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  1. Cat Girl: I tested her run, her action both in combat and using a combat art, even though her combat arts at this stage are of the High Elf and I have taken all of that into account and my verdict is... 'Drum Roll.' 'LOL.' Absolutely fantastic in everything and I am truly so completely impressed with Huntress/Cat Girl. Now that I have given her a quick test for you, I will look into those dual weild combat arts and see what I can do to change them, I am open to any suggestons from your self or anyone else here, the most important thing for me and I hope the same goes for everyone else too. Is that we have the option and ability to chose and play alternate characters of the Sacred 2 game, as that adds to expand the game beyond what was originally desisgned and that for me at least, is a very good thing. PS. I tried her in both in Campaign Mode and Free world, both bronze, in the free world mode she did end up loosing her hair, but that could be just a glitch that be sorted out, or a general game glitch. Hopefuly, it won't be too much of a problem and that is the only fault. Part from that, Cat Girl is totally Amazing.
  2. Hooray, thank you so, so much Ben for all of your help, I so appreciate it. Your instructions worked and here's proof of the game in action form my computer. I hope you like the screen shots?
  3. Ben, please forgive me, I am still having problems, not only does the cat girl mod not work, not even any other mod works and I honestly do not know why or what's going on. I have only ever once gotten the mds to work and befoer you say, if you can do it once, yuo can do it again. Honestly, it's not erally that simple for me, as I have pretty much forgotten what I did and how I did it the first time round. Here are two screen shots, I hope they help you so that yuo can help me please. I am so sorry about this, I feel bad and quite stupid about the whole matter. C: Drive, Gog, Sacred 2 Mod Enabler Where or what am I doing wrong please? Again, I am so, so sorry about this Ben.
  4. SheHawk

    Sci Fi Game Level Concept

    I am glad that I could inspier yuo gogo,it's nice to be able to inspire people, that is what my models are essentially for, to inspire others to say, wow, etc. I know that there are other models out there that would make mine look like plain and orinary in comparrison, though I am not trying to make or have my work be up there with the gratest and the best modellers out there. For me personaly, it is about you own achievmentand being happy with that, there is always going to be others who are a thousand and many more times than that, who are far better than me and that is okay. I watch a lot of shows and sometimes movies on Netflix too. Altered Carbon had a very Blade Runnerish feel to it all the way through, if you know what I mean? I'm waiting for Star Trek Discovery to return on Netflix, I quite like it and I do not get why the fans and some other people do not like it, but it goes to show and prove sadly, that sometimes one cannot please everyone. I think there is a saying and please forigive me if I get it wrong, it goes something like this. 'You can please people some of the time, but you can't please people, all of the time.'
  5. SheHawk

    Sci Fi Game Level Concept

    Thank you Dax, much appreciated.
  6. SheHawk

    Sci Fi Game Level Concept

    Thank you Ben, I do hope you mean my model and not the image? and please do forgive any confusion, the image I have supplied is the original image of that dungeon map, the link that I have given takes you to my model and as you can see I have added an extra stairwell, as so to make the dungeon more of my own design, as well as the texturing of it.
  7. SheHawk

    Sci Fi Game Level Concept

    Sadly Gogo, I have not heard of that, but The World Of War Craft, I have heard of, though I have not played the game, the movie based on it however, was utterly fantastic, though I am not too sure if the game fans liked the movie adaptation. I do not personally play online only games or coop games too. Anyway, I am lad that you like the design, I have a collection of dungeon maps, that said, I tend to pick out ones that present more of a challange for me to do, rather than do the usual standard layout, if you know what I mean? And this design certainly l was a challenge, even from the original map image that I used, (All Above Shots) I clearly could see that the stairwell led to the path that goes undertheath the upper path/bridge. It took a few attempts to try and get that one right, what most people may not know but they do now, all I have to go from is those types of image shots, so trying to turn them into physical 3D objects within the Sketchup programe, is an entirely completely different thing altogether. Therefore, any maps with bridges etc. I need to figure out how I am going to do that, depending on the way the bridges cross, it can be sometimes easy and other times, not so easy, but I eventually manage to figure it out. I started off as a complete Noobie in Sketchuip, back in the day weh it was under Goolge in it's 6th version release and as the saying goes, and I am not quite at the expert level, but I have in my own unique way, advanced enough with using Sketchup and as a person with a learning disability, that is truly and honestly quite an achievement and not a boast. For anyone in doubt me being learning disabled, while it's no longer there, there is at least a record of it on the internet. I went to Gibfield Special School in Colne, Lancashire. I was behind even some of the other children that were there at that school and despite all the odds, I came through and learned not through books etc. I have learned mostly through life expereiences and those do change a person, makes them wiser in a unique sort of way, regardless of their actual disability. Original Dungeon Map
  8. SheHawk

