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  1. This is the second level dungeon design level that the 1st dungeon level leads to. (Sacred 2: Sacred Hall Of The Temple Guardian) that I have shared with you all here, yes it is quite bare, the same as the other one, but I do not have images of those wonderful consoles etc. used in the final temple at the end of the Waste Lands where the Great Machine resides in. So, you will have simply imagine all of that, but I hope that you like this second dungeon. https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/model/71960b2c-a978-4220-81f8-147ccc546867/Sacred-2-Sacred-Hall-2
  2. Hot, hot , hot and hot and for something completely different, It's too hot again. *Lol* Wishing it was cool, but not cold, I have a rare condition that makes me sensitive to changes between hot and cold weather/climates. It sucks, but I make the best out of my life.
  3. Wow! She is fantastic Ben, you are too awesome for words. Just out of curiosity, is fire like hair hard or impossible to do? I think that would be hard to do maybe even for a CG movie character, hair within itself is difficult to do and true they have gotten better with doing hair on CG characters. Fiery hair may not animate as well as I can see it in my head. All Kudos to you for doing a draft concept, as with my other character and the combat arts etc. I am not over protective of, you are once again free Ben to change anything that you wish if it makes it easier and better to make it work within the games physics etc. Obviously I have no idea of what will work and what wont. I wasn't exactly expecting to come up with another alternative character, this character build idea just hit me quite out of the blue, as the saying goes, once I had the idea, it was down to me thinking through carefully about each combat art etc. I am sure that you will agree with this. That, when something is worth doing, it is worth doing it well. PS. Oops! my bad, I forgot to mention about the wings. Sorry about that Ben, I was so blown away by your art work, sincerely so. The wings are perfect, far better than what I had imagined, which is quite far fetched and possibly not practical, even in a fantasy game. I have one very crazy imagination. *Lol.*
  4. Elite Seraphim Of The Devine Order During the Great Dragon War many fell and died in battle, some races however, were destroyed, wiped from the face of existence. The Seraphim were mighty, but they had an Elite few that were more than just merely War Angels, they had true balance in all things, armed combat, and magical powers. They had fire hair, unlike their holy sisters, the Elite had real hair of flaming fire, a golden fire that is; and they had eyes of sapphire that glowed a luminescent glow. They were slender, yet very strong and were not to be fooled by their beauty, for they were far greater and deadly than their holy sisters, armed with Ethereal Wings, wings made of the most holiest and pure crystal with a might, and power of their very own. The Path: Light: “I am one of the Elite Seraphim, we are few, but the most powerful and most holy supreme beings in all of Ancaria, though we are mere humble beings compared to our creator. I have a much higher calling than my fellow holy sisters and as such if needed, I can bend or change the rules in any way, if such is ever needed, in order to win the war against the Inquisitors.” (Sorry, no concept Image. I could not find one that came close to my description) Skills: Primary} Concentration. Battle Focus. Heavenly Assault Lore, Devine Technology Lore. Secondary} Combat Discipline. Heavenly Assault Focus. Devine Technology Focus. Ancient Magic. Offensive Skills: Primary} Ranged Weapons. Sword Weapons. Double Handed Hafted Weapons. Tactics Lore. Secondary: Dual Wield. Speed Lore. Damage Lore. Staff Weapons. Defensive Skills: Primary} Shield Lore. Armour Lore. Combat Reflexes. Secondary} Constitution. Spell Resistance. Toughness. General Skills: Primary} Riding. Enhanced Perception. Devine Devotion. Secondary} Alchemy. Bargaining. Blacksmith. Elite Seraphim Combat Arts: Aspect} Battle: Multiple Blow. Fury Attack. Domino Punch. Celestial Lightning. Blades Of Fury. (Buff) Aspect} Heavenly Assault: Heavenly Strike. Pillar Of Exalted Light. Stone Cast. Fire Storm. Heavenly Ring. (Buff) Aspect} Devine Technology: T-Energy Blaze. Nova Bomb. Devine Ray. Holy Arrow Missiles. Devine Energy Shroud. (Buff) What They All Do: Battle} Multiple Blow: A multi-target hitting combat art. A fast moving hitting attack with several slashes (if using single handed Swords & Daggers or Several Blows if using single hafted weapons.) Domino Punch: Using the hilt of her weapon, the Elite Seraphim will deal a devastating blow that will result in a Domino like effect. Meaning, once one target gets hit, he/she will fall, but any other nearby enemies will get hit one by one until they all go down.) Celestial Lightning: This combat art is unique, as you can use one of the given mod points to this combat art and they are. (Magic Damage or Fire Damage. Poison Damage or Ice Damage with a lightning like effect.) Blades Of Fury. (Buff): This buff will emit a red column of light surrounding the Elite Seraphim, also surrounding her will be two spinning magical blades that offer some protection should anyone try to get too close to her, as well as increase attack, defence and combat art damage, while this buff is active.) Heavenly Assault} Heavenly Strike: This combat art appears as a thick beam of light, as the Elite Seraphim puts her hands together as though in prayer. However, once this beam of light connects with one target, it will then split off hitting other nearby targets with a chain lightning like effect. Pillar Of Exalted Light: This combat art while although near similar to the Radiant Pillar combat art of the normal Seraphim, this one has greater and higher damage with a natural gravity well that it emits, sending out a pulse wave too, so that any enemies that are outside of the beams radius. Get strangely pulled toward the pillar of light. Stone Cast: This one is simple enough, any enemy that gets hit by this combat art, gets turned into stone in which then the Elite Seraphim can punch it hard, causing the stone statue to shatter into tiny pieces. Fire Storm: This combat art produces an odd cloud of flames above the heads of group enemies, from which then fire strikes down in lightning like fashion, frying the enemies on the spot. Heavenly Ring. (Buff): This buff is nearly almost similar to the Cleansing Brilliance Buff, useful for dealing with the undead and T-Energy Mutants. This can cause some mild damage to Spiders, all other animals, Orcs Humans, Elves, Goblins, etc. Devine Technology} T-Energy Blaze: This combat art produces T-Energy in a blaze like form and as it hits it’s targets, they are all turned into T-Energy Mutants, making them weak and easy to kill. Nova Bomb: This combat art is similar to the Nova Flare combat art. However, it deals a deadly wave of light as the Seraphim jumps up and lands on the ground causing a light wave to appear, with devastating results, destroying any nearby targets, but with a wide radius, this bad boy will move on hitting further more targets until it’s energy release, is fully depleted. Devine Ray: This combat art is a ray of light that will confuse one or more enemies, causing them to fight each other. Handy, when you want a rest from battling and casting other combat art spells. Holy Arrows Of Light: This combat art will allow the Elite Seraphim to use an ancient powerful bow for a brief moment of time, that will fire arrows of pure surging light that will hit many targets and keep on hitting any targets near or far until there are no targets left in the area. Devine Energy Shroud. (Buff): This buff is almost similar to the Temple Guardian’s T-Energy Shroud, however, Warding Energy Lore is not needed for this shield with its first mod being either A: Increase Shield Strength or B: The Shield Regenerates while in battle. This does not get in the way of the Blades Of Fury Buff, they can pass through this shield and still cause damage, if anything should be able to get past these blades, then this shield is the Elite Seraphim’s secondary line of defence. And no worries Ben, there is no rush to make this character, but only if you want and wish to make this one too By all means make her. That said, this character is just merely another idea, that I simply wanted to share with everyone here at Dark Matters. Amy AKA SheHawk
  5. Goldengirl, I so like and love your sense of humour, your comment to Flix made me smile. Flix says he could replace the High Elf, I have a suggestion and it is purely only just that. He could instead replace the Dragon Mage Character, I feel that this character was rushed at best for when the Ice and Blood Add on got made, at least that is my observation and how I see it, I apologise in advance if I am wrong about that and it is totally okay for whatever reason Flix if you can't replace my character for the Dragon Mage, it was just an idea and a passing thought.
  6. GoldenGirl, thank you. I came up with the idea for the character, but Flix is the true genius in bringing this character to life, so to speak. PS. I am glad to hear that you have a character idea too of your own, I look forward to seeing and reading your character build.
  7. Thank you Steve for your praise and comment both, I appreciate that very much. I have given Flix/Ben, free reign to change anything that he may need to change just in case my ideas/imaginings can't be done or for whatever other reason that may prevent him form making these imagined combat arts into computer reality. I respect his abilities. Actually, I always put in a lot of thought, effort etc. in everything that I do, life has taught me the importance of that and I am glad beyond mention that I have learned that one of so many, life lessons.
  8. Just to let everyone all know that I have updated my Huntress Possible Bonus Character with info on the characters combat arts and her buffs, what they all do etc. Please check that out when you all have the time, thank you, so much.

