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  1. In My Own Words

    Some of you may know me, but a good percent do not know much about me and I have finally decided to tell you in short about myself. I have suffered from mental illness since I was a child. I ended up in life suffering two emotional breakdowns, which I never recovered from. Either of them, seeing shrinks never really helped, in fact seeing so many had the complete and opposite effect, rather than helping me, the whole thing made me much worse.

    I am also a very sensitive soul, things said or done to me, good or bad, do affect me. The good things, help a little in their own way, but the bad, not so much. I have always been sensitive since I were a baby, that sensitivity never left me. So in short, I can easily be hurt and in all honesty, there is nothing that I can do about that.

    Think what you may of me, but I can’t change what is and always will be a part of the very fibre of my being. Not many people understand my sensitivity, only a few do and it is okay if you are one of those who do not or cannot understand it. But try if you can to imagine living with such a sensitivity and people telling you not to be so sensitive, silly, etc. Without them realising the way that you ar and why. I feel so completely isolated, because of this, as I know that not many people are as or equally as sensitive; as me, I am not saying that such people do not exist. They are few in numbers, sadly.

    Anyway, in short, life is definitely not easy for me, on top of all that, I have Anxiety, Asthma, 2 permanent swollen legs that can ache without any warning, I have slight arthritis too. But worst of all is the Tinnitus that I have, in both ears, you may not think or believe this to be a problem or not much of one.

    I can assure you all, that it is very much of a problem, while I can hear decently well, that is not the point, I still have a high pitched whining sound going on in both ears, it’s enough to make me go mad. I make no joke about that, all I can do is put up with it, as not even white noise helps, it used to once, but sadly, not any more.

    So when I say I have worse days, know you know how and why. I am beyond grateful beyond mention that I sometimes have better days where the noise in my ears is not so loud. But in all honesty, I would be crying all of the time, having that noise there, as it truly upsets me in ways I cannot begin to explain. But I know that crying about the problem really will not help, so I do not cry, even when at times I just want to, but in all honesty, if I were to start crying, I fear that I will never stop, no one will ever understand that this Tinnitus threatens my very sanity.

  2. Gogo, I could hug you. I'm going to hug you anyway. *BIG Squeese Hug* Thank you, I actually saw this post but initially got confused by it at first, but I was able to figure out what was what in the end. I simply cannot thank you enough Gogo. How are you doing by the way? My apologises for my depressive mood. I was able to download the beta install 3.3 version of Sacred Reborn and I am happy to report that it works, now I can play my sacred gold game properly and that makes me beyond happy.
  3. Hi everyone I know I have been away for a long time and that is due to my depresssion. I do not expect anyone to understand what it is like to be depressed 24/7. Of which I am, sometimes I have good days and sometimes I have bad days and other times, I have realy very, very bad days and I am wishing my self to die. It's not a pleasant feeling and I do my best to stay and keep positive, it's not always easy though. Anyway, I can't seem to find the Secred Reborn Mod Download, I did a word search, but that did not help and I do not want to get frustrated and even more depressed struggling to try and find it. So if anyone can direct me to the correct page/post. I really would appreciate that. I want to start playing my Sacred Gold Game and I have tried to play it without the mod, but got nowhere fast. I will appreciate beyond measure, help please in tracking down where the mod for download is, Please, Super please, help me. Thank you all in advance.
  4. Thank you Steve, I have a video downloader, but the slowing down of videos might help, so I definately look into that. Again thank you for your lovely and most wonderful feedback.
  5. Thank you Steve for your wonderful words of encouragement, I want to assure you that I will keep pushing myself to learn more and other tecniques that can be used in Sketchup. I had tried to look for a sword making tutorial for sketchup on YouTube and trust me when I say I viewed the ones that were there and they were not really that helpful to me, I will give you a few examples of how and why not. One guy talks way too fast others talk too low and not clear and the worst type of them all are tutorials without comentary, speeded up with music playing. Oh I forgot to mention, I am actally completely self taught using sketchup, considering how many models I have made over all, my old profile and my new one. I hope at least that what I have done is an amazing achievement within itself?
  6. Thank you Steve, I understand what you said, but unfortunately the whole middle part of the sword as shown is all one thickness, sorry to say I have not as yet figured a way make it work to the speciffic measurements as you have mentioned, I am not saying that it can't be done, sadly I do not know how and there is to take into consideration also that sketchup, the tools only work in a certain way, like the 'Push/Pull Tool' I can pull up a flat surface say 1/4in high, as you have put here but the portion of that pulled up surface will be 1/4in thick from top to bottom, the reason why I use sword images is so that I can get say the length of the shoulder of the sword , more precise, as well as the length of the blade itself. Not to worry, I will do the sides of the blade for now and then do further screen shots, so that way you can not only see my approach, but also how Sketchup works, I haven't fully mastered using Sketchup and I can't say if I will or will not ever master it eventually, only time shall tell and I have been using sketchup by the way. Way back when google used to own it and it was back then in it's 7th version release. I have come a long way and I am sure there is more yet for me to learn. I hope what I have said also equally helps?
  7. For my most wonderful friend Steve. I have begun on a word making process as a practice run, so that way if I get this right, I will know what to do for further sword making using Sketchup and I would grately appreciate your help, please go to the post in Media Matters marked: Sword Making. Practice Run 1. I do not mind correctin ganything that needs correcting, hence why I have only done 3 initial stage so far, awaitign your feed back before I go any further with the sword model, with your help, I hope to make the best and most preactical sword to help me with doing other sword models in the future.