    Sci Fi Game Level Concept

    Thank you Dax for mentioning Neverwinter Nights, I will definitely look into that, part of the reason why I use sketchup to make the dungeon levels with, is that it gives me something to make and do with the program. I have made a lot of different models now, this includes the ones from my current profile at the sketchup warehouse, but I still have an account with sketchup, via an old google account that I no longer have acces to; that is linked to the old profile, I think I did contact trimble about the issue and how I can transfer the models from the old profile to my current one that I am using, but as so far, I have not had a reply. I think I may have reached my limit as to what I can make using sketchup, though I surely hope not.
  9. SheHawk

    Sci Fi Game Level Concept

    As promised, here is another show case of a dungeon like level that I made in sketchup, but this one has a Science Fiction theme to it. But I hope you all will like it all the same? Any and all coments are grately appreciated. Thank you. Sci Fi Game Level Concept: https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/model/0ac28d3e-8752-4045-b72e-0ef24b6ec0fc/Sci-Fi-Game-Level-Concept
  10. Thank you. so much Ben, you are so totally Awesome and I sincerely mean that. I shall folllow your instructions as you have put them for me. Again, thank you for your help, I appreciate it beyond mention. I knew I was doing something wrong, but could not quite figure it out.
  11. HELP! Ben, here is what I have done and you tell me if I have done it all wrong please? Nothing happened, the High Elfe was not replaced by Cat Girl. Active Mods I am uncertain what I have done wrong if anything, can you help me please? So sorry about this. I think I know now what I have done wrong but can't remember where in the GOG folder to put the jsgme file/folder I have a screenshot of the sacred 2 games folder here, for you, but where from here, where do I put/place the jsgme file please? I had forogottento put the jsgme file into my scared 2 games folder and I have completely fogotten how I had done it previously and that was when I had a different computer from the one that I am using, sadly it is not playing Bioshock Remastered, probably there's not enuogh graphics in the graphics card, I have sicne then bought today from E-bay a better computer with a 2GB graphics card, but I will still need to know where in the sacred folder to put the file as mentinoned. Sacred 2 plays okay on my current computer, I think though it might be 1G, I honsestly do not know, I can only hope evrything all turns out well on my new computer when I get it and up and running. Below is a screenshot of the C Directory of my Gog Sared 2 game file
  12. Ben, you have outdone yourself, just to even make this character work and I will gladly give her a test run and not to worry about the duel wield combat arts, give me some time and I am sure that I can come up with other combat arts for her, as you said, the rest and further development can be added much later. I simmply cannot thank you enough, other than this character and the alternative Seraphim Character, I have a brief idea for another character to replace the Shadow Warrior, thugh I am sure you have enough on your plate just doing mine and Golden Girl's character concepts. That and I am in no real rush to get into what this replacement character can do etc. I will test out cat girl asap and let you know what I think etc. Thank you so much for making this character even a reality, I never would have imagined such a character to be possible.
  13. Wow! Thank you Ben, most appreciated beyond measure, words alone cannot thank you or praise you enough for you doing this concept, or at least trying to do the character.
  14. SheHawk

    The Dungeon Of Moxdoon

    Thank you gogo, I agree, textures is key to any model making and always crucial to have one that fits well. I am so glad that we connect on the same thing gogo. I loved the D&D Board Game Series, I had one of them, sorry, sadly I forget which one. I am familiar with Jack Vance, I have seen his name on a few fantasy books, I used to read a lot of Fantasy & Sci-Fi novels in my youth, but it got harder and harder for me to be able to read those lovely paper backs, even when wearing reading glasses, the text on the page would blurr in my vision, I am not too sure why, anyway since then I have gone onto other kinds of books, well E-Books now, as with those you can magnify the text on the page. I have a few Kindle titles now. Also part of why I like and prefer the Fantasy D&D sytle of games, I do not have to imagine the places as discribed in Fantasy novels, or different races. Fantasy games puts you into those kind of roles and you get to see those kinds of places and be part of the Epic Battles, that no Fantasy book that I know of, or am aware of at least, that can really put a person so vividly into a scene, that you feel like you are almsot virtually there. If you know what I mean? Good example of this is Elderscrolls IV, Oblivion, the places there look and almost feel so real life like, it's uncanny. Sacred 2, while nowhere near that scope or level, for me at least personally I feel I am there in Ancaria, regardless, there is something so quite unique about Sacred 2 that no other Fantasy game can or has of yet been able to match it.