  9. Thank you so much Ben for letting me know all of that. Best of luck on your trip and I meant everything that I said about you developing this character, whatever is easy or best for you to make things work, you go ahead and change what ever you need to change, even though I not know you well enough, I have sincere and genuine respect for you. I honestly was worried, I thought I may have messed things up somewhere, that and I am a very indifferent person by nature, but as such, this has lost me people I thought were my friends, but even getting something genuinely wrong has made people stop being my friends. Honest truth, so please do forgive me for asking you to make sure that I had not done or said anything wrong. And I do try, I really do, I try hard not to freak out, I am so well aware that it is an impulsive reaction that I really do not need, all that I can do is keep working on reducing that impulse to 0, if that is at all possible, possible or not, it won't stop me at least from trying. I have my flaws, just like anyone else, I do my best always, to rise above them.
  10. Ben: Hello there Ben, I know and appreciate that you are a very busy person, that said, I want to make sure that I said nothing wrong in my reply to you in this post. I hope you did not take my comment of that Sacred 2 is not going anywhere the wrong way, it was not meant to be offensive or upsetting etc. I also hope that I have not said anything else that may have come out the wrong way. I can't really put into words how hard I truly try to be articulate, precise, everything all correct etc. It's not easy, but I can do it, but sometimes my learning disability does have a nasty habit of letting me down sometimes. Anyway, if I have done or said anything wrong, I am truly deeply sorry, if it is a case you are busy, I am even sorry for troubling you with my message, genuinely so. I have noticed that you have replied to other peoples comments on other posts, but not on this post, so please forgive me that I seek clarity on what is going on, I honestly cannot say how sorry that I am, or how much I truly mean it, be it if you believe that or not.
  11. Hello Ben, I haven't had a chance to try out this patch as yet, as I have a Dryad Build I am trying to work on in Sacred 2 Gold, as well as other character builds for my PS 3 version of Sacred 2 and my XBOX 360. On my word of honour though I will try the patch asap. I have every confidence that it's Awesome.
  12. Right now it is grey overcast, though the weather on the whole in the UK, has been all over the place, a heat wave, floods, to real heavy thunder and showers with the odd hailstones here and there, all it needs to do now is snow. *Giggles*
  13. SheHawk

