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  1. Sorry for the long silence, I'm still working on it, but I had a bit of a burnout due to a few things and haven't had who to test it with, so progress is slow. Also, it's summer so sometimes it's hard to focus :p!
  2. So... I've kinda come to a bottleneck. See, the server sends a signal to all of the network saying "Hi, there is a sacred server here with a max of x players and in this gamemode and difficulty" BUT this damn thing is encrypted, encoded or whatever. So I'm having a lot of trouble doing so... been for a few hours looking at 0s and 1s... I think I can kinda overcome this issue adding a tool in the client that tells the user to create a game server first in the desired pc and then extracts the data from that. A little more work for the user but it should only be needed the first time you join a specific server in a pc that's gonna emulate the server.
  3. Woah nice you are breathtaking! About the program: I'm working in the GUI to start with the final phase of testing, to see if I can finally make it work
  4. Managed to mostly overcome that problem... Now I have to manually hardcore a lot of bytes... But anyway, I got it to show "connecting" in the game and to send dsts to the server (one way). Inchin closer and closer!
  5. Back at it! But I hit a brick wall rn. I'm gonna have to spend a lot of time looking at dumps etc... let's hope I can solve this It seems like the server sends it info in the ping, and, in that info there is the ip of the server, so I have two options: change the ping so it points to the correct ip: Hard as F Make a virtual server in my program... I dont even know if its possible. Otherwise, I've advanced a lot.
  6. I'll have to keep the developing in hold for a few days as I have to get a new motherboard for my pc. Sorry for the delay ^^"
  7. Now most of the lobby server is done, I can send server info from the servers to the clients on request! So now I'll have to start with the tcp part, that's the game info from gameserver to client. Also made a patreon in case someone wants to give me something while I do this :D.
  8. So now I started to write the lobby server stuff. I made it so now the gameserver gets registered in the lobby and this one checks if its online or if its info has changed. The next part is the oposite, getting the client to ask for all of the server's info Then I'll have to work on the bulk of the project, client replication in the server and server replication in the clients.
  9. Finally, some good progress. I managed to get the game to see a server being created from other place (In the other side of the world!). While this is merely a basic ping forward, it means the game ain't that finicky and that I might allow me to emulate the clients and server locally where needed. Also, updated the project with a better... objective list and a build where the pinging works (Even tho the receiving client is hard-coded to be my ip) as well as some documentation for it (javadoc). I'll keep posting regular updates here. efrenmanuel
  10. Quick update: I seem to be able to send the pings that make sacred think there is a lan server in the net across the internet. (Still have to test with someone outside of my network or a vm) Question: Should I create a new thread for this so I can keep yall updated?
  11. So, while looking around I found this forum and decided to give it a try since I reaaaally want to try mp for the first time (It's a childhood game for me) https://github.com/efrenmanuel/SacredServer I'm trying to make a lobbying system using the lan server that's included with the game. The idea is like this: One computer starts the game server (host), they execute my WIP program and register in the lobby server (Main server). Then, players use the other part of the program, the client, where it just mirrors everything the server sends and vice-versa. It's mostly like emulating a vpn exclusively redirecting all the traffic from the official game server to a lobby server and this one redirecting everything between them and the clients. I still don't know if I'll be able to do it, but I wanted to bring some hope, let's cross our fingers.
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