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  1. Zyther

    Xbox 360 price drop in the making?

    I personally wouldn't get the Xbox360 arcade. I'd elaborate more but I must be off to work!
  2. Zyther

    Oh My god, I just won a 19" Monitor!

    Well when I have kids, I'll make sure their cage is out of arms reach from my lovely Pixels
  3. Zyther

    Oh My god, I just won a 19" Monitor!

    Mind control, I win. (inside joke at work between me and gogo )
  4. every day, about at LEAST 5 times a day.. I watch.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WebDMtitufk
  5. Zyther


    My CD stopped working also.. lol thats a game a beat a few times
  6. Zyther


    I played it.. its your typical movie game. not worth a buy, hardly worth a rent unless theres ABSOLUTELY nothing else to rent, and you have spare money (if there is such thing as "spare" money)
  7. Zyther


    I dont like onions.. or garlic... or tomatoes... or chocolate...(goes on)
  8. Zyther

    I Am Legend

    I find the best thing about I am Legend is Will's acting.. I loved it
  9. I already have it in a safe I definitely don't regret buying any of this
  10. Zyther

    Comfort Food

    hmmm. Vanilla icecream does it for me.. doesnt bring any memories.. but its good comfort food... But I think my best comfort food is Poutine. Omg im going to order some now *UPDATE* Ugh I cant stand it when people don't understand anything you say when you order out, I couldn't have spoken clearly enough. I hope she sent out my order.
  11. Zyther

    Look what I bought

    *eats the pogos* I could eat pogos forever omg. I love processed food.
  12. Zyther

    Oh My god, I just won an Ipod Itouch

    I dont even have an MP3 player >_> I was hoping to win the ITouch.. oh well I might get an Iphone whenever I plan to get a phone If Iphone is basically a more advance version if Itouch.. :S
  13. Dragonforce! www.dragonforce.com
  14. Well over $1,100 of stuff I recently bought. And I love it