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  1. Happy New Year Everyone. Please may I ask Ben, aka Flix, how are those combat arts for the Huntress Character going? Does anything need changing? I so would like to be able to play this character and use her combat arts etc. I definitely want to be the first person to do a Huntress Build. It has been quite some time since you said that you would get to work on the combat arts.

    I'm not worried, just really very eger to play as the Huntress, in a good and excited way. I cannot thank you enough for all of your efforts, your hard work etc. is beyond appreciated. I hope you had a most wonderful Christmas and are having an even more wonderful New Year Ben.

    1. Flix


      Happy New Year!  Please accept my apologies, I simply had other projects that took up my attention instead, so I just sort of forgot about this one. Now that I realize you've been waiting all this time, I feel guilty. That's a lot of patience!  I will experiment with some of the combat arts for the Huntress in the following weeks.

    2. SheHawk


      Ben, thank you for getting back to me. No need to feel bad, when you have other things to do, it's easy to forget other stuff. I have done that myself, done a few other things but completely forgotten about something else. I have patience in abundance, I look foward to seeing what you can do. Hopefully nothing else needs changing, but please do let me know if anything does, I want help you be able to make this character be possible, whatever is easiest or best for you. I will be happy with. Should anything need changing, just change it and let me know what was changed. I do not have any other ideas beyond the changes that I had already made, character concepts is not easy, it's even harder I am sure to make the concept into a playable character.

      I am simply glad and happy I was able to come up with two alternative characters, I have said this before, but I will never stop saying it. I never really expected anyone to come along and bring my concept ideas to life. So I am beyond honoured that you were impressed enough to want to make the huntress character. It's nice and a joy to see someone dedicated like your self in wanting to make this character happen and be part of the game expansion. You are truly the first person that I have come across, that is interested in one of my ideas. So thank you, so, so very much Ben. I am glad to have inspired you, being an inspiration to people is such a good thing and rare. May you always continue to be inspired,.

  2. SheHawk

    Asra-Za-Ha. (Completed)

    Wow! such compliments, I am most truly humbled and honoured Steve. I was worried that I may have messed things up somewhere, but beyond that, I am very happy and pleased with what I was able to accomplish in the time I had spent on doing it, I did not want to over complicate the layout, too much, just in case it wuld not work too well and the idea of numbering the chambers was for me I hope a real game changer, that one does not go to them in order of 1-3, which I feel would be the norm and usual standard rule/way of doing a D&D level, if I am not mistaken? Inspired by the Temple Guardians of Sacred 2 Game, came the idea for the Stone Robots, not mechanical etc. Complete stone robots that work by magic instead and they come to life the moment the player goes down the path, or at least that is the idea that was in my head and I am sticking with that idea. Phyiscal attacks do not affect them, so the player here in a sort of a tutorial like fashion learns how to use his or her combat arts/spells, as those are the only things that will destroy the stone robots, a new set of roots appear and remain frozen for the next player to come along. I hope you get the general idea? I knew that I would need to do either oner big river or several individual ones and I thought immediately of elemental rivers, hopefully that idea has not been used before, or not used often, I hope. But I do hope my idea to be a true original idea, that would be nice, I do not recall ever seeing or ever coming across elemental rivers in any other D&D RPG's. The idea behind each River Well, the long thin oblong shapes, that are filled with the corrisponding water to the river, empties, in a way that all of the water flows to and from each well to fill up the other well in a continious cycle, that way; the wells are never empty and it is how the rivers run, which I did not explain in my model discription, there is a character limit, not only that I did not want to bog anyone down with that particular concept, as it does boggle the mind, somewhat. Oh The Pyramid becomes a puzzle pryamid that can be turned around once you approach it and a magical barrier blocks your way until you solve the puzzle. Yet another thing I left out in the model description, but I will update my model with a link to here to this post, so that the people viewing the model can better fully appreciate the ideas behind it and understand better, what everything is for, I can only hope my ideas one day may be used to make into a computer game and what I have described can be rendered as I have described everything. As it would be a real shame if such a thing could not be done. Which I doubt, with the sophisiticated level of detail etc. these more newer games for PC and new consoles, are anything to go by. So I shall remian hopeful, this project for now is my last in dungeon level design, as I have done a fair amount of them already and as I have mentioned somewhere in one of my posts, I do not want that to be the only thing that I am good at making in SketchUp, as I have already proven, that I can make other things and that is what I want to be good at doing, making as many different models as possible, and not any model that follows a repetitive standard design. But one realy good thing has come from making this model project, it proves what I already knew, but I do sometimes doubt myself, why is a long story and has much to do with how I was brought up and also how I was treated by my teachers at school, suffice as to say, it's not all good. Which is part of why I stuck with Sketchup and worked so long and hard on knowing how to use it, etc. was so that I could prove not only to them, but also to myself, something that I could do and do more than just well, but to reach a standard of my very own. For near similar reasons is why I do not want to become good at doing only just the one thing. I have many gifts that need to be used in the right way and I try hard to make sure of that they are, though it's sometimes not always easy. Anyway, when I say I appreciate compliments given to me, I truly do beyond mention, that's all I can and will say about the matter, so know please how much any compliment given means so much to me in more ways than one, always.
  3. SheHawk