    1. Hooyaah


      Amy, I replied to your query. If you need immediate answers there is a lot of very good information online doing a key word search.

  8. This post is especially for Steve, but also intended to help anyone else in the art of making a 3D Sword. If you know how to make one, this won't be for you. 3D Program Source: Sketchup Make 2017. First off, I import the image of the word that I want to make, for the purpose of this post, I am usign an image from a sword making link, as given to me by Steve. After Importing the image into my Sketchup work surface, I change the image into a texture, so that way I can draw over the image of the blade only. (The rest of the sword will be done later) As you will see in Image 1, that I have drawn a rectangle around the whole length of the blade itself with a series of lines drawn right across the blade, these lines however, are and will be essential for the further developement of the sword. Iimage 1 Once I have drawn around the shape of the blade, I can then delete all of the unwanted lines to get to the second stage of the sword, where have done an offswet within the image of the blade itself. (See Image 2) Image 2 The third and final stage befoer I go any further with this model project, I have pulled up the inner part of the blade, this will be the thickness of the blade sides, but I need to know please Steve, if this is too high up and secondly does the reverse side of the sword remain flat? Yes? Or No? (See Image 3) Image 3 Please reply as soon as you can Steve, so I know if I need to lower the inner blade, just the blade, the sides have not been put in as yet, as I need to know if the height is right first. I will not do anything further with my model until I get your reply, so I know where to go from this point where I have left the model of the sword. Together, we will see this sword come to life, as it were. I hope you appreciate me asking you for your honest and expert opinion?
  9. Thank you for such a most heart felt message Steve, my humbled apologies of what I said, I was not trying to defend myself, only merely explain how Iam so very different and that my mind approaches thinss in a vrey different manner, sometimes I do find it difficult to balance practicality and fantasy, among other things, sadly for me fantasy and practicality do not go together and often conlicts with me. But that's my downfall. That said, I truly do aspire to rise above where possible my shortcomings. Much sincere and utmost deepst respects to you Steve, truly so. I will give some thought about the history of Xanyth, purely from a creative view point, all good mystical, magical swords needs a story, you are right there Steve, nothing at the moment comes to my mind and this sword does deserve a story behind it, because I have worked so hard to make it. It took about 5 attempts to do get the blade just right, if I had not succeeded on my 5th try, I would have left it and come back to doing it at a latter point. However, I was determined to make this sword, no matter what and 5th attempt was a whole days worth of work, not just the blade, the entire sword, I made it in 4 stages, Blade, Crossguard, Handle, Pommel and as I ahve said, I did this before you gave me making process of a sword and I am grateful of that and I vow that I will use that guide in future sword making.
  10. Thank you Gogo, much appreciated, I hope that Steve won't think I am being an idiot, I am sincerely not trying to be so and it's never easy for me to explain to people how I can be so good in some areas and so bad in others at the same time. I can see how and why that would be a contradiction to some people. It's not meant to be I can't help the way I am. (See my Reply to Steve) To live with being wired differently to the average person, my brain does not work the same way and not process things the same way either. It is actually very frustrating for me not be able to get across to anyone how or why I am that way, it's not deliberate, it's not by pretence of any kind. Being wired differently can be sometimes a blessing, but sad to say sometimes it can feel like it's a curse. It's okay if you not understand that, again thank you for your comment, it is much appreciated.
  11. Thank you Stve, I truly sicnerely appreciate your insights. I honestly respct them, but in all honesty I can't be practical about a fantasy product, because like I said, Fantasy suggests to me at least something not only not real, but something that in the real realm would not be practical and if it was practical it would no longer be a fantasy. Sincerely that is my mind set and I can't change that and when I try to be practical about something I do tend to over think things. Not all the time, when I am doing a car, or a train etc. Yes I am being creative, but I am being as practical as to what I can be in the way my mind is wired. And that is the honest truth and it is truly not the same way as that of the average person, call it a defect if you must, sorry I not know any other way to say it other than being wired differently and sadly because I am wired differently, no one understands or even appreciates that aspect of me. If I was going to do a sword, I would have to make it as more real as I can possibly make it, but that really would not be a fantasy type sword and Fantasy Swords holds for me a far greater fascination for me and as such I do not want to make pratical real swords. I know