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  1. Anything and everything helps Steve, thank you once again. You are most welcome. Is there any good Temple guardian bulds? My room mate would like to know, thank you, so, so very much.
  2. Thank you so much Steve, I actually was not all too sure about the spectral hand, so I will definitely start consuming runes for thar that and wait to be able to mod it out, as I only have 9 skill points currently available. Your information is an absolute Boon to me, thank you so, so very much. Thank you for saying I can ask for more assistance should I need it, though the part about that the rune consumption is different for each character makes no real sense. I mean no disrepect there Steve. Looking at it from my point of view, it only makes being a different character more complicated than ever. How does anyone know when not to go ovre a certtain amoun tof runes tro consume, if it's different for each character. Personally, I would simplify the process and make the rune consumption the same for each character, there is no need to make it be so complicated, is what I am trying to say here. Having different skills will still make each character different and their own combat arts and buffs make them also different from each other, making the rune consumption different too, is simply over kill. I hope to find a better and much simpler way on the rune consumption for all of the characters, following the builds from my level 200 Characters, which I feel are managable and achievable, but only time will tell if I am correct about that. I hope so, I cannot simply thank you enough Steve, you are Awesome. I really mean that.
  3. Thank you Lindor for a very indepth reply, I have copied everything you have mentioned and put it into a word doc, for easier reference. What a wonderful and very thoughtful response, very detailed, I cannot thank you enough for that and I am trying to do my own thing, truly so, but I keep getting nowhere, but making notes of any changes I make good or bad, is a vrey good idea, that way should I make a bad choice, I am at least to know what and where I went wrong and not end up repeating the same mistakes. So thank you for your suggestion it's an absolute Boon. I cannot thank you and evreyone here enough for helping me out, you guys are all Super Awesome, thank you so, so very much.
  4. Thank you Lujate, much appreciated, I was wandering about the weapons skill too.
  5. Thank you so much Steve, well I have been able to reach platinum with my invisible Shadow Warrior, with some damage now with hitting enemies with my Energy Staff weapon. Thank you for saying to not eat too many runes, could you please state simply enough for me what not to go over. Example Only 100 runes consumed, do not do this. I would appreciate that, many have said the same as you to not eat too many, but no one is actually specifying the exact figure not to go over. I hope you not mind me asking this? It's vital for me as since I do not know at all. Thank you for saying I should not feel ashamed for asking, all my life I have been good at figuring things out, but of times when I have tried to ask for help, other people have just turned around and told me off, saying I should know the answers or if not, not to bother with that particular thing that I do not understand. Honest truth. Sadly as a result of both of those things, I just became to scared to ask for help, I know it may seem silly to you. For me, this is a genuine problem and I struggle with it all of the time, but I do at least take the chance to ask, though it not make me feel less ashamed of myself, even though yes I know that I should not be so. Sadly my mental illness has reached a point where I may never stop feeling ashamed of myself for asking for help. No one really understands the nature of my mental illness or anyone who has one. I have it for life, I have had it since childhood, I have gotten a bit better with some things along the way, but I honestly do have a long way to go on others. I shall do my best to adapt my current Invisible Shadow Warrior build to your guide, I honestly do not fancy creating another one, since I have gotten the furthest I have ever done with this game. I will only creat a new Invisible Shadow Warrior, if I am not able to reach Niob, shots from my energy staff are starting to make some impact on enemies, by that I mean it was taking up to 7 or more shots to kill them off, it's dropped to about 5, the shots work at least better when I am facing off bosses, using Demonic Blow fully moded out, Skelatal Fortification and Frenzied Rampage, all fully modded out, it takes a long time to kill off the bosses, but with my shadow knights, it's less work. I have had more restarts than I can counnt and even starting completely from scratch, meaning 0 gold, 0 items in my chest etc. Only to get so far and not being able to go further. Thank you so much for your info and help, I appreciate it beyond messure. UPDATE! I clicked on the link for the PC Shadow Warrior, but nothing is happening, thought you should know.
