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  1. 这个项目何时完成

  2. Moderator Note : Hello please keep posts in English, I've translated this message for you
  3. Who can help me make a Chinese patch, we Chinese players have a lot of people like this game.
  4. D2 mod The game is English and German, I am a Chinese player, can you do a Chinese patch? We have a lot of players in China. 

    1. Flix


      Hello and thanks for your interest. The mod is only available in English and French. I'm unable to do a Chinese patch because I don't speak the language. I would have to use Google Translate and I believe it would be full of errors.

    2. mabo2135581688


      It's a shame, but thank you all the same. 

    3. mabo2135581688


      I saw the English attachment you sent. could you help us to translate this file for value,thank you

  5. 我是中国玩家,我发现了这个游戏,哇太棒了,如果可以的话能否制作一份中文补丁提供中国玩家。 Moderator Edit [Google Translate]: I'm a Chinese player, I found this game, wow, if you can make a Chinese patch for Chinese players.
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