    Asra-Za-Ha. (Completed)

    Finally, it is here, the completed project. I went for a blance of near and far Elelements, which I hope works well? That one is for Steve, aka Hooyaah who encouraged me to do a dungeon level design with elements that are far apart from each other. Here are the list of the far away/far apart elements, Path Of The Stone Guardians (See Link discription) That's the line up of the stone robots as mentioned in my previous posts. The Ancient Pyramid & The Ancient Temple. The nearby elements are: The Magical & Elemental Rivers, Earth, Air, Fire & Water (Note, the Air river is a white water texture, courtesy of Google Images, as well as the other coloured rivers. Please see model view for a close up view) The River Chambers (x4) The level of this dungeon starts from the Path Of The Stone Guardians, with the chosen character for the game emerges from the Ancient Doorway, once emerged, you cannot go back the way you came, there is another ancient Doorway to navigate to, first visiting River Chamber No. 4, as odd as that seems, as there is a quest item in that chamber, there is a quest item in every chamber and area. The chambers are numbered as follows: River Chamber 1: Top Left, River Chamber 2: Top Right River Chamber 3: Bottom Left & River Chamber 4 (Bottom Right) This is all about twisting and changing a litttle the conventional rules/ways of a dungeon level, but hopefully, it still all makes perfect sense and it works? Then you pass through River Chamber No. 3 leading to River Chamber No. 1, with a long trip to River Chamber No. 2 and from there on in, its getting through the Ancient Temple, that will be filled with monsters, as well as the other locations will have montsers to fight first, before picking up each quest item. And lastly the 2nd Ancient Doorway leading to the next exciting level. Which is open to anyone with a 3D modeling software to expand upon, what I have already done, I will upload the Ancient Doorway model soon, as that is a must have object, please do not make a more better version of this, I like the design just the way that it is, with all due and sincere respects please. The Ancient Doorway is key to how you get from one dungeon level to the next, partly inspired by the doorways that were used in th old D&D Adventure Game Show. Nightmare, if anyone knows of it and has seen the show? Then yu will all know what I am refering to in terms of the portal/doorway that was used in the series to transport the player to and from each area of the areas they entered into to be challanged. Asra-Za-Ha Model Link: https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/model/1fd1e6b8-aa92-4f3a-b803-5ecc1baf9cda/Asra-Za-Ha
  4. SheHawk

    Asra-Za-Ha. Stages 3&4

    Thank you Steve, I am so happy that you appreciate the stone granite planks instead of wood and what tops it all off for me, is that it's as I have said, it's a repeless rope bridge, the arched stone blocks underneath the planks is what helps to hold up the bridge of stones. The idea came to me as actually from the fact of trying to do a wooden rope bridge, that was not going to work out and I said to myself, does it have to need to be a wooden rope bridge? or need ropes to hold it all together? Then I looked at the planks that I had made more carefully and it hit me, that I could do two semi arch ways underneath that stretches across to the middle of the brige and hold up one section of stone planks, while the other stone semi arch block holds up the other section of stone planks and I immeditely thought granite for some reason, I just thought the idea would be so cool and hoped that no one has had that kind of idea before. Yes, a lot of thought went into the textures, I tried to make them be as unique as possible, but some of of them I have used before, but they are the only ones that work well apart from the granite texture and a few other textures, the red stone blocks that support the columns is one of the new textures too.
  5. SheHawk

