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  1. The Rolling Stones - Painted Black Eurythmics - Paint a Rumour Youtube
  2. I am on the North American Servers. and I am at like level 36 right now. I'm trying to advance quickly, but I also don't want to die every few seconds xD
  3. We should totally get it going again! the game is pretty good it seems
  4. psst... gogo, can you move this where it belongs in the forum? I thought there was a spot, but I can't find it. So my good friends that I hang out with on a regular basis IRL convinced me to play Diablo 3... I was hesitant due to being required to be online when on PC, but I am enjoying the game on my MacBook Pro. I saw that there was a guild, and I sent a request to join, but if anyone wants to play sometime, feel free to add me, and then pop into my games. I am planning on primarily playing Seasonal, mainly because I like the idea. My battlenet screenname is daemonrocks. (they wouldn't let me put my "23" in there... stupid character length limits) ~daemon
  5. I have been playing Civilization V, Elite, and a few others, but not a lot of games recently xD Suggestions?
  6. I've been getting on every once and a while to see if I can muster up the gumption to play more than 15 minutes... DA isn't on there much either. Beyond Fogel and I, the last time another DA player was on was 2 and a half months ago. Oh well... I have been playing Elite: Dangerous a lot though.
  7. Well, hey, don't give me that much credit I used the font that is used for the title of the show that I made it around. RWBY. Check it out on netflix or Crunchyroll if you like anime/anime-like tv
  8. Glad to be back! I don't think I will be getting anything... I have to be on a stage that evening xD Thanks! Do you know the anime? I need to watch season 2, but finding time is my problem xD I would love to get a guild presence there. I know that mom (genenut) doesn't play much anymore, but I log in every once and a while ~daemon
  9. I plan on it! Was also planning on seeing if there is anyone interested in playing GW2. I've been off and on playing recently, mainly cause of the changes to the game since the release of heart of thorns. I have a guild with my Mom and Dad, but if I can get more people to play, me and my younger brother might have more fun. ~Daemon
  10. Brand new year, brand new chances!

  11. Hey there Darkmatters! it's been forever and a day since I have logged onto here! I turn 21 next thursday... my how the time flys! I updated my avi and my signature ~ Daemon
  12. Who wants to go see Sparks the Rescue with me tomorrow?! Just message me, and I'll let you know the details. I'm willing to give a ride if it's not to far out of the way for me to get you! :D (If I give a ride, I would appreciate some gas money... :P)

  13. Anyone local want to hang? Message me :)

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