) wings and the tentacles of the animal. In all places of the sea in Italy, like the Cinque Terre, the Emerald Coast, the Romagna Riviera, etc., you can practically only eat fried calamari, which can be bought at low prices in tiny street vendors, which are often so small as to contain barely the owner, the fryer and the customer. squids are served in a paper cone.
  12. Mare

    Hello There!

    And also remember the pizza!
  13. Mare

    Continue with 3 words only

    ... without the permission ...
  14. At this moment, I'm sprawled on the couch with 40 ° c of fever, but someone like me never wants to be doing nothing, so I decided to offer you a doubt I have. Let's start from the beginning. Do you remember the ancient Egyptians? there is no doubt that they are an overrated people, since they didn't know how to write or count. However, no one can say that they are not great builders. The pyramids are beautiful, right? And here the problem arises. the pyramids are beautiful, but ... useless! instead, what about the Roman temples, much smaller but on a human scale? and their aqueducts? and their roads, and ships, etc? well. The Egyptians had more beautiful constructions, but those of the Romans were more useful. which of the two was right? is it better pragmatism or design? do you prefer a smartphone with an audio jack, or one without it but much thinner? Do you prefer a beautiful, unconfortable chair, or an ugly, comfortable one? what do you think? it is right to waste resources and sacrifice comfort for design, or ergonomics comes first? In my opinion, architects, designers, and electronics manufacturers should use a good mix of the two!
  15. Well, who do not want to be a leader...?
  16. american graffiti --> street art
  17. Mare

    Need a new (or old) game

    You just listed the reasons wich make me hate that game...