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  1. Well it's always ok to launch up a Radmin or Hamachi. I'd buy the game again if it would just start up the servers and bring Ascaron back from the dead .
  2. Is anyone up for playing Sacred, we can connect over Discord for comm. and play via Radmin successfully.
  3. I've played way too much D2 to want to play something like it. Sacred UW is very nostalgic for me, even more so than D2 , because D2 still has active communities., unlike sacred UW. And that's why I sought this forum as the last active Sacred community.
  4. I also joined the Radmin channel. Will create a server whenever I'm playing. There still seems to be a few active members of the channel.
  5. Hi guys. I'm a new user at the forum but an old time fan of the game. Anyone care to bust some gold/ platinum? I see the wippien server is out for a long time, currently trying out Radmin. The hamachi server is also full 24 hrs since only a 20 client limit is there. So there's not really any options for me to play. Anything still exists as a viable option in may 2019?
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