how strange that may seem to you, I am a very strange individual and I am not trying to fit into any type of norm, simply because I am not in any real sense 'NORMAL' As such I cannot be, truly anything other than how I am, or how I was forged if you better undeerstand that. I feel and beleive, though I cannot prove it in any way, I can only go from my own knoweldge and observations, I feel that I maybe in some way on some level, Autistic and I have actually been among Autistic people and when I was with them, I had noticed varying aspects of them existing within me. Sorry that I can't be a little more speciffic, because I do not know what they are called exactly those different aspects and it is difficult for me to explain what they are beyond that I am aware that they are thre and that I am not just simply imagining that. I know and feel that my learning disability is not as simple as being just that, there is more going on, living with it for so long I have noticed things, again sorry I can't be so speciffic. I wish I could. And yet I am interlectual, and have shown that, but this does not in anyway mean I am not learning disabled etc. Trust me I know myself well enough to notice things and my stongest strength has always been my observational skills. I feel like I am like Susan Foreman (Classic Doctor Who. 1st Doctor) Very good at some things and utterly terrible at others, but it is by no means a contradiction, I am truly that way and I can't explain the how or the why, I doubt that I ever will, that is how and why I know I am not 'NORMAL.' I hope this helps to be able to understand how and why I different? I honestly can't change that, so learn how to best use my disadvantages to be my advantages, because that is the only thing that I can do.
  12. Please, please look at the sword in 3D Steve with the link provided, you will see that I have given the sword a fuller and this was even before you helped me with the sword making link, I can make the pommel a bit more larger, I simply was afraid that it might look a little silly if I made it too big, judging the size is not always easy, but I do, do my best. I am glad that you like the name Steve, I thought about that a lot and had other names in mind, but I am glad that I went with that one. I do not know if you have a computer of a tablet etc. if you have a computer, just click on the link and then the image of the sword, you will see and eye symbol in a black boarder and the words 3D Model in white, just click on that and there 3D model will load up, it takes a while to do so, but not too long. Anyway, once in 3D mode use your mouse middle button to zoom in to any area of the sword, you can turn the camera at any angle, go to the blade and you will see an actual incline inside the top of the blade, also once close up, you will notice the sides of the blade better and rather have the symbols ingraved into the top of the blade, I thought, wouldn't it be nice to have them carved out instead, using some creativity. If you have and use a mobile device, you will neet to install the 3D Viewr app to be able to see the sword in full complete 3D. I hope this helps? Anway a more closer inspection for the sides of the blade will show you how it is made up, following the sword view image of what I used for inspiration for this sword. Original Sword Sometimes my creative streak takes hold over the practical aspect of myself, unless I am making something to serve a more practical function, not only that. My mind is wired a certain way Steve, and no, I am not using that as an excuse, not by any means, I always strive to overcome any short commings that I have, in all honestly when my mind thinks Fantasy, my practical aspect does not get in the way. I hope you know what I mean? For me it is enough, or more enough for me that I do something mabye not real enough, or practical enough, I have one could say a child like imagination, not grouded in the things that you sppeak of, I do appreciate what you are trying to say from a complete sword smith point of view and I respect that, just please, please know, that my mind does not work or think in the way that you do becuse if it did so, it would get in the way of my creativity aspect, or to the point what Fantasy means to me, which is not really about something to be real or perfect. Sorry if that not make any sense and sorry that I am not able to convay well enough how I am wired, but I sicnerely do hope what I have said helps in someway.
  13. This is for Steve/Hooyaah and everyone else here. I have a new Fantasy Sword to share wih you all that I made in sketchup. This one is of my best and most detailed sword that I have ever made to date, so please bare that in mind before leaving me a comment, thank you all in advance. (See Post marked Xanyth)

    1. Hooyaah


      Amy, I have read your message and responded here.

    2. SheHawk


      Thank you.


  14. Xan is spelled in the same way as the name of Xander from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I have used the old form of Y, inplace of an I like as in Winter (Example: Wynter) Name of sword breakdown: Xan-yth. The word is eniterly made up of course and that is my approach on spelling and pronoucing it. Xanyth For a full 3D View of the model, please go here: https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/model/af380365-1db1-40d3-8ca9-cd304bbd7580/Xanyth
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