  7. Thank you so much Steve, sorry for the delay, that goes for everyone too, I have not been at all well and only on and off, have I been semi okay. My health is not what I would idealy like it to be, but I at least take all meds that I need and just try my best to not let my situation get the better of me, which isn't always easy, but I never stop from trying. I will look into the builds and links that you have given Steve, I much appreciate the time and effort you have put into doing them. I was utterly gutted that I got wipped out by the last boss after taking out all of the others. May I ask, is there a rune consuption limit? I susspect there could be one, not only that I am beginning to wander if the 200 level characters that I have for my PC on save file if their runes consumed were from niob level, meaning one character got there and doing the rest of the characters were easy. I could be so wrong about that. My room mate thinks that consuming over 50 for buffs and over 20 for combat arts is the best way to go, but I am worried that he could be going about the whole thing the wrong way. I have tried to voice such a concern only for it to cause a massive argument and since I honestly do not know any better, I want to make sure I am going about things the right way or if I am going about it the wrong way. I will update my post with what I have tried so far and hope that will also help. It's funny that you should mention an invisiable shadow warior build, I found one on YouTube, but the guy there did not explain how he managed to get to what he had achieved in the game, I have figured out so far before becoming invisible the shadow warrior has to be pretty tough enough to survive to get up to level 38 with 38 to Astral Lord Lore and 36 to Astral lord Focus and then the mods to turn shadow viel into a perminant buff, but his ranged attack with an energy staff does not seem to make much of an impact and I have included ranged weapons, speed lore and even damage lore to my build with damage pysical rings to most of my armour, the rest is enancement mod for critical hits and yes, I know about A.O.E. in the game can effect the shadow warrior, so I am keeping an eye out for that. That said, I will look into your shadow warrior build to see where I can make improvements. I had no idea that, the Cascading Shroud could be a perminant buff too, I had wandered about that one. Anyway, I will look into everythign that you have mentioned snd thanks for letting me know that I can ask questions if I have any. I feel a bit foolish and ashamed asking for help, as you know and seen, I do have and hold an interlect of my very own and I am shocked and surprised that this game has me somewhat beaten, I do not know if you can imagine how that feels. It's not nice, obviously I am misisng something or another with Sacred 2, so any tips I really appreciate beyond mention.
  8. Okay, I know that I have been trying my own way to play this game, but I keep hitting one very serious problem, the Sacred 2 Game Cheats, no matter what I try to do to give any character better equipment etc. Enemies and bosses can still get through, even kill me, to which I quickly eject the disc as so for the death not to register and why is there a punishment for dying anyway? It rewards you if you survive, but it seems at least to me, that dying in the game isn't really an option. If so, then which character would be the best for me to be to get to Niob first, so that way I can give other characters Niob Runes to consume and stuff on Niob level for armour mods and even then, I suspect the game system will still cheat. Before anyone says be the Shadow Warrior who is basically a tank. How so? Because he can get his life cut through just a s much as any other character, regardless no matter how hard I try to make him be tough enough. If He is or supposed to be like a Tank, he's a poorly made one. Also How do I get around this cheat problem? And it's not just the XBOX 360 or the PS3, The PC Version seems to cheat also and I am slowly begining to wander if there is any real point, in playing this game at all. I still stand by what I have said about this game, it is the best RPG ever to come out and it's not likely that any future RPG title will match it or even best it in any real way. As far as I can tell I am doing everything right and before you all say look to the builds, I have, but they all lack one very vital thing, they do not give an actual step by step of how the build was achieved and please do not hate me or get mad at me for saying that. Progamers and nearly most other gamers will not need such a thing. I play console games and have branched out into PC ones, I know that this does not make me a gamer as such, but that sould never stop me from playing a game, any game, for that matter. Sad and actual truth is that most games, be it console or PC are developed by and for gamers and that's fine, but it honestly really does not help anyone to take either an interest in playing games or being able to play them because of the fact they are not designed for the absolute Noobs! Did I get that right? Sorry if not and I hope you all know what I mean. Obviously I