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  1. Diablo 3 anyone?

    I am on the North American Servers. and I am at like level 36 right now. I'm trying to advance quickly, but I also don't want to die every few seconds xD
  2. Diablo 3 anyone?

    We should totally get it going again! the game is pretty good it seems
  3. Diablo 3 anyone?

    psst... gogo, can you move this where it belongs in the forum? I thought there was a spot, but I can't find it. So my good friends that I hang out with on a regular basis IRL convinced me to play Diablo 3... I was hesitant due to being required to be online when on PC, but I am enjoying the game on my MacBook Pro. I saw that there was a guild, and I sent a request to join, but if anyone wants to play sometime, feel free to add me, and then pop into my games. I am planning on primarily playing Seasonal, mainly because I like the idea. My battlenet screenname is daemonrocks. (they wouldn't let me put my "23" in there... stupid character length limits) ~daemon
  4. Long Time, No See!

    I have been playing Civilization V, Elite, and a few others, but not a lot of games recently xD Suggestions?
  5. Long Time, No See!

    I've been getting on every once and a while to see if I can muster up the gumption to play more than 15 minutes... DA isn't on there much either. Beyond Fogel and I, the last time another DA player was on was 2 and a half months ago. Oh well... I have been playing Elite: Dangerous a lot though.
  6. Long Time, No See!

    Well, hey, don't give me that much credit I used the font that is used for the title of the show that I made it around. RWBY. Check it out on netflix or Crunchyroll if you like anime/anime-like tv
  7. Long Time, No See!

    Glad to be back! I don't think I will be getting anything... I have to be on a stage that evening xD Thanks! Do you know the anime? I need to watch season 2, but finding time is my problem xD I would love to get a guild presence there. I know that mom (genenut) doesn't play much anymore, but I log in every once and a while ~daemon
  8. Long Time, No See!

    I plan on it! Was also planning on seeing if there is anyone interested in playing GW2. I've been off and on playing recently, mainly cause of the changes to the game since the release of heart of thorns. I have a guild with my Mom and Dad, but if I can get more people to play, me and my younger brother might have more fun. ~Daemon
  9. Hey there Darkmatters! it's been forever and a day since I have logged onto here! I turn 21 next thursday... my how the time flys! I updated my avi and my signature ~ Daemon
  10. 3DMark: Graphics Benchmark Software

    I get 1.90 GB here for my install located at C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\3DMark, and indeed, the meat of my install is the data0002.dat file. I trust Steam, and thats how I have a few of my games, mainly cause thats the authorization method.
  11. 3DMark: Graphics Benchmark Software

    I suppose I should have looked a little further right on the page, there are indeed download mirrors, but I would recomend downloading through Steam, as the installation process is much more streamlined then downloading the installer, no chance of changing settings that could affect the test results, only difference between our systems is the other software installed, and the actual machines themselves. 3DMark will run on slightly older hardware, where as 3Dmark11 requires DirectX 11 compatable hardware, and Directx 11 to be installed I'm thinking of rerunning the test and dropping everything down to basic that could interfere with the test results For the purposes of comparing, I recommend this: • Install through steam, and then run all the tests at once. No custom tests, as that can affect the preformance. • post link to the results, and then you are done • If you can do firestorm(Highend gaming systems), go for it! I'm interested in seing how people do with that I am interested in seeing a standardized comparison
  12. 3DMark: Graphics Benchmark Software

    My friend got this cool software that is meant to test gaming computers for graphics quality, and the basic testing is free! Unfortunately the only way to install the "demo" is to download it through Steam, but it's a little less then a gig, and takes about at most 15-20 minutes to do a full benchmark. I used this software, and my results are in the link below My Results: http://www.3dmark.com/3dm/249501? Steam application link: http://store.steampowered.com/app/223850/ All the advanced edition does is give you the options to pick and choose what features to test. The basic edition tests everything. If you guys want to share your results, just post a link to your results below after completing the benchmark
  13. lol nope it was store bought, but it was a cookies and cream ice cream pie :3 And sorry :c Should have been here
  14. Currently Listening to... Share your music!

    I'm obsessed with Madeon right now I love listening to his music, and not to mention he isn't that bad looking xD and a little fun fact for all those PS3 fans out there. If you watch the opening sequence to "Playstation All-stars: Battle Royal" this song is the song that plays with the opening he is only 18!
  15. I would post a picture of my birthday PIE, but it's all gone lol xD it was yummy :3