    Sacred 2 Archives. Part 2

    I so totally agree with you Steve, that surprises make life more interesting and are often the catalyst for change. What a wonderful view point to have.
  14. For anyone who is a Doctor Who Fan. I have created my very own 11th Doctor's TARDIS, using SketchUp. Check it out here:https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/model/24047855-3b3c-4223-957b-eddfe20cb71a/Matt-Smiths-TARDIS for anyone who is interested.

    1. Hooyaah


      That's some good, clean work! I have always been somewhat of a "Whovian." I think that Tom Baker is my favorite persona of the Doctor.

    2. SheHawk


      Thank you Steve, much appreciated, Tom Baker is my all time favourite too and I am not just saying that for the saying sake, I was born in 1969, and at the time of when I first began watching Doctor Who, Tom Baker was my Doctor and no other actor I feel will be able to play the Doctor quite like the way Tom played the Doctor. Though Tom had the advantage of playing the Doctor for so long, which gave him a unique insight to not only the character, the mythos behind the Doctor and everything else.

  15. SheHawk

    Sacred 2 Archives. Part 2

    It may surprise you Steve, that I am really starting to like the idea of PC games, because of the fact that modifications can be done to them, etc. Now I can add PC games to my game playing list of gaming. PC games won't replace or over take or my like and love of console games, but it will definitely share equal place with that love.