am not a Noob, since I have been playing the game for over 8 years, never getting past gold level, I might add and I know that there has to be a way to be able to get up to Niob Level, more so to the point, for the console versions, as there are ways to cheat for the PC. I seek answers of how to get to Niob on the console versions of the game, to which I honestly wished there was a cheat system disc for it, purley because it's virtually almost an imposability to get past gold level, the best I have ever done was right up to the nameless guardians, I took out all but the last one out, who wiped me out, no mater how quickly I kept on taking my health potions and I am pretty quick at doing that. But the last nameless guardian managed to land a critical hit and I was not solo, I had a hirling with me, but he was not doing much in the way of fighting, so I was left having to kill every nameless guardian solo, before anyone says I am not supposed to do that, or that it can be done solo. How? again please do not answer by saying look to the builds of the character that I am trying to be. There is the factor of only so many points for each skill, as well as the atribues and more importantly, mod points for buffs and combat arts, which for me personally are all completely wrong and thats just me personally, I mean no offense to anyone or even to the game itself. Can anyone help me? By help, I mean give me a guide that I can understand with also tips of how to get around the inbuilt cheat problem that I have mentioned. If there is no such thing going on, then something is and believe me I am playing the game to the best way to my ability to do so and now, I am truly at the end of my tether, as the saying goes. I am nearly almost on the verge of giving up trying to play this game and I really do not want that.
  9. It has been a very long time since I have posted here. I hope all will like my own made Fantasy Castle, please no telling me that it's not a functional or a practical castle. It was drawn and built to be simply a Fantasy Castle Only, the wall textures of the castle were chosen for two reasons, to match with the other textures and to give the castle eyelets, for the arches to fire arrows from, my humbled apologies, I do not know the correct term, at least by all means, do tell me what that is. However, some of the archer windows/eyelets are not completely aligned right, which could have been corrected, but please take note, it had taken me several months, working day by day to do the battlements, the arched doorways etc. I did try to correct what I could, but after doing so much hard work on the whole model, correcting the wall textures would have taken me even longer and no that is not me being lazy, it is not as an easier; a matter one may think, honest. There is a total of 8 overhead walkways and yes that was intentional. The castle needed windows too, which I also had to draw each one, some of them have been copied, but doing the copy work, nearly almost messed up my model, but I managed to work around that particualr problem, but it was not easy by far. Please take my word on that. I am not in the habit of making things up. Before I put in here the link to the actual model and an image of it. First off, I needed a castle layout that I could work from and use purely as a guide. Castle Plan/Layout Caleon Castle 3D Model Link: https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/model/6d2fbcbd-2eaa-4a67-8797-bd4634b2a32d/Caleon-Castle
  10. Gogo, I could hug you. I'm going to hug you anyway. *BIG Squeese Hug* Thank you, I actually saw this post but initially got confused by it at first, but I was able to figure out what was what in the end. I simply cannot thank you enough Gogo. How are you doing by the way? My apologises for my depressive mood. I was able to download the beta install 3.3 version of Sacred Reborn and I am happy to report that it works, now I can play my sacred gold game properly and that makes me beyond happy.
  11. Hi everyone I know I have been away for a long time and that is due to my depresssion. I do not expect anyone to understand what it is like to be depressed 24/7. Of which I am, sometimes I have good days and sometimes I have bad days and other times, I have realy very, very bad days and I am wishing my self to die. It's not a pleasant feeling and I do my best to stay and keep positive, it's not always easy though. Anyway, I can't seem to find the Secred Reborn Mod Download, I did a word search, but that did not help and I do not want to get frustrated and even more depressed struggling to try and find it. So if anyone can direct me to the correct page/post. I really would appreciate that. I want to start playing my Sacred Gold Game and I have tried to play it without the mod, but got nowhere fast. I will appreciate beyond measure, help please in tracking down where the mod for download is, Please, Super please, help me. Thank you all in advance.
  12. Thank you Steve, I have a video downloader, but the slowing down of videos might help, so I definately look into that. Again thank you for your lovely and most wonderful feedback.
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