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  1. TurboGandalf

    What was your first RPG - Action?

    Gothic 2 I guess I need to play that again.
  2. TurboGandalf

    Newbie Help

    As a Seraphim you can basically use any weapon. That would be the first thing you need to decide. Depending on your choice, you can choose your skills. The most straight up builds would be a ranged BeeEffGee build, a dual wield build, or with weapon and shield. I made a dual wield build and im currently level 62. Its not lacking damage at all, although im putting everything into vitality. Bosses can be a bit annoying throughout your run but potions do it. Survival Bonus is calculated by the following formula: T/(T+6). T stands for "total time in combat since your last death". Ofc it goes to 0 if you die and the counter only goes up while in combat. The maximum bonus is 100%. 1/3rd of the percentage is added to your base attribute points and raises it up. For example if you have 100%, then 33.333% will be added to your base attributes. In addition to that, the monster level rises, depending on your level. You can read more about the Survival Bonus here: http://www.sacredwiki.org/index.php/Sacred_2:Survival_Bonus Cheers
  3. TurboGandalf

    New project: Getting a DW seraphim to Niob

    Well it is the last slot anyway. I mean there are only 9 skills I want (except speed lore) and the last one is kind of a gimmic.
  4. TurboGandalf

    New project: Getting a DW seraphim to Niob

    So I´ve played around 20 hours now and this is what it looks like atm: https://imgur.com/1dfFwyw Am I not able to post images or attachments? Back to topic: (The language is german, but I guess you can identify the stuff by their icons) For the skills Im maxing out tactics lore and dual wield every level. The rest of the points goes into exalted warrior focus and armor lore. Those 4 skills will be the first things to get to 75. Then I got some defensive skills to get a bit tougher. The last skill will be Revered Technology Lore, to get the weakening effect of Flaring Nova. You´ll notice that I´m not using Energy Shield. I will put a lot of attribute point into Vitality to get a big pool. I also put like 20-30% points into willpower to get the spell resistance, because I noticed, that most of the damage I am recieving comes from spells. The goal is to get a huge lifepool with strong life leech. I thought of speed lore, because every other thing seems useless. Its nice to have some bonus attack value. Dont know how many points I´ll spend on that. As for the CA´s Im focusing on Pelting strikes (double strike, less energy use, critical hit bonus), Dashing Alacrity (Attack speed, increased duration, reduced cooldown of DA) and ofc Battle Stance (attack value, reduced energy cost, reflect). I had some luck getting an amulet you see in my weapon which reduces cooldown on hit. Also leech and half cooldown chance is pretty nice on it. This way I can use pelting strikes a lot. Later on I will get the weakening effect of Flaring Nova with Revered Technology Focus. Also since Im maxing Tactics Lore and Exalted Warrior Focus, I will get a lot more enhancements for the CA´s than I need. I thought of going soulhammer and taking the execute for bosses. Dont know if that is worth it, but I have the points anyway. Gear looks okish atm. Got some Niokastes Stuff and some Uniques with nice stats. I´m playing 100% selffound, without using the stash from my previous characters. Damage is not a problem at all and sometimes I have to use a lot of potions for boss encounters, but things are getting along and I can kill monsters 10 levels higher than me pretty easy. I hope I´ve not done any major mistakes with skilling. Cheers!
  5. TurboGandalf

    New project: Getting a DW seraphim to Niob

    Thanks for the reply. I dont know about the new items in the Community Patch, I just installed it today Its pretty awesome and whoever made it deserves infinite respect and honor! I havent picket sword weapons yet because Im just level 27 and I will take any big hitting weapon that drops LUL. So far I´ve picked (in order): Tactics Lore, Armor Lore, Dual Wield, Exalted Warrior Focus, Combat Reflexes, Constitution, Thoughness. My plan for the last 3 points are Revered Technology Focus to get the weakening effect of shock pulse, but for the last 2 Im unsure what to pick. Maybe I could get Spell Resistance, Riding and I thought about sword weapons, because a friend said there would be nice bonus stats to unlock. I can maybe get another weapon skill? Who knows. Its a big thing not having to put more points into a 10th skill, because you could put them anywhere else. I guess at that point, its just arguing on a high level, because its such a straight forward build. Some like it this way, some like it the other way. Thanks for the item advice and its great that im not the only one still playing this outdated game. Cheers
  6. TurboGandalf

    New project: Getting a DW seraphim to Niob

    Build looks pretty nice. I am leveling a DW seraphim as well atm. Got to level 15 and got the same Skills like you with the exception, that I got combat reflexes instead of Revered Technology Lore as a fifth skill. Im planning one without the energyshield though and get more HP through Vitality instead. Someone told me, this build is not lacking damage at all, so no point in spending statpoints into strength. 70/30% for Vitality/Willpower he said. Since im not very experienced in gearing, my question is: What stats do you look out for? Well except ofc more damage, some multi-resistant armor and maybe attackspeed and life leech. A friend told me to get sword weapons just to unlock some cool bonus stats on endgame weapons (although im not sure what he is talking about). Is it correct that if I have dual wield skill, any other weapons skill like sword weapons dont apply their bonus stats like Attack? Cheers.