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  1. Why delete the BOSS here? I don't want you to delete the BOSS here. This is the original BOSS in the game
  2. I hope that the author will solve all activated steles that can be sent at any time, because there are many tasks. If activated steles can be sent at any time, it will be very convenient. The running time is too long to do the task.
  3. This is the skill of cm150 forest ranger, which is very effective and not very powerful. Cm160 version cancels this skill. I hope to restore this skill in the addendum version. This technology can attack monsters in a large range. Forest ranger itself has no Area of Effect skill. I think the special effects of this skill that can attack in a large range should not be cancelled, but should include restoration.
  4. After the Dragon Master’s spell kills monsters, the recovery of combat skills and bloodsucking are done by specifically modifying which file and which parameters
  5. People in our country like this version of the addendum very much, and there are many people playing it, but the only limitation is that there is no Chinese language. We hope the addendum team can help us to make Chinese language, if possible
  6. 这是怎么回事 (mod edit: google translate - How is this going)
  7. 是 2.2g 增编吗?我安装了 2.2g 覆盖, 然后覆盖了额外的文件夹, 并创建了新的角色游戏, 在游戏启动后闪回 Mod edit: google translate - Is it a 2.2g addendum? I installed 2.2g overlay, then overwrite the extra folder, and created a new role game, flashback after the game started
  8. 是,如何使用额外的文件夹 Mod edit: google translate - Yes, how to use additional folders
  9. 是,额外文件夹 Mod edit: google translate - Yes, additional folders
  10. 朋友们好,如何使用额外的模块详细,如果可能的话,请解释具体的方法 如何安装额外?是否安装在 CM160 上? Mod edit: Google translate - Hello friends, how to use additional modules in detail, if possible, please explain the specific method How to install extra? Is it installed on CM160?
  11. 这个项目何时完成

  12. Moderator Note : Hello please keep posts in English, I've translated this message for you
  13. Who can help me make a Chinese patch, we Chinese players have a lot of people like this game.
  14. D2 mod The game is English and German, I am a Chinese player, can you do a Chinese patch? We have a lot of players in China. 

    1. Flix


      Hello and thanks for your interest. The mod is only available in English and French. I'm unable to do a Chinese patch because I don't speak the language. I would have to use Google Translate and I believe it would be full of errors.

    2. mabo2135581688


      It's a shame, but thank you all the same. 

    3. mabo2135581688


      I saw the English attachment you sent. could you help us to translate this file for value,thank you

  15. 我是中国玩家,我发现了这个游戏,哇太棒了,如果可以的话能否制作一份中文补丁提供中国玩家。 Moderator Edit [Google Translate]: I'm a Chinese player, I found this game, wow, if you can make a Chinese patch for Chinese players.
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