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  1. They cast every spell you named but it just does do any dmg. And CTRL + Left is for my auto attack but doesnt force my pets to attack the enemy.
  2. Okay I fixed it by patching the original game to english. ^^ my bad Im playin a necromancer now but got 1 problem: my skeletal mages do no dmg at all. My golem and melee skeletons do. If this is a bug or theres a way to fix it lemme now. Anyways a lot of thanks to the dev for this awesome mod.
  3. My original game was in german, but when I installed the mod I thought I picked german. Now its in english. Is that the problem?
  4. I got a problem where the ability text's are the ones from the original game. Did I miss something on the installation or? And also I dont see any difference from after the installation of the 3 font "packs". If I did something wrong tell me please.
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