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  1. I cannot read sheet music, I have the gift of the ear, meaning, I play tunes I hear in my head, but not always, I will sometimes experiment for a little while and a tune will suddenly come to me. I am mostly a single handed player, but I can play keyboards with two hands, (not professonally) but in my own way. If a person can play a musical instrument, then they can compose their own music, being able to read sheet music is a good thing, but it is not an absolute need or to be able to write sheet music, but that is just my personal view on the matter.
  2. Sorry, my bad, my misunderstanding of your instructions, I got a friend to help me, as I was a bit confused at the time. Anyway, after finding the file for me I followed your instructions and copied the existing files, then I put in the files of the 200 level characters and it works, below is a screen shot for you. Thank you, so, so very much and please forgive my confusion.
  3. Thank you both Augmint and desm, Sacred 2 Gold does have the Ice and Blood addon and my forlder for it with GOG.com looks like this: (See image below) Thanks for the links but I am not alltogether sure ith these will work wif my copy of Sacred 2 Gold from GOG Sacred 2 Gold Folder Sorry, can't find saves any where.
  4. Thank you for the instructions, I will give them a try and let you know the results.
  5. Can anyone help me? I found on the internet a save file for Sacred 2, all characters at level 200. I have included a screen shot of the fliles that were unzipped, but now I am at a loss to where to put these files into my sacred 2 gold game. And will I have to have nothingi n my hero chest. I think this could be so, but want to make sure and hope that somone will recognise the files and know where I need to put them. My game is part of GOG Galaxy that has it's own folder and there is one marked inside it called games and the two games that I have with GOG are. Sacred 2 Gold and Bioshock Remastered. Inside the sacred 2 gold game folder are many subfolders, like scripts etc. So I will need to know which of the sub folders that I need to put the files in and how will know that it has worked? I have never used saved files for a PC game before, please no jargon if you can avoid it, I am learning disabled, soo please try and keep your instructions clear and simple, where possible. Thank you all in advance.
  6. SheHawk


    A belated but Happy Birthday to you Bondbug. May all of your derams and wishes come true for you. My birthday has been and gone it was feb 26th I'm 51 and hoping to live to be 151, if I should live any longer than that, it will be fantastic.
  7. SheHawk

    The Journals Of Freya. Entry 1

    The Journals of Freya Entry One Dear Journal, I have finished talking to my tutor who was sadly killed by two Inquisitor Guardsmen. I killed them before they could get a chance to kill me first. I then stopped off for much needed supplies and I got back to my journey, I am to find the High Elves, which I intend to do, but life is not all about killing enemies, be they are human, animal or not. I want to be able to enjoy my journey too and that I do intend to do so. I walked by the way to the Quarry and discovered a mine that is blocked up, which is a pity, I want to know what sorts of treasure lay within it, the enemies will be either bat or rats, or both with humans to fight too. I know it is not much to look at, but I simply wanted to share this place with you
  8. There is some Vangelian like influences and also the music is very much similar to Enigma. Here is a link to what I am curently posting on YouTube and an old favourite of my own, that I feel captures the very essence of Jean Michel Jarre. Link 1: Sentient. Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0y7e4sGon10 Link 2: Lucid Dreaming. Part 4:
  9. SheHawk

    All New Futuristic Manor

    Fair point, I did try to do a unique dungeon level build, not a continuation of my Azra-Za-Ha project, something truly completely different, what I had done was not working out tersm of the rooms not all being of the same hieght, one room was a bit smaller, but making it taller, made it not look quite right, at least to me, but I am going to try it again, because I liked the bridge that I had made, it was unique and yes I can make it again, it's just a matter of me figuring out how to get what I am imagining for it to work in Sketchup.
  10. Does anyone know how I delete topics on here? Anyone? I wish to delete my Dryad build post, simply because there is no one commenting on that post and the whole point of the post was to gage and gain recations, thoughts etc. from other members here, if no one is really interested, then it's a complete waste of my time, I am sorry to say for me going to all of the effort etc. of making the post. If posts are not deleteable, then I will leave that post unfinished, sorry to all in advance, I truly just want to be not only part of a community but have interactions with my fellow communinity members and they in turn have interactions with me. I know that I do not respond to every topic on here myself, though when one catches my interest, I take part and participate in that post. I hope it is safe to say that we all have different things of interest, also that is not easy to know sometimes how to engage others in a particualr intrest. For the most part I want to be able to post topics that gain interest and yes not everyone is going to be interested and that is okay, but to have a post where no one other than showing a like, is not leaving a comment however. While that is okay too, I hope that you maybe able to understand when I say, sadly that, that does not help me with my posts. I hope it is at least fair of me to say that?

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      I understand. The post is hidden so it cannot be seen by anyone but staff. It will be permanently deleted on April 1st.

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      Thank you Steve, much appreciated.


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      You are most welcome, indeed; I am happy to be of service.


