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  1. Hi! Sorry you're having health problems, we can't help you with that - sorry. But we sure as heck can try to help you with getting this great game up and running. Please take a few deep breaths and give us the details calmly. What operating system? That's a start. When does the game crash? Immediately upon launch or later in-game? As a side note; I can't leave the house either. Physically, I'm fine. I just can't ... leave the house.
  2. All really good stuff! I can't figure out how to change the prices for forging at a blacksmith - any ideas?
  3. Man, I'm batting 1000 today with you guys. he, he Thanks, gogo!
  4. KK, thanks for clearing that up for me. Now another question - and this one's a biggie. he, he How do I change my avatar?
  5. All right, this is also a relatively simple question, and even perhaps a bit silly, especially coming from someone who's been playing the game for years. But hell, I ain't proud. he, he Say you have a sword whose description says "Modifier Sword Weapons" (in red). Does that mean that none of the bonuses of this sword apply to your character unless you take the skill Sword Weapons? This something I'm sure I should know by now, but I've been a rather "casual" player 'til recently but now it seems I need to know for sure all these little things.
  6. Just an update on my magic seraphim. She's level 54 (in Silver) now and hasn't died yet - had a close call with Gar'Coluses - whatever his name is. Thanks to RBOL, she;s a mob killer. he,he Bosses are another story - she's not really strong enough to stand toe to toe with them and my bow isn't doing the job as quickly as I'd like. I think I should have taken pole arms. All told, she's fun to play, but I'm not sure that even RBOL will save her butt in higher levels.
  7. Isn't that the truth, gogo. I loved seraphim in Sacred 1, she was my favorite character. Mostly because of those blades. She had other nice CA's too, but when I got that finally mod making RBOL permanent, I was a menace. he,he Flix gave these a longer duration than cooldown, so we can keep them up forever, just remembering to start 'em up again. I'm having a ball with the seraphim I just built - pure magic - Celestial Magic. With Revered Tech for the Warding Energy buff. Maybe I'll take Ranged Weapons later on, just because I like bows, but it would be almost a wasted skill slot, because she needs no extra help. Bows seem to help out with some of the Bosses though. The Kobol chievtain and the Griffan neede help with physical, so yeah. I'll probably want Ranged.
  8. Flix, you da man!! These blades are awesome - love 'em! Thanks you so very much! This is just about the only thing seraphim lacked, up to now. Man, she's kicking some butt! I* became a supporting member because of this. (Well, I was hemmin and hawing about it for a while now and these blades got me off my butt to do it. he, he
  9. This looks great! I'm off to build a Seraphim. Thanks a lot, Flix! I'l let you know how she goes.
  10. Oh maaaaan! This is great! I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas. The upgrade via modification would be great, but shoot... I'll be more than happy with whatever you come up with. Maybe something like making it really expensive, skill-wise. Just a thought.
  11. Thanks gogo, but it's all good now - the second post took care of what I wanted to add. Thanks also for the welcome. You know, I've been loitering around here for years, literally - checking out builds and so forth. I guess what got me to finally register was the blank skills, level 75 builds. I mess around with a lot of different builds and sometimes I get one that might make it to Niob, so I keep it until it dies. I'm beginning to think it's not the different builds; any of them would probably be fine , with someone else at the keyboard. At my age, I've learned to not take anything too seriously. Perhaps I need to get a bit more serious with this game, though. he, he Oh well, I'm enjoying my time with it.
  12. (I tried to edit my other post, but the editor would have no part of it. I wouldn't save) I had to come back to add how impressed I am. When I posted about seraphim , I guess it was more like wishful thinking, you know? I didn't think anyone would take me up on it. I just want you to know that I really appreciate this.
  13. Yes, you're right about Frenetic Fervor. Looks pretty close to original RBOL. Gotta make a choice on a trade-off spell, huh? OK, how about Instill Belief? Not sure about you, but I seldom if ever use that one.
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