    Asra-Za-Ha. Stages 3&4

    So sorry for the delay of this post, but here it is, the 3rd and 4th stages of my dungeon level design. Azra-Za-Ha. Stage 3 I had decided to go for a ropeless rope bridge, made not out of wooden planks, but granite stone planks instead. I hope you like the concept? Asra-Za-Ha. Stage 4
  6. SheHawk

    Vanguard (Completed)

    Awww, why thank you Gogo, I am deeply touched and honoured by such a compliment, sorry you were heartbroken. YouTube does seem to change too often how it does things of late.
  7. First and formost the name, how to say it, at least the way I feel it would be pronounced. Since it's a made up word, I doubt there is any actual right or wrong way of spelling or saying it. But as I said, I have a very clear idea and this I wish to share. As: (That one is fairly straight forward) Ra: as in the Egyptian God, though I do know that there is another way of spelling his name, but it's this one to get the Ah sound. Za: (you say the word Z and a as in apple;) and Ha, well, that needs no real explanation does it? Put it all together, the way I have typed it and you get. Asra-Za-Ha. I hope you all like the name so far. Stage one, I draw a shape from my grid and delete all of the unwanted parts of the grid, leaving me with the drawn shape. At stage one, it's not a lot to look at, but it's been colour coded to help to remind me what is what. Green. Land. Brown, Rope Bridge. Grey, stone blocks. I need to delete the lines of the land and turn everything all white, now that I know in my mind what is going to be what. Asra-Za-Ha. Stage 1 For stage 2, I pull up the shape of the land and everything else that needs to be pulled or pushed. After that I begin to build upon the land part, (bottom and biggest land shape) texture the whole land and what I built upon it and I already had designed a special something prior to making this. Bonus Image 1: Ancient Doorway Bonus Image 2: Ancient Stone Robot Asra-Za-Ha. Stage 2
  8. SheHawk

    Vanguard (Completed)

    Why thank you Dax, I appreciate the compliment. I may switch over to Opera, every time, Firefox reverts to default for reasons that make no sense to me, and when it does that all my bookmarks, passwords for websites, etc. all get erased, it's a good thing that I have made two word docs with all of my passwords and favourite websites, as a backup. but that is much besides the point, having to keep putting those things back in as well as the addons too, is simply so way annoying, my only concern, is I hope that the Opera Browser does not do the same thing.
  9. SheHawk

    Vanguard (Completed)

    Thank you Steve, much apreciated.
  10. SheHawk

    Vanguard (Completed)

    I am glad to hear that, I am only sorry to say that this video won't play for me as it's outside of my country and it's been blocked YouTub on copyright grounds by the film makers. Silly I know, but that's the way it is with film makers etc.
  11. SheHawk

    Vanguard (Completed)

    Why thank you for the compliment Dax, I still have my other sion dungeon levels yet to build and will share those here as well as doing one day, a stand alone grid map from an isometric view point like style dungeon level completely out of my own imagination, so yes, I have plenty things to build and share here.
  12. SheHawk

    Vanguard (Completed)

    I am glad that this room gives you that image gogo. I can only hope that it looks equally as grand as it's namesake? I made sure to make this room viberant with reds and gold.
  13. SheHawk

    Vanguard. Steps 1 & 2

    Thank you so much Steve, you have instilled in me so, so much. I cannot simply thank you enough. I am always keeping mindful of the genre, like with my Doctor Who project, while it is reinventing the show, at the same time I am honoring the mythos in my reimagining of the Time Lords etc. I have kept still true to the origins, it just from an alternate and what I hope to be an interesting new perspective.
  14. SheHawk

    Vanguard (Completed)

    Places & Rooms Of Interest 9of9 Enterence To The Next Level
  15. SheHawk

    Vanguard (Completed)

    Places & Rooms Of Interest 8of9 The Grand Hall