  11. SheHawk

    All New Futuristic Manor

    Thank you Steve, I know what you mean, sorry it's my fault for not explaining the windows properly, they are merely to look near similar to portholes, though not being exact, since the house is not underwater. If I was going for a more true nautical aspect, the manor house would have been underwater and not on a high raised platform. A lot of manor houses have large swimming pools and my idea was, what if the house itself was part of gaint sized like swimming pool, again, not an exact one, since I was trying to copy that image I had mentioned and keep my over all model as near as possible to that. You mentioned about the house being atop of concrete pillars? Did you have a specific style in mind? I ask most sincerely, also I am a little bit confused, the house opf my model is atop of concrete pillars, just that they bear a near similar coarl like design, as near to it I could get at the time, if I were to make a different model out at sea, I would spend as much time as possible getting more realistic coral looking stone textures and in full HD. I only semi rec ently desicovered that HD textures work better and do not blurr, like most other textures do, depending on the size of the model. I expereimented, the larger a model is, the textures become more blurred, why I do not know. HD Textures are more clear and with the inbuilt image editor of the paint tool of SketchUp, I can fine tune the textures if there should be any blurring. In short, I get a more better and clear texture results, so using HD textures for me is the way to go, for the most part at least. Oh, I just had an idea, would you like for the platform to have an unusual shape? more unsual than one used for my model here? I can make the building very different too and I gladly welcome any creativie input/suggestions from you. You have my word, I will do that model for definitely, it will be some time after I have finished doing my model city, it's a 3rd way or so complete, currently. I am just putting in all of those rural houses that I mentioned there is a school, a library, a hospital and a few store fronts so far. There are no skyscrapers at yet, but there will be once I have the whole city model completed, it's a slow process putting in the buildings, (other models, store fronts, the hosptital) The house, which I duplicate to get a row of houses with, I made myself and the library. Anway, thank you for your suggestions, they are beyond appreciated.
  12. SheHawk

    All New Futuristic Manor

    Thank you for the reply Steve, much appreciated, the windows/portholes are obviously much larger than they would be on a ship, because this is a house, though there are some smaller ones, they do vary in size and maybe it was the colour scheme I used at the time to indicate areas of the house where the ligths were switched on and where they were switched off, hence the yellow and grey textures that were used, well it's silver the texture and not so much grey, but I did not have back then a better glass texture, now I do, that said, I did not want to change too much of the original model in a way that would take away the uniquness of it, if you know what I mean? I do not know if it possible to get a lit glass type of texture to make a building appear to be more realistic if having lights on of the building, but I will look into that sometime, I wanted to keep the windows near simplistic due to the complity of the over all model, working out how I was going to make the high raised platform on which the house is built apon, I actually went for a large pool like area yet have the shape of it to imitate the shape of the platform, so to speak, but basically having a pool was easier for me to do that rather than I try to do a different landscape for the model. Though I did try to see if I could do an ampty chasm of a sort, that did not work out and more to the point, I did not have the textures for it, not that would have been a problem, but once I had the idea of a water filled landscape, I knew that the windows of the buildign were going to be circular, rather than the standard square/rectangle shape of windows for buildings. Which is most commonly used, I chose a near coral like texture for the pannel of the inner barrier, a blueish brick like colour on the outer barrier and another near coral like texture for the surrounding landscape, in my mind at all times I was thinking of a sea theme, not sea side, out at sea in the midle of the ocean, like an oil rig. But instead, a house. For me personally the most creative aspect of the model was the door handle and the lock bolts going through it. I am not all too sure if the shape/symbol of the lock looks similar to some form of an ancient symbol or not, nor does it really matter, I knew that I was never going to repeat that particular door in any other model, thank you for saying my work is unique I appreciate that beyond mention. Much sincere respects to you.
  13. SheHawk

    All New Futuristic Manor

    Thank you for asking Steve, how are you doing? It's been a while since I have seen you on here. I once, a very long time ago came by chance an image of a 3D sci-fi art, with two buildings and a walkway similar to what I made in Sketchup, but in all honestly I can't seem to find that same image, I had it once on a computer of mine that I backed up the image to be kept on a portable hardrive, sad to say, it got corupted, the only way to save it was to reformat it, as I did not have the financial means to take the portable hard drive to be taken into a computer repair shop to recover everything that was on it. The main building to the left in the original image looked like some sort of a futuristic observratory, that is the only best way I describe it to you. Originally I wanted try and make the same thing for myself in sketchup, both buildings were of an odd shape, but they were perfect for the sci-fi feeel of things, with the walk way going across a lovely casam that was below, with a section of that walkway broken near to the end of it. When I could not replicate the image, I decided to go with my own unique design instead, the door handle/symbol was inspired by something almost like it, but not quite from an original XBOX Game called Myst III and in that game there was a bulding with a door with a similar design and I thought, that was too cool not to use it, though my design is not an exact copy of it, it's my own take on it and also from what I remember about that door, as I no longer have that particular game anymore. So my memory was vague anyway to start off with, but that did not matter, as I liked what I had made and it's possible that there will never be a door design quite like the one I made, even the way it locks is unique, well I hope it is. I went for a both futuristic design but with a nautical aspect too, hence the port holes of the building etc. Over all, the manor house at least remains, even though that image I once saw, no longer does. I am beyond grateful to have the original model, so that I could add to it and make it much better than before, without changing too much of it.
  14. SheHawk

    All New Futuristic Manor

    Thanks, did you actually notice the underwater secret base and the lift that goes down to it? (All New Manor House) You said you would have liked to have seen something like that and I totally agree, hence why I added the aditional lift and sub-base. I hope you like them? Thanks for the suggestion by the way, I could not have added those particualr additional features without your comment about something like that. So you actually inspired me. So, many thanks for that.
  15. SheHawk

    All New Futuristic Manor

    This subject has been briefly talked about in replies to comments made in the Sacred 2 Sacred Hall Of The Temple Guardian 2. But I thought that it would be a good idea that I share the model in full 3D here, first the original one: https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/model/258a2f981026a0c66146f4637eaf43fa/The-Futuristic-Manor-House And the All New Version: https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/model/88db93aa-10b9-4aab-98c8-da7953c9a789/All-New-Futuristic-Manor-House